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Bioplastics Market & Strategy Consulting – from Bioplastics Guide

EAI had been studying the bioplastics industry for the past few years and in the recent past we had the opportunity to look at the sector, in India and worldwide at close quarters. Based on these, we have put together an exclusive team to provide strategic and market consulting for the global bioplastics industry. If […]

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How best can we practically decrease plastic pollution?

Everyone wishes to decrease the amount of pollution from plastic. And this everyone includes the ordinary you and me, corporates, municipalities and more. But the more they try, like the hydra, the more avenues appear through which the plastics pollute even more than before. So, we have to get more practical about ways by which […]

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It’s Odd Even IIT-educated Politicians Can’t See Beyond Obvious – The Case of Delhi’s Odd-Even Rule

  Delhi’s Odd-Even Oddly Doesn’t Even Address the Root of the Problem, if Research Data are to be believed. I read an interesting take in Financial Express on the actual problems that result in Delhi’s air pollution (written by PP Sangal, a UN Consultant and former director of CSO – ISS). This shows why the […]

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