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India offers to cut carbon intensity by 20-25%

The battle for scoring PR points at the climate change talks has been joined in right earnest. India dramtically announced that it could consider voluntarily reducing its carbon intensity by 20-25% on a purely domestic level. This represents a big leap on the measures announced so far by the government… read more →

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India Heading Towards Energy Security And Environmental Sustainability

According to Datamonitor's pan-India energy survey, private as well as public investors in the country's power sector are currently most interested in mega power plants and wind power generation. These two segments scored high on each of Datamonitor's three benchmarks developed to assess investor preferences:… read more →

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Green flights: Airlines go for biofuels

The world’s first demo flight with 40 people on board a KLM Boeing 747, fuelled on 50% camelina, a biofuel, and 50% traditional fuel, circles over Netherlands for an hour. January 30, 2009: A Boeing 747-300 Japan Airlines test flight takes off from Tokyo with a biofuel mix of camelina, jatropha and… read more →

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India Completes First Large-Scale Solar Project

In relation to India's plans, Suniva Inc. (Norcross, Ga.) today announced the completion of its collaborative project with Titan Energy Systems Ltd. (Hyderabad, India) to create India's first large-scale solar project in Jamuria, West Bengal. Suniva supplied silicon solar cells to Titan Energy Systems.… read more →

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India electric car pioneer plans biggest plug-in plant

Chetan Maini, the engineer who pioneered India's first electric car, had his eureka moment two decades ago when he drove a vehicle fuelled by solar power across the blazing Australian outback. Now Maini, the man behind Reva Electric Car Co., is building in southern India what he says will be the world's… read more →

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Indian energy giant eyes 'opportunities' in Iran

Oil & Natural Gas Corp. (ONGC), India's biggest energy producer will hold a meeting with National Iranian Oil Co. to discuss "specific opportunities" in Iran. "In import-dependent countries like ours, we have to see where are the future sources of energy supplies," R.S. Sharma, Chairman and Managing… read more →

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China, India Push for 'Patent Free' Green Tech

Developing nations, led de facto by China and India, are pushing a controversial proposal that would effectively end patent protection for clean technologies. The 77 developing nations, in anticipation of the climate talks in Copenhagen next month, argue that since the developed countries bear the primary… read more →

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GSPCB sets deadline on waste disposal mechanisms

Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) has set January 4, 2010,as the last date for all industrial plants and units generating hazardous waste and releasing gaseous emissions and all health centres generating bio-medical waste, to get authorization for their mechanisms of waste disposal and release… read more →

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Story of the Indian techie who built air-car

In the past 13 years, he has spent Rs 1.5 crore (Rs 15 million) of his own money to satisfy his scientific and engineering curiosities, but steadfastly refuses to commercialise any of them and blames the government for not promoting scientific innovations, although only a few years ago he was making… read more →

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Nepal-India finalise action plan for Pancheshwar Project

The action plan and Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Pancheshwar Development Authority (PDA), expected to reduce power scarcity in the Himalayan country significantly, has been formulated at the Indo-Nepal secretary-level talks at the resort city Pokhara. read more →

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