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VADODARA, India - General Blade Technology Pvt. Ltd. (GBT Ltd.), announced…

VADODARA, India - General Blade Technology Pvt. Ltd. (GBT Ltd.), announced a Molds Tooling and Prototyping (MT&P) project with RK Wind Pvt. Ltd., of New Delhi. Through cooperative efforts, GBT Ltd. will begin to design, develop, and install molds and auxiliary tooling for RK Wind's 600 kW rotor blades.

RK Wind was established in 2004 with the objective of providing India a simple wind energy convertor, but one that is superior in its technological advancement. GBT Ltd. provides the rotor blade technology to support that design, including the introduction of plug milling, a first for the domestic Indian market. GBT Ltd. also offers tracing wire technology for mold heating mechanisms and auxiliary tooling for robust blade manufacturing.

Global Blade Technology BV (The Netherlands) has had an active engineering office in Vadodara since the company's inception in 2009, primarily in Engineering Design & Consultancy (ED & C) and mold design. In September 2010, GBT Ltd., Glob

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