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India Is Moving Into Renewable Energy In A Large Way

Renewable energy is a popular choice in many developed countries around the world and now the Indian government is preparing to lead developing countries into an expansive use of alternative energy resources. Specifically through solar and power technology, India is hoping to meet its future energy… read more →

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Solar Panel Costs Are Set To Drop

New research shows that the cost of installing and owning solar panels will fall even faster than expected, BBC News reported. Some 90 percent of existing solar panels last for 30 years, instead of the predicted 20 years -- which brings down the lifetime cost, according to the independent EU Energy… read more →

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Bangalore hosts walkathon to promote use of solar energy

To highlight the importance of solar energy in a day-to-day life, a Non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Bangalore organized a walkathon on Saturday. The main purpose of the walkathon was to popularize solar energy and create awareness among the people about renewable energy segments. read more →

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Live life off the grid or tap the sunshine in your backyard

Some 150 million kilometres away, the Sun is all set to shine on the solar sector fuelling the great Indian entrepreneurial dream. Companies hoping to tap into the Sun's energy are looking at an opportunity that could translate into $42-billion in investments over the next ten years. A point for concern,… read more →

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Three solar projects for Gurgaon district

The Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA) has decided to set up three solar power projects of 225 KW capacity in Gurgaon district under a new scheme launched to motivate commercial/industrial establishments to use solar energy, which is a green and environment friendly. Out of these,… read more →

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India Completes First Large-Scale Solar Project

In relation to India's plans, Suniva Inc. (Norcross, Ga.) today announced the completion of its collaborative project with Titan Energy Systems Ltd. (Hyderabad, India) to create India's first large-scale solar project in Jamuria, West Bengal. Suniva supplied silicon solar cells to Titan Energy Systems.… read more →

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Major solar power development planned for Andhra Pradesh province in India

At the recently held Solarcon 2009, Enfinity (Belgium based global renewable energy developer) and Titan Energy Systems (India based PV module manufacturer) announced they will collaborate on solar power projects totalling 1 GWp in capacity in the Indian province of Andhra Pradesh. The development of… read more →

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India unveils ambitious solar power mission

India's ambitious mission to ramp up its solar power hundredfold in the next 13 years and reduce dependence on fossil fuels was unveiled in New Delhi on Monday. The mission anticipates achieving parity with cost of electricity on the grid by 2022 and parity with coal-based thermal power by 2030. The… read more →

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Numeric Power Systems to Ser Up 1 MW Solar Plant

Numeric Power Systems Ltd, a Chennai-based UPS company, is planning to set up a one mega watt solar project in Coimbatore, with an investment of Rs 25 crore. The company already has a 1.5 Mw windmill farm in the same location. Announcing the company’s foray into solar power, managing director R Chellappan… read more →

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Solar energy based crematorium for a green environment

A crematorium running on solar energy is being built near Goraj Ashram in the city, a first of its kind initiative in the country. The trust which runs the ashram has been aggressively trying to implement the use of solar energy for various requirements at the hospital, school and other facilities set… read more →

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