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Cut Down Travel – Even Jerks Can Save the World

When I say “Cut down travel to reduce your Carbon footprint” many people look at me askance. It is as if I were trampling on their most fundamental right. Sure, you love to travel. It’s fun. And depriving you of travel is depriving you of something precious. Life without travel – is it worth living? […]

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And about bicycling – Even Jerks Can Save the World

And about bicycling! Bicycles. You know, those slim looking things having two wheels and pedals! I know, I know…the last time you had used them were when you were 12 years old. And since then, you have always felt that these were for the world’s unprivileged or unintelligent. How dare someone even suggest that you use […]

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India starts off in a small way to electrify its transport by 2030

On the world stage, India is seen as a forward-looking country in the transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy. Very recently, record low bids for both wind and solar energy development, which were below Rs.3.5/kWh, are very positive developments. Apart from making the electricity network green, India also has a vision to electrify […]

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It’s Odd Even IIT-educated Politicians Can’t See Beyond Obvious – The Case of Delhi’s Odd-Even Rule

  Delhi’s Odd-Even Oddly Doesn’t Even Address the Root of the Problem, if Research Data are to be believed. I read an interesting take in Financial Express on the actual problems that result in Delhi’s air pollution (written by PP Sangal, a UN Consultant and former director of CSO – ISS). This shows why the […]

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Renewable Energy Company Due Diligence Services from EAI

Renewable energy is growing at a tremendous pace in India. While some sectors are growing faster than others – solar and wind power are especially growing super fast – one can expect significant growth to happen in other sectors such as biomass energy, small hydro, and waste to energy sectors as well. Not surprisingly, such a strong growth […]

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Electric Couple Get the Tata Boost: Hema & Bala Charging Ampere Ahead

Hemalatha and Baladhandayuthapani I have known Hema and Bala, founders of the pioneering electric two wheeler company Ampere Vehicles, for a while now. While Bala had helped us out by being an expert speaker at some of our renewable energy conferences, Hema had participated in some of our more focussed business networking events, specifically some in her home […]

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Narasimhan Santhanam Invited to be UBM Future Cities Contributor

UBM is a global media company of nearly 100 years with several well-known divisions and brands like InformationWeek, UBM Asia, EETimes, etc. UBM is launching Future Cities, a global, online, business-to-business community addressing the subject of smarter cities. The goal of this venture is to become the go-to source for business leaders seeking information on […]

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Indian Railways to Have Biodigesters on Trains to Convert Human Waste

At long last, I get to read something really interesting the Indian public sector is doing – sustainable treatment of human waste, and that too on our Indian Railways. We all know what happens to the millions of tons of human waste we generate while on trains, especially long distance trains. Isn’t there a better […]

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New Delhi to Go “Green” with Electric Vehicles and LEDs

In a move towards “green” India, its national capital New Delhi takes the lead, matching the country’s surging energy demands by using clean technologies such as electric vehicles and light emitting diode or L.E.D. lighting. The New Delhi Municipal Council will install charging stations for electric vehicles across 65 areas covered by its jurisdiction including […]

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