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Looking for Investors – Attractive Biomass Pellet Project in South India

Introduction to South India’s Largest Biomass Pelleting Plant During one of EAI’s Biomass Supply Chain Optimization project for a global FMCG for their three plants in Andhra Pradesh, Punjab & Haryana, we established a good relationship with some of the large names in the biomass briquetting and pelleting industry. Surprisingly the number of large vendors, […]

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Forbes 30 under 30 – Ashwath Hegde, an Indian Entreprenuer, and his biodegradable plastic bags made from vegetables

In a country where around 57 percent of the population is below the age of 30, the achievements of this set pretty much encapsulates the power of youth and the face of a new India: A country that is enjoying the spotlight on the global stage and is ready to claim its rightful place in […]

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Non-food crops as feedstock for bioplastics: Is there a critical need?

What is the real challenge? The food crisis is affecting over three billion people—half the world’s population. The Bioplastics Industry contribute to this existing global food crisis by taking over large areas of land previously used to grow crops used as food for human consumption or as feed for animals. This has pushed every bioplastics manufacturer […]

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Are durable bioplastics the real growth story for the bioplastics sector?

Introduction The motivational driver to the innovation of bioplastics technology was to tackle our addiction to the disposable-everything habit. The disposable-everything eased our lives, but took a huge toll on our environment which lead to the development of biodegradable/compostable disposables to ease off the problems created by us to the environment. In 2010, disposable bioplastics […]

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Biomass Boilers Guide – Guide to Pick Optimal Biomass, Processing & Boiler Type

Many companies in India, and worldwide, are shifting from the use of fossil fuels for their boilers to using biomass. Such a transition is not easy though, given the significant differences between biomass and coal or other fossil fuels – differences both in terms of product characteristics as well as the supply chain and other […]

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Cleantech Finance – a portal focussing on financing and funding for the cleantech industry

I have launched a blog focussed on cleantech finance. The goal is to bring a focus on the various dimensions of financing for the cleantech industry. I will be providing updates on financing across instruments – VC, PE, asset financing, government financing – and also across the entire cleantech sector and not just renewable clean energy. […]

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Bio-energy Software Development Assistance – Clixoo

Clixoo, a sister division of EAI, brings to the table a unique intersection of renewable energy domain knowledge and high quality software development expertise. Using these, the bio-energy software team at Clixoo can assist companies keen on development support for a range of biomass power plant/heating related software. These include Biomass Assessment Feasibility Analysis CHP Bio-reporting Software You can […]

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Looking for Investors – Attractive Biomass Pellet Project in North India

Sub: Attractive Biomass Pelleting Business Looking for Equity Investors Introduction to India’s Largest Biomass Pelleting Plant Recently, I had the opportunity to meet an interesting biomass sector professional in Delhi – Bharat Sharma. And he took the trouble of taking me all the way to Roorkee so that I could see his pretty awesome biomass […]

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Renewable Energy Company Due Diligence Services from EAI

Renewable energy is growing at a tremendous pace in India. While some sectors are growing faster than others – solar and wind power are especially growing super fast – one can expect significant growth to happen in other sectors such as biomass energy, small hydro, and waste to energy sectors as well. Not surprisingly, such a strong growth […]

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