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What do I do about plastics? – Even Jerks Can Save the World

  Plastic is everywhere. A good number of disposable plastic items pollute our land and water, and we all wish to something about this. But what? While you will hear numerous ideas of how to decrease plastic pollution, a good many of them are not practical. For instance, I have heard so many idealistic suggestions […]

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Overview of Bioplastics – Classifications, Feedstock, Uses, End of Life Options – Bioplastics Guide

The Bioplastics Guide, which was started by EAI as a specialized division to provide strategy and market consulting for the bioplastics and biopolymers segments, has a useful section that provides an overview of bioplastics. The following are the main topics discussed in this section: Bioplastics and its classification Feedstock used to make Bioplastics Biodegradable plastics […]

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Is burning plastics to generate energy an ecofriendly idea?

Like you can burn coal or wood to generate / recover energy, so can you by burning plastics. Now, that’s an interesting method to get rid of waste plastic that are polluting the earth, and at the same time also getting some useful energy from them, isn’t it? Well, the answer appears to be a […]

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How best can we practically decrease plastic pollution?

Everyone wishes to decrease the amount of pollution from plastic. And this everyone includes the ordinary you and me, corporates, municipalities and more. But the more they try, like the hydra, the more avenues appear through which the plastics pollute even more than before. So, we have to get more practical about ways by which […]

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Is it possible to recycle all types of plastics?

While on plastic pollution and its remediation through recycling, one question many folks have is whether it is possible to recycle all types of plastics. The answer is No, but there are multiple reasons for the infeasibility. Here’s a detailed post on the Cleantech Guide that provides insights on these reasons why it is not […]

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Biopolymers and Bioplastics – A Disruptive Business Opportunity in India and Worldwide?

  I have been watching the bioplastics and biopolymers market with great interest last few years. And I am sure I am not alone. Plastics has been the favourite whipping-boy of every environmentalist and tree-hugger. But dig a bit deeper, and you will see that plastics (or something that can substitute plastics ) are indeed a […]

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