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Cut Down Travel – Even Jerks Can Save the World

When I say “Cut down travel to reduce your Carbon footprint” many people look at me askance. It is as if I were trampling on their most fundamental right. Sure, you love to travel. It’s fun. And depriving you of travel is depriving you of something precious. Life without travel – is it worth living? […]

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Biomass Boilers Guide – Guide to Pick Optimal Biomass, Processing & Boiler Type

Many companies in India, and worldwide, are shifting from the use of fossil fuels for their boilers to using biomass. Such a transition is not easy though, given the significant differences between biomass and coal or other fossil fuels – differences both in terms of product characteristics as well as the supply chain and other […]

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What are hybrid solar inverters and how do they benefit rooftop solar power plants?

For all its environmental and other sustainability benefits, rooftop solar suffers from one big problem – it is not a 24×7, reliable source of electricity. Unless of course you consider using a battery along with the solar panels; or using a diesel generator in conjunction with the solar panels. If you are going for any […]

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Backing Down Wind Mills in Tamil Nadu – There are two sides to every coin

Read an interesting article in The Economic Times today how there is a tussle between wind power generators and private conventional power generators, with TANGEDCO and MNRE being the other actors in the drama. The script goes like this: MNRE would like wind generation to have “must run” status, meaning they should be backed down as […]

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Surya Raitha Scheme of Karnataka – Solar Water Pumps Made Economically Feasible?

A recent article in the Hindu Business Line dwelt on how, in spite of its advantages, solar water pumps have hardly taken off in India. The article quoted a figure of about a measly 25,000 solar water pumps installed all over the country when there are some 20 million grid powered and an additional 8 million […]

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Shifting to Biomass Energy from LPG, Natural Gas, Furnace Oil or Diesel – Potential and Challenges

I am currently working for a client keen on shifting from the use of natural gas to biomass for his heating/drying energy needs. This is a fairly intricate assignment that has provided me an opportunity to see in-depth the real issues involved in both the supply chain and technology feasibility for the use of biomass in the place […]

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Biomass conversion to natural gas – is this being followed anywhere?

I and my team might be working on an interesting project where the company is trying to move away from natural gas for its heating purposes and into the use of biomass for the same. The reason of course has to do with economics, with natural gas prices shooting through the roof past couple of years. […]

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Cool Solutions for Your Hot Problems – Getting Your Heating Costs Under Control

Sustainable Industrial & Commercial Heating Solutions – A Critical Pain Point No, this blog post is not about those hot problems. It is about problems companies, especially in the manufacturing sector, face for their heating requirements! With the prices of furnace oil, diesel and LPG increasing alarmingly in the past few years, companies suddenly find […]

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Rising Cost of Diesel and What it Means to Indian Business and Industry

=========================================== Are you looking to get energy security for your company through reduction in the use of diesel, furnace oil, LPG and costly grid power? EAI can do a feasibility study for the use of solar PV & thermal, biomass for heat and power, waste heat recovery and energy efficiency to dramatically cut down fossil fuel use and reduce […]

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