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Will solar with battery storage disrupt the solar power market?

Depending on who you are, you either love battery storage or you hate it. The facts are as follows: Storing solar power in batteries is not really a super efficient way of using solar power – as this process ends up wasting about 30% of the solar power generated! At the same time, without batteries […]

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What are hybrid solar inverters and how do they benefit rooftop solar power plants?

For all its environmental and other sustainability benefits, rooftop solar suffers from one big problem – it is not a 24×7, reliable source of electricity. Unless of course you consider using a battery along with the solar panels; or using a diesel generator in conjunction with the solar panels. If you are going for any […]

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Cost of Storing Solar in Lithium Ion Batteries – Conflicting data

Was reading an interesting article in today’s Financial Express on the use of Li-ion battery for solar power storage. This article was based on perspectives from Samir Sharan, CEO of Acme, the Indian solar and telecom equipment maker that is unveiling a LIB based solar storage solution called EcoGrid. Sure, LIB has its advantages – […]

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