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More grim news for domestic solar panel manufacturers

A week after Bridge to India forecast “another year from hell” for domestic manufacturers because of expected further fall in import prices of Chinese panels in 2017, there is a further grim development in that energy minister Piyush Goyal has said in parliament that the previously touted incentives… read more →

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In Rajasthan, all solar projects are exempt from electricity duty

Since Dec in Rajasthan, all consumers of electricity are being exempted from Electricity Duty on the Solar part of the units consumed and will be charged the tax only for the units they draw from the grid. This would be valid till March 2018. Ideally, that should have been the case, however, that had… read more →

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Regressive electricity duty on solar in Maharashtra

In December, a notification was released by the Industries, Labour and Energy Department imposing a tax of INR 1.2/ unit for units produced by Solar for self-use. For a small section of the urban population and majority of rural population, this will discourage a shift to the use of solar power. Further… read more →

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Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission proposes new benchmark solar tariff 12% lower than previous

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) has proposed a new benchmark solar tariff of Rs.4.50 ($0.0673)/kWh without accelerated depreciation and a tariff of Rs.4.41 (~$0.0659)/kWh with accelerated depreciation for FY 2017-18.The new tariff order will be come into force from April 1,… read more →

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India's domestic manufacturers facing many challenges

Indian solar PV manufacturers are still facing a series of challenges that are limiting their ability to capture a larger piece of the rapidly growing domestic market, finds new analysis by Mercom Capital Group. High levels of low-cost Chinese imports that are unlikely to subside any time soon, and… read more →

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