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Polluted Yamuna contaminates vegetables

A study carried out by the Energy research Institute has discovered that dumping of sewage and industrial waste in the Yamuna river has led to contaminated vegetables in the area. Particularity effected are those vegetables that have large green leaves.

The report, titled 'Living in a cleaner environment in India: A strategic analysis and assessment', says that levels of nickel, manganese and lead in Yamuna's water were found to be higher than the international aquatic water quality criteria for fresh water. Meena Sehgal, a consultant with TERI who worked extensively on the report, says that their focus was on heavy metals found in the environment and through what means they enter the human body. "Our findings made it clear that it is essentially green leafy vegetables that contain the highest amount of metals. This is because such vegetables have a high tendency to accumulate metals. Levels were significantly lower in other vegetables and practically negligible in drinking water samples," she said. read more →

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