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Latest Waste Management Whitepapers

Waste Management Trends in the Indian Industry

Sustainability Outlook carried out extensive industry-wide surveys and interviews amongst various stakeholders to uncover latest waste management trends among Indian corporates. As a part of this engagement, detailed survey and interviews with 85 leading Indian corporates and in-depth interviews with… read more →


Design of the Electronic Waste Recycle Network System Based on GIS

The output of the electronic waste has increased greatly along with the economic development and improvement of peoples living standard. It has become a difficult research problem that how to recycle the electronic waste efficiently. The paper forecasts the total quantity of the electronic waste based… read more →


Municipal Solid Waste Management in Indian Cities

Municipal solid waste management (MSWM) is one of the major environmental problems of Indian cities. Improper management of municipal solid waste (MSW) causes hazards to inhabitants. Various studies reveal that about 90% of MSW is disposed of unscientifically in open dumps and landfills, creating problems… read more →


Bournemouth Borough Council Municipal Waste Management Strategy 2011-2026

This document identifies the most important pieces of waste legislation driving UK waste management. However it is not an exhaustive list. Waste management is a fast paced industry with ever changing targets and drivers and as such waste legislation is constantly being updated. read more →