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Dollar Linked Solar Tariff for NTPC, PTC Projects

Read in the Hindu Business Line that the centre has allowed NTPC and PTC to go for dollar linked tariffs for 1,000 MW of solar power plant each, on a pilot basis. If successful, they can go for 10,000 MW on the dollar linked tariff. It is a public secret that high interest rates are […]

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Future Feed-in-Tariff Trends for India – for Wind, Solar and Other Renewable Power Sources

It is an open secret that renewable power requires incentives – these usually are in the form of capital subsidies, tax incentives and most importantly, via feed in tariffs. It is a million dollar (make that Billion Dollar) question what the future of feed in tariffs will be for the mainstream renewable power sources. I […]

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Gujarat sets the ball rolling

The Gujarat Electricity Regulation Commission (GERC) recently issued a draft document to outline the process they used to determine feed-in tariffs (FiT). This is for developers who wish to put up solar power plants (both PV & CSP) under the state solar policy for megawatt and kilowatt scale projects. The document also issued basic guidelines […]

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