Reusable Plates & Utensils – Even Jerks Can Save the World

There can’t be an easier way for you to contribute to reducing packaging and plastic pollution than by using reusable plates and utensils.

Even in a country like India which has not become super consumerist, I find that on many occasions at homes and offices, folks use disposable plates and cutlery while serving food at parties and the like.


I mean – WHY?

Even a confirmed idiot understands that by using metal or plastic plates & spoons/forks, once the party is over, we can wash them and use them again, and again and again – for a very long time indeed.

Unless your party consists of hundreds of people and you are unable to get your hands on so many reusable plates, go for reusable plates and cutlery folks.

You reduce the harm to the environment, and the harm to your bank balance too.

If you think such plastic and disposable cutlery is not a big deal, in India alone 120 billion disposable plastic cutlery is thrown into waste every year – that is almost 100 pieces per Indian per year.

Now, India is probably not the most profligate of countries. So, just imagine what the per capita wastage would be for many “developed” countries for disposable cutlery.


I think it is time we stopped this insanity.

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