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Chattisgarh State Solar Energy Policy 2012

To tap the potential of the emerging revolution in solar energy in Chattisgarh and to leverage advantage from the National Mission, Chattisgarh govt. has decided to issue a comprehensive "Chattisgarh Solar Energy Policy 2012". The policy will come into effect from the date of issuance and shall remain… read more →

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Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy - 2012

The Honourable Chief Minister Selvi J Jayalalitha has a vision of developing Tamil Nadu as a world leader in Solar Energy by establishing 3000 MW by 2015. This policy will be known as the “Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy – 2012”. The Government of Tamil Nadu will undertake a review of this Policy… read more →

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Andhra Pradesh Solar Power Policy - 2012

In a bid to relieve the state of power crisis, Andhra Pradesh government announced its Solar Energy Policy-2012 and invited developers to invest in solar power plants while announcing several incentives for them. The sops will be extended to solar power developers who commission their plants by June… read more →

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Policy for promoting generation of electricity from wind, 2012 - Rajasthan

The Policy will come into operation with effect from 18.7.2012 and will remain in force until superseded or modified by another Policy. State Government may undertake review of this Policy as and when the need arises in view of any technology breakthrough or to remove any inconsistency with Electricity… read more →

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Bihar Renewable Energy Policy, 2011

This Policy will be known as “Bihar Policy for promotion of New and Renewable Energy Sources 2011”. The policy will be applicable for the development of all forms of New and Renewable Energy sources including biomass & Biogas based projects, cogeneration projects, mini/micro/small hydro projects… read more →

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Madhya Pradesh Small Hyro Power Policy - 2011

This new policy shall apply to all the hydro power projects with an installed capacity of up to 25 MW capacity, which have been identified by WRD, NVDA, Madhya Pradesh Power Generation Company, or any other state agency authorized by GOMP, or by a private developer. read more →

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Wind Power Project Policy of Madhya Pradesh - 2011

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has issued the Incentive Policy for encouraging generation of power in Madhya Pradesh through Non-conventional Energy Sources (2006). The Policy currently provides incentives for installation of wind power projects in Madhya Pradesh. read more →

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Rajasthan Solar Policy 2011

The objective of this Policy is to establish Rajasthan as a National leader in solar energy in phased manner by creating the policy frame work for promoting use of solar energy in various applications. read more →

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Karnataka Solar Policy 2011-16

Under Karnataka Renewable Energy Policy, Karnataka will have a target for achieving 126MW of solar power up to 2013-2014. The policy came in to effect from 1.06.2011 and shall remain in force up to 31.3.2016 or until any changes are made by the state government or by the KERC (Karnataka Electricity… read more →

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Development of Solar Cities

The Goal of the program is to promote the use of Renewable Energy in Urban Areas by providing support to the Municipal Corporations for preparation and implementation of a Road Map to develop their cities as Solar Cities. read more →

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