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Asset Optimization to Drive the Next Wave of Energy Efficiency in India

Pressure is building up on industries to optimize their efficiency, resources are becoming increasingly scarce, competition is getting fiercer and technology is advancing at a an incredible pace, the Indian manufacturing sector would necessarily need to keep up with global advancements in this sector.… read more →

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Green Chemistry: Indian Industry warming up to Global Action

Right now the market for the green chemistry is quite niche in the Indian market at the moment, but is expected to grow into a full fledge industry accounting for almost US$10 billion by 2020. Buyer demand and regulation driving export oriented industries, Increasing production cost, and market Competitiveness… read more →

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Wind Vision India 2032 : A Multi Stakeholder Perspective

Wind Vision 2032 covers the evolution of the sector, current landscape, critical issues that need attention, and proposes ways to reachhing 200 GW of wind capacity by 2032. read more →

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Developing an Energy Efficiency Strategy for SMEs – Vision 2025

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation funded Ernst & Young to study the overall small and medium enterprise (SME) sector landscape in the country and further conducted detailed analysis in four energy intensive SME clusters. The outcome of this detailed study brought to the forefront major challenges… read more →

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Wind-solar hybrid energy production analysis report - NIWE

This report, prepared by National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai, under direction from MNRE, focuses on integrated hybrid renewable energy projects consisting of wind and solar energy. NIWE chose 24 wind potential sites based on met-masts installed. The report gives the overall view of the wind and… read more →

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Energy Conservation & Efficiency Handbook

This publication by Auroville Consulting is devised to help residents understand various technologies available in the market and make premediated choices in choosing the most energy efficient appliances. It provides tips in achieving energy savings for common electrical appliances used in households:… read more →

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Li-ion Energy Storage Takes Microgrids to the Next Level

In this white paper sponsored by Saft, it explains how microgrids that combine diesel generators, renewable energy resources and lithium-ion (Li-ion) energy storage can enhance security of supply while reducing fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions. When an energy storage system (ESS) is added, an… read more →

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Lightning Protection of Wind Turbine Regarding with Risk Management

This paper proposes a concept of lightning protection of wind turbine from the viewpoint of risk management. Lightning protection of wind turbine including design by manufactures and maintenance by operators should be done from the viewpoint of risk management. It is important to understand damage aspects,… read more →

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3-D Printing Solar Photovoltaic Racking in Developing World

The purpose of this paper is to provide a technical and economic evaluation of the value of the RepRap as an entry-level 3-D printer in the developing world and provide a cost effective solar photovoltaic (PV) racking solution to better serve the developing world and aid in the acceleration of their… read more →

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Organic Solar Photovoltaic Cells

In photovoltaic industry the research at solar cells is in continuous development from the innovation at organic molecules until efficient plastics new products have been presented recently, improving efficiencies and costs. In this work we prepared photovoltaic solar organic cells based on the work… read more →

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