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First-Ever IEA & IRENA Report: Global Energy Transition To Generate $Trillions In GDP Growth

The global transition to a decarbonized energy sector is likely to not only help us prevent global warming from rising past 2°C but is also likely to yield economic benefits up to $10 trillion every year by 2050 and a boost to the world GDP of $19 trillion. These are among the leading findings from… read more →


Global opportunity report 2017

Global Opportunity Report 2017 presents five global risks including extreme weather, water shortage, unsustainable urbanisation and the global food crisis along with 15 new sustainable market opportunities that directly address them. read more →


World Energy Outlook 2016

Renewables and natural gas are the big winners in the race to meet energy demand growth until 2040, according to the latest edition of the World Energy Outlook, the International Energy Agency’s flagship publication. read more →