Grid Stability Challenges Posed by Increasing Use of Renewables

The target of 175 GW of renewables by 2022 appears exciting for many of us, but it might not be so for the operators of the electricity grid.

Not because they do not like renewables, but because there are a number of challenges that an increasing mix of renewable energy sources pose to the grid stability.

Here is an excellent analysis piece on this topic by RN Nayak. Mr Nayak is someone who must be knowing something about this – after all, he was the former chairman of the Power Grid Corporation of India, the country’s almost monopoly electricity grid installer.

His piece in today’s Financial Express, titled “Establishing a vibrant electricity market” and subtitled Distribution utilities now have to deal with prosumers, storage entities and bidirectional flow, instead of just consumers is a sobering read for all us renewable energy enthusiasts. It deals with challenges posed by renewables to Network Development, Network O&M, Congestion and more.

He also offers some suggestions to ensure that we take good care of the grid while we invest heavily in renewables.

Read the entire news item from here

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  1. Mitesh Sanghvi May 2, 2016

    It was a big challenge for the industry and officials. I wish we make it happen.


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