Indian Railways to Have Biodigesters on Trains to Convert Human Waste

At long last, I get to read something really interesting the Indian public sector is doing – sustainable treatment of human waste, and that too on our Indian Railways.

We all know what happens to the millions of tons of human waste we generate while on trains, especially long distance trains. Isn’t there a better way to manage this waste?

Yes, said DRDO (Defense Research & Development Organization), and they have gone ahead and devised bio-digesters that can be fitted under the coaches and which can hold the human waste from the toilets and convert them into biogas.

I must say this is an invention worth applauding. The first designs of these e-Loos do not look great, but I am sure they will quickly improve and reach the next stage.


Biodigesters on Indian Trains

Jairam Ramesh recently said Indian Railways was the world’s largest open toilet. How true. Hopefully, this invention will move India out of this unenviable first place.

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  1. deepti August 26, 2012

    this is a really great invention for indian railways as the tracks would look more cleaner than before

  2. ragini August 28, 2012

    thanks for sharing such detailed review . i like it

  3. MADHAN.M December 4, 2013

    its really good one . iam also trying on another method of safe disposal of human wastes in trains. let see whats gona happen .

  4. Sunder Singh November 3, 2014

    मैआप की इस बचकाना सोच पर बेहद अचंभित हूँ के आप को जिसने भी यह आइडिया दिया है अच्छा है पर आप जो र रहे हैं वह एेसा ही है जैसे भगवान ने एक तो गधा बना ही दिया ऊपर से पता नहीं कौन इतनी डरावनी और शोर करने वाली रेल को टाट के पायबन्द लगा रहे हो।
    अगर आप लोग अपनी आराम दायक सीट को छोड़कर आपने दिमाग का 5% भी दे दो तो हमारी रेल सुन्दर सुचारू सुरक्षित हो जायेगी ।


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