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NPL develops high temp capacitors for EVs

NPL develops high temp capacitors for EVs

Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the UK have developed capacitors that can operate at high temperatures, especially designed for use in electric vehicles (EV).

Capacitors are a means of storing energy and are vital to the process of converting DC power from the vehicle battery, into AC power required to drive the motor. However, most current capacitors do not meet EV requirements, due to an inability to function reliably under the high temperatures created in electric vehicles. Up till now the absence of suitable capacitors is one of the major barriers to meeting an important EV goal – that of representing more than 50 per cent of worldwide light duty vehicle sales by 2050.

NPL says that it has overcome this issue by creating the HITECA capacitor, which can operate close to normal efficiency at over 200°C, significantly higher than any other capacitor on the market. It also offers a high energy density - the measure of how much energy it can store. read more →

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