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Cleantech Finance – a portal focussing on financing and funding for the cleantech industry

I have launched a blog focussed on cleantech finance. The goal is to bring a focus on the various dimensions of financing for the cleantech industry. I will be providing updates on financing across instruments – VC, PE, asset financing, government financing – and also across the entire cleantech sector and not just renewable clean energy. […]

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Save Up to 30% AC Energy Consumption with This Tech from Analog Nanotech

Air conditioners are one of the biggest energy guzzlers overall, and by far the biggest energy guzzlers for the residential and commercial/office building sectors. How would it be if an ingenious plug and play device could save up to 30% – some times even 40% – of electricity consumption by your ACs? That could mean […]

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Renewable Energy Company Due Diligence Services from EAI

Renewable energy is growing at a tremendous pace in India. While some sectors are growing faster than others – solar and wind power are especially growing super fast – one can expect significant growth to happen in other sectors such as biomass energy, small hydro, and waste to energy sectors as well. Not surprisingly, such a strong growth […]

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Young Guns from IIT Bombay Work on Maximising Returns from Chillers

Ashwin KP (right) & his colleague Rajat Agarwal – cofounders of ChillerMate   I was introduced to KP Ashwin of Promethean Energy some months back. Frankly, at that time, I did not think much about it. The startup facilitator Intellecap asked me if I could mentor some cleantech startups. I thought that was cool, so I accepted […]

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Towards Green Industrialization – Celebrating Climate Change in Manufacturing

L to r: V Narasimhan (Brakes India), Palani Perisamy (SICCI), Bharat Joshi (British High Commission), Einsenhower (Saint Gobain), Bhoo Thirumalai (Aspiration Energy) Quick Facts Event Organized by the Southern India Chamber of Commerce & Industry 23rd June, Chennai Organizers Dr Palani Periasamy, Vice President, SICCI Bhoovarahan Thirumalai, Chairman, SICCI Energy Committee Guest of Honor Bharat Joshi, […]

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Want lower heating bills? Redistribute hot air from above using these innovative fans

One of the big inefficiencies in most home heating systems comes from the natural tendency of warm air to rise, which leads to hot ceilings and cool floors and frequent on-and-off cycling of the systems. So why not ensure that the hot air that goes up gets recirculated downwards once again? Looks like an obvious […]

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Cool Solutions for Your Hot Problems – Getting Your Heating Costs Under Control

Sustainable Industrial & Commercial Heating Solutions – A Critical Pain Point No, this blog post is not about those hot problems. It is about problems companies, especially in the manufacturing sector, face for their heating requirements! With the prices of furnace oil, diesel and LPG increasing alarmingly in the past few years, companies suddenly find […]

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Green Building Materials – A Diverse Set of Emerging Business Opportunities

A zero energy building from BEDZED – Beddington Zero Energy Development   Can you believe that green building materials could be a 10 lac crore opportunity? Read on… Depending on who you ask, green buildings in India will be an opportunity worth anywhere between Rs 1 lac crores (a shade less than $20 billion) and […]

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Eco-lighting – a fast growing business opportunity within green buildings

I had, in a post, written about an innovative lighting solutions company called Skyshade that uses direct sunlight to provide sustainable lighting solutions. I had also written another post on the enormous business potential green buildings present. While solutions such as Skyshade are indeed pioneering ones, they are hardly alone when it comes to sustainable […]

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Skyshade – Using Sunlight Direct for Lighting

A recent article in Business Line about its product brought back to my memory Skyshade, an interesting Hyderabad-based company. Skyshade provides sustainable lighting solutions using the simplest route possible – by using sunlight as, well, sunlight! You might say, “But what’s the big deal? I can open my windows and use sunlight as sunlight. Where […]

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