105550 Villages Electrified Under RGGYY 2005-2012

I have been writing about the fact that tens of thousands of Indian villages are not connected to the grid. (here and here)

It was hence of interest to me when I came across data on how many villages had been electrified Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana ( (RGGYY in short, to make life easy for all of us! more from here and here too)

A total of 105550 villages had been electrified between 2005 and Aug 2012, with the breakup as follows

2005-06 – 9819
2006-07 – 28706
2007-08 – 9301
2008-09 – 12056
2009-2010 – 18374
2010-11 – 18306
2011-12 – 7934
Apr 2012-Aug 2012 – 1054

Source: Ministry of Power/PTI

Wondering why there is such a significant variation in electrification from one year to the next. Election dates/years could explain this perhaps?

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