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Synthetic Generation of Wind Power Time Series for Wind/Storage Systems Integration Studies

This study proposes a new method for direct generation of synthetic wind power time series for a wind farm. The method combines the random nature of wind with the operational information of the wind turbines (i.e., failure and repair rates). It uses chronological or sequential Monte Carlo Simulation… read more →

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Development of Auto Solar Tracking Technique for Electricity Generation Systems

The issue of global warming coming from solar radiation becomes an opportunity for people to take advantage as of the generating of solar energy. Solar energy is renewable ways to generate electrical power without emissions or noise with existence of photovoltaic (PV) panel. The conversion from solar… read more →

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A New Methodology for Urban Wind Resource Assessment

In the latest years the wind energy sector experienced an exponential growth all over the world. What started as a deployment of onshore projects, soon moved to offshore and, more recently to the urban environment within the context of smart cities and renewable micro-generation. However, urban wind… read more →

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Attitude Tracking Control of an Airborne Wind Energy system

We study the control of an Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) system where a turbine is mounted on a rigid glider (or kite) with a fixed length tether connected between the kite center of gravity (CG) and the ground. The turbine on the kite in an AWE system extracts wind power in a high speed cross wind motion… read more →

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Modeling and Simulation of Solar PV and DFIG Based Wind Hybrid System

The increasing energy demand and depletion of fossil fuels has risen in awareness of searching for alternative energy source thus the inexhaustible solar and wind energy is becoming an interesting topic which has grabbed the attention of researchers to make it sustainable power. The objective of this… read more →


Comparative Study of Spar-type Floating Horizontal and Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Subjected to Constant Winds

To date the spar-type floating horizontal axis wind turbine (FHAWT) has been widely investigated. Floating vertical axis wind turbines (FVAWTs) are also a promising solution for harvesting wind energy in deep waters. The present study deals with a comparison of a FHAWT with the NREL 5 MW wind turbine… read more →

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Production of Solar Photovoltaic Module Using Dye Extract from Fluted Pumpkin Leaf as Sensitizer

Dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) are auspicious class of low cost and moderate performance solar cells. This paper reports the development of DSSCs using dye extract from fluted pumpkin leaf as doping substance and other materials such as titanium dioxide, aluminium foil, copper wires, araldite, glasses,… read more →

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Nonlinear, Optimal Control of Wind Energy Conversion Systems Using Differential SDRE

Wind energy has taken an important role in responding to overall energy demand and environmental concers. As the demand of the wind energy increase, investigations focus on maximizing the energy extraction and efficiency mostly through the design of key components such as blades, gearboxes, generators,… read more →

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Investigation of Power Values of PV Rooftop Systems Based on Heat Gain Reduction

PV rooftop system can generally be installed to produce electricity for the domestic house, office, small enterprise as well as factory. Such a system has direct useful for reducing peak load, meanwhile it also provides shaded area on the roof and hence the heat gain into the building is reduced. This… read more →

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Power Control in Grid-Connected Wind Energy System Using Diode-Clamped Multilevel Inverter

This paper presents dynamic modelling and control of real and reactive power in grid-connected variable speed wind energy conversion system using diode-clamped multilevel inverter (DCMLI). A modified five-level DCMLI is used for power control, which eliminates the requirement of transformer and improves… read more →

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