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PowerIt Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd - Cochin

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PowerIt Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd


PowerIt Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd

POWERIT SOLAR is a solar power integrator based in Kochi offering Solar Photovoltaic (using solar panels) energy solutions to homes and businesses in Kochi and all Kerala.

 We design, sell and service solar power systems for homes and businesses. We are focused on providing a solar power solution by combining anindividually designed solar system for each customer with long term warranty, dedicated service and above all supreme customer care. Our systems are uniquely designed for each customer; we provide 5 year warranty for the whole system on top of performance warranty for panels (90% of the minimum capacity as specified on the product label under standard test conditions for a Period of 10 years and 80% for the next period of 15 years from the date of sale). Customers will have an option to purchase AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for a fee to continue receiving the same service after the 5-year warranty expires.


We are very keen on ensuringthat our system is an optimum investment for our customers. We encourage customers to invest in a solar system if their return on investment is less than 8 years so that they receive the remaining 15 to 17 years of electricity for FREE. 

Features & Highlights

1. We are built on 3 core principles: CUSTOMER SUPPORT, QUALITY and RETURN ON INVESTMENT (for the customer).

2. Solar PV system is complex. We have the best engineers with over 20 years of combined experience working in Solar, Electrical and Electronics industry.

3. We are here to stay. We will be doing the same business in 2030. So when our customers buy a solar system now with a warranty of 20 years or more, we will be there for that warranty period and beyond to provide all the guaranteed services.

4. We don't consider this as a product rather as a service. By this, we mean that selling a solar system to a customer is only the beginning of our relationship with that customer. We take care of all the services that are required in making sure that the client receives the maximum out of the money they have invested. This includes a scheduled visit and analysis of the installed system every three months.

5. Our customer service team stands out. They are well trained in what they do; efficient and friendly in making sure they guide you through everything from start to finish.

6. We only use high quality components in our solar system. All are IEC certified, only from reputed manufacturers.

7. We have an in-house RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT facility with most modern instruments and tools.

8. Our office runs on solar power. We encourage everyone to visit our office to see how all the different components (solar module, module mounting, inverter, batteries, etc.) and accessories get wired together and to the KSEB switch board to provide solar power to our office.

We are located at Palarivattom, Kochi. We can be reached at our toll free number 1800-103-8810, email: More information can be found at our website:


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Kalavath Cross Road,
Kochi - 682 025

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