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Save Up to 30% AC Energy Consumption with This Tech from Analog Nanotech

Air conditioners are one of the biggest energy guzzlers overall, and by far the biggest energy guzzlers for the residential and commercial/office building sectors. How would it be if an ingenious plug and play device could save up to 30% – some times even 40% – of electricity consumption by your ACs? That could mean […]

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Young Guns from IIT Bombay Work on Maximising Returns from Chillers

Ashwin KP (right) & his colleague Rajat Agarwal – cofounders of ChillerMate   I was introduced to KP Ashwin of Promethean Energy some months back. Frankly, at that time, I did not think much about it. The startup facilitator Intellecap asked me if I could mentor some cleantech startups. I thought that was cool, so I accepted […]

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Want lower heating bills? Redistribute hot air from above using these innovative fans

One of the big inefficiencies in most home heating systems comes from the natural tendency of warm air to rise, which leads to hot ceilings and cool floors and frequent on-and-off cycling of the systems. So why not ensure that the hot air that goes up gets recirculated downwards once again? Looks like an obvious […]

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