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This section provides regular aggregation of news and updates from India and around the world for Biomass Power. This is part of EAI 360, India's largest renewable energy and clean technology news aggregator.

You can find news and updates on diverse topics within Biomass Power - events, insights, perspectives, innovations, personalities and more.

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India reaches 50GW of renewable energy installations

On its way to a targeted 175GW of renewable energy installations by 2022, India has now surpassed 50GW of deployment, according to data from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). Wind power leads with close to 60% of total all renewable energy generation. Solar accounts for nearly 18% of… read more →

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ArSta eco to setup a 1.2MW Biomass based power plant in Karnataka

ArSta eco the Karnataka based renewable energy and biocarbon company have got approval from Government of Karnataka for setting up a 1.2 MW Biomass based power plant at Tiptur Karnataka. The company has developed a pyrolysis based technology that thermally breaks down any carbon rich biomass and converts… read more →

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Punjab can Produce 2 GW of Power from Biomass

Punjab has the potential to generate about 2,000 MW of power using biomass alone. They have recently developed 150 MW of projects on biomass but they have potential to generate about 2000 MW. That is the kind of biomass available. Presently, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Uttar… read more →

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Thai Solar Energy to Invest in 22 MW of Biomass Projects

Thai Solar Energy Co Ltd has decided to expand its renewable energy portfolio by investing in the construction of biomass power plants with a combined capacity of 22.2 MW. The Thai solar power company said that its board has approved the acquisition of a 70% stake in Oscar Save The World Co Ltd, which… read more →

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New Faster, Hygienic Fish Drying Process

A public-private initiative could soon lead to commercial introduction of hygienic fish drier run on solar and biomass energy. The initiative has proved to be a success in Mangaluru during trials. Fish dried in solar-cum-biomass hybrid driers were free from foreign bodies and pathogenic micro organisms.… read more →

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Enel Green Power to Construct Geo/Biomass Plant

Enel Green Power has begun construction on its “Cornia 2? geothermal power plant in Tuscany. When complete, this will be what the company believes is the first plant in the world that will use biomass to heat the geothermal steam as a means to increase energy efficiency as well as electricity output… read more →

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Merck Inaugurates Biomass Plant in Goa

Merck, a leading company for innovative and top-quality high-tech products in the pharmaceutical, chemical and life science sectors, commissioned a climate-neutral co-generation plant at its production site in Goa, India. In doing so, Merck is underscoring its commitment to climate protection and energy… read more →

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Chittagong to get Biomass Power Plant Soon

A biomass power plant will be set up in Chittagong soon to generate 10 megawatts of electricity with an initial investment of $16 million. Renewable Energy Sources Sdn Bhad of Malaysia and Well Trade of Bangladesh yesterday joined hands for the plant that will generate electricity from biomass by using… read more →

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Enel to Build World's First Geothermal-Biomass Hybrid Renewable Energy Plant

World's first renewable energy plant to combine geothermal and biomass is underway after Enel announced the biomass unit has begun construction adjacent to existing Cornia 2 geothermal plant. The biomass unit will be fed with locally sourced forest biomass to fuel the 5 MW boiler that will add 37 GWh… read more →

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Calls for Immediate Shift from Biomass Fuel to Cooking Stoves

At the India Clean Cookstove Forum (ICCF) 2014, held in New Delhi recently, it was recommended that there be an immediate shift from the use of biomass fuels to cooking stoves at Indian kitchens. Over 145 million Indian households use traditional stoves for their daily cooking, and depend on biomass… read more →

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