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An Energy Efficient Biomass Stove for Hotels, Hospitals and Canteens

Had an interesting visit earlier today to meet a friend of mine and EAI for a long time – Divakaran of Acclaim Energy. Acclaim Energy is a small but highly bio-energy focussed firm, run by Chandramouli and Divakaran, both of them having a long experience in the renewable energy sector in general and bio-energy in particular. […]

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Coke’s PlantBottle – Coca Cola invests further in scaling Virent’s paraxylene production

It always gives a huge amount of confidence when a global corporate major invests significantly in clean technology. Thus it was a sense of satisfaction I got when I read about Coca Cola’s scaling up of its involvement in sustainable materials through its investments in bioplastic bottles. In 2014, Coca Cola extended its partnership with a Wisconsin based […]

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Strategy to Validate Biomass Supply Chain in India and Identify Reliable Suppliers

You could say that the last one year had been a biomass energy year for me. While the solar sector is where one would have expected most of EAI’s consulting assignments to have come from (and indeed we did get quite a few from that sector), surprisingly, there were a fairly good number of assignments we […]

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Shifting to Biomass Energy from LPG, Natural Gas, Furnace Oil or Diesel – Potential and Challenges

I am currently working for a client keen on shifting from the use of natural gas to biomass for his heating/drying energy needs. This is a fairly intricate assignment that has provided me an opportunity to see in-depth the real issues involved in both the supply chain and technology feasibility for the use of biomass in the place […]

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Biomass conversion to natural gas – is this being followed anywhere?

I and my team might be working on an interesting project where the company is trying to move away from natural gas for its heating purposes and into the use of biomass for the same. The reason of course has to do with economics, with natural gas prices shooting through the roof past couple of years. […]

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Cool Solutions for Your Hot Problems – Getting Your Heating Costs Under Control

Sustainable Industrial & Commercial Heating Solutions – A Critical Pain Point No, this blog post is not about those hot problems. It is about problems companies, especially in the manufacturing sector, face for their heating requirements! With the prices of furnace oil, diesel and LPG increasing alarmingly in the past few years, companies suddenly find […]

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