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Biomass Boilers Guide – Guide to Pick Optimal Biomass, Processing & Boiler Type

Many companies in India, and worldwide, are shifting from the use of fossil fuels for their boilers to using biomass. Such a transition is not easy though, given the significant differences between biomass and coal or other fossil fuels – differences both in terms of product characteristics as well as the supply chain and other […]

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Bio-energy Software Development Assistance – Clixoo

Clixoo, a sister division of EAI, brings to the table a unique intersection of renewable energy domain knowledge and high quality software development expertise. Using these, the bio-energy software team at Clixoo can assist companies keen on development support for a range of biomass power plant/heating related software. These include Biomass Assessment Feasibility Analysis CHP Bio-reporting Software You can […]

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Shifting to Biomass Energy from LPG, Natural Gas, Furnace Oil or Diesel – Potential and Challenges

I am currently working for a client keen on shifting from the use of natural gas to biomass for his heating/drying energy needs. This is a fairly intricate assignment that has provided me an opportunity to see in-depth the real issues involved in both the supply chain and technology feasibility for the use of biomass in the place […]

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Biomass conversion to natural gas – is this being followed anywhere?

I and my team might be working on an interesting project where the company is trying to move away from natural gas for its heating purposes and into the use of biomass for the same. The reason of course has to do with economics, with natural gas prices shooting through the roof past couple of years. […]

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Cool Solutions for Your Hot Problems – Getting Your Heating Costs Under Control

Sustainable Industrial & Commercial Heating Solutions – A Critical Pain Point No, this blog post is not about those hot problems. It is about problems companies, especially in the manufacturing sector, face for their heating requirements! With the prices of furnace oil, diesel and LPG increasing alarmingly in the past few years, companies suddenly find […]

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Future Feed-in-Tariff Trends for India – for Wind, Solar and Other Renewable Power Sources

It is an open secret that renewable power requires incentives – these usually are in the form of capital subsidies, tax incentives and most importantly, via feed in tariffs. It is a million dollar (make that Billion Dollar) question what the future of feed in tariffs will be for the mainstream renewable power sources. I […]

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How Biogas-based Power Generation is Picking up Pace in India

=========================================== Are you looking to get energy security for your company through reduction in the use of diesel, furnace oil, LPG and costly grid power? EAI can do a feasibility study for the use of solar PV & thermal, biomass for heat and power, waste heat recovery and energy efficiency to dramatically cut down fossil fuel use and reduce […]

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EAI, Greenpeace Conclude Research on Clean Mobile Telecom Towers

The EAI team, led by Venugopal, helped Greenpeace in bringing out a report titled “Enabling Clean Talking“. The report is one of the first comprehensive research undertaken for the Indian telecom sector to figure out a roadmap for the mobile telecom towers to shift from diesel to renewable energy/clean energy sources. The report was launched […]

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Tamil Nadu’s Biomass Power Plans – Energy Plantations is the Answer?

Biomass is one of the renewable energy domains in which Tamil Nadu could have significant potential for progress in future. Estimates suggest only about 10% of the potential has so far been utilized. Of course, the lack of a robust supply chain that make create supply and price security is a problem as much in […]

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