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Wind power installations may cross 5,000 MW this year

Wind power installations may cross 5,000 MW this year

Chairman of Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers’ Association is confident that wind power installations in India will cross the 5,000-MW-mark. The previous high was 3,472 MW of fresh capacity set up in 2015-16. The Association’s General Secretary, D V Giri, is a shade less optimistic. While 5,000 MW is not impossible, he says, upwards of 4,500 MW is certain.

5, 000 MW is a heady number — just two years back the sector struggled to achieve half of it. In the first ten months of the financial year, till January, the sector added 2,094 MW, which means close to 3 GW would need to be put up in just two months. read more →

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