Chennai Cleantech Club First Meeting – Oct 17 – Pics and More

The first meeting of the Chennai Cleantech Club was held at Solar Mango on 17 Oct 2015.

Must say it was impressive.

The idea was to get together experts and passionate folks belonging to diverse domains within the cleantech spectrum and figuring out how to collaborate effectively for spurring growth of the sector as a whole.

Thought I will provide a quick list of attendees and some photos. More details of each of them and also details of what transpired are available at the CCC LinkedIn Group here.

The following is the list of participants & main areas of expertise/work:

  • Ashwin, Navi Samri – Student, Cleantech Inventor in Energy Efficiency
  • Boniface Pascal, Ulaginoli Energy Solutions – Solar
  • Chandramouli Iyer, Sun Edison – Solar
  • Dinesh K Salem, Sootless Energy – Solar
  • Divakaran K, Acclaim Technologies – Biomass, Solar Thermal
  • Kuppuswamy Kothandaraman, MITA-TEKNIK Technology – Wind Power
  • Mathew Jose, Paperman – Waste Management
  • Murali, Journalist – Covers all cleantech
  • Nandha Gopal, Ecocare Technologies – Waste Management
  • Narasimhan Santhanam, Solar Mango – Solar
  • Ramalingam, Independent Consultant – Renewable Energy
  • Senthil Kumar, Lifelinecare Technologies – Energy Efficiency
  • Sivasubramanian Velusamy, PERC – Bioremediation, Bio-based Products
  • Sivaswamy, ClosedLoop Systems – Biomass, Waste to Energy
  • SoundaraRajan G S, Alldelite Heat Pumps – Energy Efficiency, Heat Pumps
  • Suman Kumar Jha, Navi Samri – Student, Cleantech Inventor in Energy Efficiency

And now, for some pics

First CCC Meet Pic 1


First CCC Meet Pic 2


First CCC Meet Pic 3


First CCC Meet Pic 4



First CCC Meet Pic 5



First CCC Meet Pic 6


First CCC Meet Pic 7













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  1. Varun Venugopal November 25, 2015

    Hello Team, What are the measures taken to reduce maintenance costs? Any scope for reducing manpower and introducing mechanisation?



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