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Energy Efficient Home Appliances – Even Jerks Can Save the World

As you would have probably read somewhere, Energy Efficiency is the best source of sustainable energy, far superior than solar energy, wind energy or any other sustainable energy source. Why? The reason is obvious – what better than using something without wasting than generating more of it, whatever be the source! While many people – […]

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Save Up to 30% AC Energy Consumption with This Tech from Analog Nanotech

Air conditioners are one of the biggest energy guzzlers overall, and by far the biggest energy guzzlers for the residential and commercial/office building sectors. How would it be if an ingenious plug and play device could save up to 30% – some times even 40% – of electricity consumption by your ACs? That could mean […]

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Energy Efficiency vs. Renewable Energies : Strategic Decision Making [Part 1]

Backdrop: Energy Efficiency at the moment is not in the priority list of the policy making. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has a miniscule staff of only 50, with a paltry annual budget of Rs. 350 crore, completely disproportional to considering it as a priority task.   There are various disproportions which exists within […]

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