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This section provides regular aggregation of news and updates from India and around the world for Biomass Combustion. This is part of EAI 360, India's largest renewable energy and clean technology news aggregator.

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New Process Converts Biomass to Liquid Fuel

Researchers have demonstrated a new process to convert all biomass into liquid fuel, and the method could make possible mobile processing plants. The researchers at Purdue University filed a patent application on the concept in 2008 and have now demonstrated that it works in laboratory experiments.The… read more →

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Vega Biofuels Pilot Torrefaction Plant to Use New Process

Vega Biofuels Inc. has announced that its joint venture partner, Agri-Tech Producers LLC, has developed a new and patent-pending process that dramatically reduces the cost of some of the biomass feedstock for the company's Allendale, South Carolina, pilot torrefaction plant. Vega recently announced… read more →

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CSMCRI develops green plastic from bio-fuel residue

Bhavnagar-based research institute Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI) has developed a 'green plastic' using the residues of bio-fuel that is made from a tropical weed jatropha. What's more, the institute has been granted an European patent for its bio-degradable plastic in… read more →

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Solid waste management body for state

Punjab has decided to tackle urban waste by deciding to set up a Solid Waste Management Authority (SWMA) with the aim of ensuring efficient disposal of garbage in urban areas. The proposal was approved by deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal. For this, Punjab will be divided into eight clusters… read more →

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