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The Bioplastics Guide – Intelligence on the bioplastics industry for investors

The Bioplastics Guide, launched recently, provides a strategic overview of the small but fast-growing global bioplastics sector. With plastic pollution becoming an important concern for many countries, there is a move towards alternatives to plastics, and bioplastics is one of them. The bioplastics market is however nascent, and hence there are significant uncertainties for investors […]

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Biopolymers and Bioplastics – A Disruptive Business Opportunity in India and Worldwide?

  I have been watching the bioplastics and biopolymers market with great interest last few years. And I am sure I am not alone. Plastics has been the favourite whipping-boy of every environmentalist and tree-hugger. But dig a bit deeper, and you will see that plastics (or something that can substitute plastics ) are indeed a […]

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Castor Oil Based Polyurethanes

Castor oil is increasingly finding application in the manufacture of polyurethane foams. The polyurethane is produced from polyols based on castor oil.  Polyols can be reacted with diisocyanates to make polyurethanes. There are a limited number of naturally occurring vegetable oils (triglycerides) which contain the unreacted hydroxyl groups that account for both the name and […]

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Castor Oil – An important contributor to sustainability and renewable energy?

You might be wondering what castor oil is doing in a blog about renewable energy and sustainability. But castor crop and oil are closer to sustainability and renewable energy than most of us think. The castor plant has been known to man for ages. Castor beans have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back […]

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