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MCD to clear overflowing garbage sites

Unable to get more land to set up landfill sites for the city’s solid waste, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has no other option left but to clear the existing ones to accommodate more garbage. Senior officials said that part of the garbage will be sent to waste-to-energy sites.Rest will… read more →

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Globally, power from renewable sources surpasses N-power for the first time news

For the first time in 2010 total renewable energy from three specific sources - wind turbines, biomass and waste-to-energy plants, and solar power - exceeded the total global nuclear power generation capacity. According to the World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2010-2011, published by the Washington-based… read more →

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Crop Waste to Biofuel Research Published in India

Two scientists from Sri Paramakalyani Centre of Excellence in Environmental Sciences (SPKCEES) - affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University - have extracted fuel from agro-waste, according to The Hindu Times. C. Sathesh Prabhu, a post-doctoral researcher of the centre, who is working on advanced… read more →

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Rice husks help electrify India and fight poverty

Half the population of the Indian state of Bihar lives below the poverty line, including, until now, having no access to any type of energy. "Empowering Bihar" is the title of a new Greenpeace India report showing how renewable energy, particularly biomass and solar, can promote social and economic… read more →

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Punjab to Produce 1,000 MW Green Electricity from Agricultural Residues

The government of Punjab, plans to produce about 1,000 MW of green energy from livestock residues by 2015, as large quantities of cattle manure became a main pollutant in the region. In addition to livestock residues, the state generates about 21 million tons of rice stalks and similar biomass plant… read more →

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E-waste collection system in Ahmedabad soon

AMC will be involved in e-waste collection; GPCB and Society for Environment Protection will be in charge of storage since there is no disposal facility in the city Most of the e-waste is collected through the unorganised sector as people sell old electronic items to scrap vendors A separate collection… read more →

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Commonwealth Junk Fashionably Recycled

After wishing the Commonwealth Games (CWG) goodbye, a few environmentally-conscious entrepreneurs are busy seeking to turn the waste discarded in the mega sporting event into useful things like designer bags, umbrellas and fancy footwear. Australian sustainability professional Liz Franzmann is collaborating… read more →

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Loro Group starts India eco-energy project

Loro Marketing and Trading, an Abu-Dhabi-based business group headed by non-resident Indians, or NRIs, is initiating a project in India to produce electricity and bio-products from solid waste. The project uses a proven technology known as Wilson technology from Ireland-based Global Eco Energy Technology.… read more →

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Three Indian rag pickers to address climate change conference

Three rag pickers from India will address the UN climate change conference in China at Tianjin where they will share their experiences on the steps taken by them to reduce green house gases. 'They are there to share their experiences and inform the participants about their valuable contribution towards… read more →

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$100 Billion Opportunity for Waste-To-Energy Companies in Developing World

Apparently one in four Chinese cities and seven out of 10 counties are without sewage-treatment plants, according to the People's Daily. While there are many ways to treat sewage or municipal waste; one of the newest is the use of municipal solid waste to make renewable energy. read more →

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