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BIPV: Living up to expectations

Building integrated PV: Despite plenty of hype, BIPV has remained a niche segment in the solar business, held back by a combination of high costs and low efficiencies. But as Ben Willis hears, the high-profile entry of Tesla on to the BIPV scene could herald the start of a new era for the sector. read more →


3-D Printing Solar Photovoltaic Racking in Developing World

The purpose of this paper is to provide a technical and economic evaluation of the value of the RepRap as an entry-level 3-D printer in the developing world and provide a cost effective solar photovoltaic (PV) racking solution to better serve the developing world and aid in the acceleration of their… read more →


Organic Solar Photovoltaic Cells

In photovoltaic industry the research at solar cells is in continuous development from the innovation at organic molecules until efficient plastics new products have been presented recently, improving efficiencies and costs. In this work we prepared photovoltaic solar organic cells based on the work… read more →


Empirical-based Approach for Prediction of Global Irradiance and Energy for Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Accuracy in prediction of global horizontal irradiance is vitally important for photovoltaic energy prediction, its installation and pre-sizing studies. A change in the solar radiation directly impacts the electricity production and in turn, the plant economics. Hence employing a model possessing improved… read more →


Development of a Rule-based BIM Tool Supporting Free-form Building Integrated Photovoltaic Design

Korea has been at the forefront of green growth initiatives. In 2008, the government declared the new vision toward 'low-carbon society and green growth'. The government subsidies and Feed-in Tariff (FIT) increased domestic usage of solar power by supplying photovoltaic housing and photovoltaic generation… read more →


A New Method for Estimating the Longevity and Degradation of Photovoltaic Systems Considering Weather States

The power output of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems is affected by solar radiation and ambient temperature. The commonly used evaluation techniques usually overlook the four weather states which are clear, cloudy, foggy, and rainy. In this paper, an ovel analytical model of the four weather conditions… read more →


Design and Analysis of Current Controllers with Active Damped LCL Filter for Three-phase Grid Connected Solar PV System

This paper discusses three types of current controllers with an active damped inductor-capacitor-inductor (LCL) filter for grid connected solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Grid current is considered as the feedback variable in the first controller. The filter capacitor is divided into two parts and the… read more →


Modeling, Analysis and Comparison of Solar Photovoltaic Array Configurations under Partial Shading Conditions

The main purpose of this paper is to model, study and analyze the performance of different photovoltaic (PV) array configurations under various partial shading conditions (PSC). The aim is to improve the efficiency of PV systems in general by reducing mismatch losses and to select the most appropriate… read more →


Simulation of Partial Shading on Solar Photovoltaic Modules with Experimental Verification

Rapidly growing energy demands and increased consciousness about the environment, PV installations are being increasingly employed in various applications like in communications and lighting,etc. However, one of the major challenges in using a PV source is that they are often subjected to partial shading… read more →


Limitations of Ultra-thin Transparent Conducting Oxides for Integration into Plasmonic-enhanced Thin-film Solar Photovoltaic Devices

This study investigates ultra-thin transparent conducting oxides (TCO) of indium tin oxide (ITO), aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO) and zinc oxide (ZnO) to determine their viability as candidate materials for use in plasmonic-enhanced thin-film amorphous silicon solar photovoltaic (PV) devices. First… read more →


A Study on the Underwater Performance of a Solar Photovoltaic Panel

Photovoltaic cells are prone to thermal degradation as surface temperature exceeds critical value. Temperature reduction is one of the options for efficiency improvement. An attempt is made to analyze the cooling effect on temperature drop. At different depths and for various flow rates of water in… read more →


Measuring Complex for Studying Cascade Solar Photovoltaic Cells and Concentrator Modules on their Basis

The design and implementation of several measuring complexes intended for studying cascade solar photovoltaic converters are considered. The complexes consist of a solar simulator and an electronic unit with an active load. The high-aperture light source of the complex reproduces solar intensity over… read more →


Simulation Modelling of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Output for a 3 kWp Rooftop System

Solar energy is the most promising renewable energy source in Malaysia due to the country’s abundant source of sunlight throughout the year. Currently the Malaysian government has made a lot of effort to encourage the use of renewable systems such as solar photovoltaic (PV). This kind of renewable… read more →


Optimisation of Residential Solar PV System Rating for Minimum Payback Time Using Half-Hourly Profiling

There is increasing interest in the residential load sector in the installation of grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy sources as means to reduce the cost of electricity imported from the grid. The research presented here proposes a mathematical model used with a direct search methodology… read more →


Design and Implementation of ANFIS based MPPT Scheme with Open Loop Boost Converter for Solar PV Module

Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is used to increase the efficiency of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems under varying weather conditions. Conventional MPPT methods have drawbacks in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility. This paper presents the design and implementation of a maximum power… read more →


The Performance of a Solar PV System using Supercapacitor and Varying Loads

This paper analyses the application of supercapacitors in a standalone off-grid solar PV system. The solar PV system at University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) was tested using a programmable load. The programmable load was used to apply various load values to the system. The results on the… read more →


Software Solution Design for Photovoltaic Solar Applications

The paper presents the steps and the algorithm used to create a software for designing a solar photovoltaic application by using a programming environment in an accessible way, which provides after some calculations of all the checking required an accurate information regarding the number of series… read more →


Multilayered Structuring of Thin-film PV Modules by Ultrafast Laser Ablation

Due to the growth of thin-film solar photovoltaic (PV) market for renewable energy sources, the development of versatile technique for scribing surface patterns with new record efficiency is crucial. This study presents an ultrafast-laser process for noncontact and chemical-free scribing of thin-film… read more →


Solar Based Three-Level NPC Inverter with Advanced Control Strategy

In this paper, a novel configuration of a three-level neutral-point-clamped (NPC) inverter that can integrate solar photovoltaic (PV) with battery storage in a gridconnected system is proposed. The strength of the proposed topology lies in a novel, extended unbalance three-level vector modulation technique… read more →


A methodology to Determine Suitable Placement of Solar Photovoltaic Sources in the Transmission System Taking into Account Voltage Stability Index (VSI)

The integration of solar PVs which is projected to increase over the years creates concerns over stability. Reverse power flow occurs due to high PV penetration into the power system network. PV placement at proper locations in a transmission system is essential to maintain voltage stability. Improper… read more →


Minimal Penetration Modular Roof-top Mounting Racks and Solar Photovoltaic Systems Incorporating the Same

The present invention provides for a modular, plug-and-play DC/AC compatible solar photovoltaic power system and mounting frames therefor, having inexpensive modular designs which require no or minimal penetration for rooftop installation and provide enhanced wind-induced position disruption protection. read more →


Comparative Study on the Performance of Various MPPT Algorithms for Solar Photovoltaic System

Due to the severity of the environmental pollution and global energy crisis, the photovoltaic system has become one of the most important renewable energy sources. Although solar photovoltaic technology is one of the matured technologies, low efficiency and initial high cost factors have made it less… read more →


Photovoltaic Grid Stabilization System Using Second Life Lithium Battery

The operation of residential solar photovoltaic arrays are typically dependent on net energy metering (NEM) tariffs or feed in tariffs that allow the array owner to treat the electricity grid as an energy storage device. This study presents a model and simulation results of a photovoltaic array paired… read more →


Design, Control and Performance Analysis of a Standalone Solar–PV Energy Generating System

This paper presents the design, control and performance of a low power standalone solar–photovoltaic (PV) energy generating system. The system includes a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller along with a full bridge DC–DC converter, an energy storage system and a voltage source inverter… read more →


Fabrication and Characterization of Photovoltaic Cell with Novel Configuration ITO/n-CuIn3Se5/p-CIS/In

A novel configuration ITO/n-OVC CuIn3Se5/p-CIS/In solar cell has been fabricated by multisource vacuum co-evaporation technique on soda lime glass substrates. The pn junction is formed with ordered vacancy compound as the n counter part for the p type CuInSe2. The structural, compositional, hall coefficient,… read more →


Novel Integration of a PV-Wind Energy System With Enhanced Efficiency

A novel integration scheme of solar photovoltaic (PV) with a large capacity doubly excited induction generator-based wind energy system is described. The proposed scheme uses both the grid- and rotor-side power converters of doubly fed induction generator to inject PV power into the grid. Thus, it renders… read more →


Design and Control of LCL Filter Interfaced Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) System using Power Balance Theory

In this paper solar photovoltaic (SPV) system connected to the utility grid is designed and simulated. The utility grid and SPV system are coupled with current controlled voltage source converter (VSC) and LCL filter. The design of LCL filter, MPPT algorithm and power quality improvements are discussed… read more →


Spectral Splitting Strategy and Optical Model for the Development of a Concentrating Hybrid PV/T Collector

The efficient utilization of the solar spectrum has been intensively addressed by solar researchers in the last decades. For instance, many efforts have been made to improve the efficiency of PV cells and to allow their operation at high temperatures and concentration ratios (CR). On the other hand,… read more →


Comparative Analysis of Fixed and Sun Tracking Low Power PV Systems Considering Energy Consumption

Photovoltaic technology allows to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy with clear advantages: no environmental impact during operation, reliability and durability of the systems, reduced operating costs and maintenance, ability to both supply remote customers and simply connect to the… read more →


Hurdles and Steps: Estimating Demand for Solar Photovoltaics

This paper estimates demand for residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in Connecticut using a new approach to address three empirical challenges that arise with count data in our setting: excess zeros, unobserved heterogeneity, and endogeneity of price. We develop a Poisson hurdle model that allows… read more →


Modelling and Experimental Analysis of a PEM Electrolyser Powered by a Solar Photovoltaic Panel

In the present paper a proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser for hydrogen production powered by solar photovoltaic system is presented.Integration of photovoltaic (PV)panel systems with electrolyser is being investigated to reduce diesel fuel consumption and to minimize atmospheric pollution.A… read more →


A Comparison of Performance of Flat and Bent Photovoltaic Luminescent Solar Concentrators

To employ new solar photovoltaic technologies in products and buildings, many systems need to be adapted. Inspired by the cylindrical shape, in this work, the performance of luminescent solar concentrator photovoltaic (LSC-PV) elements with narrow PV cell strips that could be integrated in an outdoor… read more →


Designing a Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) System in Adjunct with a Silicon Photovoltaic Panel for a Solar Competition Car

Solar competition cars are a very interesting research laboratory for the development of new technologies heading to their further implementation in either commercial passenger vehicles or related applications -- Besides, worldwide competitions allow the spreading of such ideas where the best and experienced… read more →


Performance EvaluatIon of Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) Pumping System under Field Conditions

A study has been carried out to evaluate the performance of solar photovoltaic (SPV) pumping system under field conditions. Performance parameters such as array output, total head, overall efficiency and conversion efficiency have been determined. Performance characteristics curve for SPV pumping system… read more →


Getting your money’s worth from a Solar PV plant: based on operational and asset management experience of over 1300 MWs of Solar PV plants

Solar PV industry is gearing up for rapid growth in India. The growth will continue as long as a PV project continues to make economic sense for the stakeholders. While, the magnitude of initial capital invested in the PV project plays a big role in the financial feasibility of a solar PV project, the… read more →


Solar industry goes mainstream: Revolutionary PV module rating system empowers solar professionals

Over the last few years, the US has reached five Gigawatts of solar installations. Most of these installations were fueled by the powerful combination of the 1603 cash grant program and drastically falling solar module prices. In fact, solar pricing has fallen sufficiently for solar electricity to now… read more →


PV Publications from Sandia Labs

A good list of white papers and intelligence materials on solar PV from the Sandia National Labs read more →


$1/W Photovoltaic Systems

A White Paper to Explore A Grand Challenge for Electricity from Solar. This white paper was developed by DOE (US Govt) staff to stimulate a dialogue about technology pathways to achieve $1/watt. The paper contains initial ideas on how to achieve significant reduction in the cost of modules, power electronics… read more →