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Customers questions on MNRE regulations, concessions, promotions for renewable energy, renewable energy appliances, answered- a feedback by MNRE

Sl.No Name&Address Feed back/ Query Response sent to feedback and date
1 Mr. Nitin Mane, Mumbai I wanted to build myself a standalone off-grid SPV system for the building where I stay as we want to take initiative for clean energy. I myself can build this by purchasing spare parts. My question was that i am not able to figure out whether I  will get  some money  back under some scheme of the total spent. I expect the system to be 1+ KW          capacity          for          our          building          needs. Also      where      i      can      contact      to      discuss      more. I stay in Mumbai. For your issues related to SPV systems, kindly contact director , Maharashtra    Energy    Development    Agency(MEDA),    MHADA Commercial                       Complex,                       II                       floor, Opp:                         Tridal                         Nagar,                         Yerwada PUNE   -   411   006   (Maharashtra),   INDIAPHONE   -   91-020-26614393 / 26614403 . MNRE is providing subsidy of 30% of the project cost or Rs 90?wp whichever is less for the off grid solar systems under JNNSM. Befor setting a system kindly contact MEDA for availing benefit of subsidy
2 Mr. Ajit S. Datar, 16 Mallika, Makaranda CHS, Cadell Road, Mahim, Mumbai Please post a detailed list of suppliers of your solar lantern in Mumbai & Pune. I have gone through the entire website and have made extensive inquiries but have not found any suppliers for the solar lantern. Please visit our Website i.e You   will   get   information   of   supplier/manufacturers   of   SPV systems in the link- Capital Subsidy-cum-Refinance Scheme for Installation  of   Solar  Off-grid    (Posted   on  15.11.2010)  under JNNSM. It includes the list of All India distributor /manufacturers of SPV system all over India.
3 Mr. Pargat Singh ( Guru Nanak Machinery work), 250 industrial area A Ludhiana Punjab i would like to have solar water heart and your website is out of personally my understanding as no idea where is things are i am looking for . so please send your executive and let me have the information price so i can order one 16.02.2011 – Dir ( SR) There are neary 125 manufacturers of this system in the country. There are two types of systems. One is based on flat plate collector (FPC) and the other one on Evacuated Tubular Collector (ETC). The  lists  of the manufacturers of these two types of systems is available on the website of the Ministry. The website is
4 Mr. Moinuddin Sayed, Kalyan, Thane, Maharashtra I want to buy solar energy equipment for my flat. I want to save energy & be a part of it. Can u please guide me where i can buy good solar energy Equipment & installed? It is not clear from your letter that whether you want a solar lighting system or solar water heating system.    There are so many suppliers of these solar energy devices in the country.    A list of these suppliers/manufacturers can be obtained from the website of the Ministry –
5 Ms Sanju Koul, Delhi-62 I want to know about the Solar Energy as I want to install it at my home for Electricity purposes. More details of specific requirements sought for sending query to Officer concerned in MNRE.
6 Mr. Deshpande Santosh Dinker, C-102, Goodwill SO.;J.B.Nagar, Andheri [E], Mumbai I am an Electrical Engineer and associated in designing electrification   of   various   Townships   all   over   India   & abroad. I am very much concerned about electricity saving hence I wish to recommend Solar Street Lights etc. Please advise me and also send me list of well known Solar Street Lights manufacturers. Please visit our Website i.e You   will   get   information   of   supplier/manufacturers   of   SPV systems in the link- Capital Subsidy-cum-Refinance Scheme for Installation  of   Solar  Off-grid    (Posted   on  15.11.2010)  under JNNSM. It includes the list of All India distributor /manufacturers of SPV system all over India
7 Mr. Deepak Kumar, v.p.o.-Jalbhe distt-Jalandhar, Punjab i want to install solar water heater and solar inverter at my home .so pls tell about its punjab state which person i have to contact. Please contact the Director, Punjab Energy Development Agency, Plot   No.1-2,   Sector   33-D,   Chandigarh-160034,   Phone-0172-2663328.
8 Ms          D          Bhagya Lakshmi, H.No.14-31, RN     Reddy     Colony, Vysali                  Nagar, Hyderabad I   am   interested   to   invest   in   solar   energy   equipment purchase and installation at different sites.  Please provide necessary  ways  and  means  for  going  ahead  with  this project. For investment opportunities in Renewable Energy you may please have a look at the ICON; Polices/ Guidelines/ Orders/ Notifications at Ministry's website.
9 Mr. Sandeep, G1-385 RIICO Industrial Area, Bhiwadi Rajathan We are interesting in installing of Solar system but we are fail in getting the proper feedback. We visit to BHEL and Solar System office in Gurgaon but they ignore us plz help us to install the system so that we can save our earth Please visit our website: You will get information about the spv systems and the central government policies on it. Please also contact Director, HAREDA, Chandigarh for further information.
10 Mr. Hansraj Bhat, C-7/15, Geetanjali Nagar, Borivali (W), MUMBAI Pl. email me the name and email id of the person to whom I can contact in case I want to know in person (at my residence) about the solar water heater connection for me and few other neighbours. There are so many suppliers of these solar energy devices in the country. A State-wise list of these suppliers/manufacturers can be obtained from the website of the Ministry –
11 Mr. R P Hegde, Malnadu Udyog Mankame Complex, TSS Cross Hospet Road Sirsi 581402

Bankers are not supporting the customers to install solar water heaters. By refusing loans schemes offerd by MNRE. so that obstacles has to be removed by giving strong guideline to all eligible nationalised bank. So that schems offerd by you will be reached all the citizens of the country

16.02.2011 – Dir (SR) As you are aware that before the announcing of JNNSM, a soft loan scheme on Solar water heaters was being implemented by the Ministry throgh IREDA and various other banks. This scheme was in place upto December, 2010. As the soft loan scheme under JNNSM is different to the previous one, the Banks are in the process of signing fresh MoUs with IREDA and NABARD. There was some technical difficulty to the banks for providing loan at 5% to the users. Now, the difficulty has been removed by the RBI. You will agree that the potential of water heating systems is site and region specific. Hence, banks are providing this facility through some of their branches located at the potential sites. A meeting was held with the Banks including NABARD on 14.02.2011 and they have been requested to cooperate with the customers in sanctioning loan to them..
12 Architect Santosh Zine, a/p-babhaleshwar, Tal-rahata, Dist-Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Pls send all details of solar water heater systems for rural house,                     subsidy                     policy.                     etc. can         i         help         to         u         as         an         architect. r   u   regd.   architect   for   your   requirements.   pls   send data/circulars/product details etc use for architects Under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, a capital subsidy of 30% of the benchmark cost and/or loan on 50% of the cost of the system at 5% interest rate is available to the users of solar water heating systems in general category States like Maharashtra. Many of the States including Maharashtra have made it mandatory to install solar assisted water heating system in some of the categories of functional buildings including residential buildings/complexes. An architect can play an important role in suggesting the developer to go for the installation of solar water heating system and also take necessary precautions during the construction of the building like lying of hot water pipeline etc. There are so many suppliers of these solar energy devices in the country. A State-wise list of these suppliers/ manufacturers can be obtained from the website of the Ministry – You may also contact these manufacturers about different features of the system being manufactured by them.
13 Mr. Sadish Kumar, 49, Dharam Vihar, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar I am not getting the list of identified potential sites for shp in Orissa. Please kindly upload it. I am attaching list of potential sites in Orissa for your information. For more details you may have to contact State power Department.
14 Mr. Venkatesh.M, Flat no:56 binsar apartments, GZD For rebate scheme we have to give MNRE certificate to show that company is approved, but Dealer said to take print out from internet, As mnre dont issue the certificate, so pls guide wht to do for that There  are  two   lists  on  the  website   of   the   Ministry   on  the manufacturers of solar water heating systems. One is for BIS approved  manufacturers of flat  plate  collector  based  system. Second one is for the manufacturers of ETC based solar water heating system approved by the Ministry. In case some authority asks a certificate in this regard, you may suggest him to go to MNRE website and confirm the name of a particular manufacturer registered with the Ministry.
15 Mr. Venkatesh.M, Flat no:56 binsar apartments, GZD I am the manager here at delhi branch of M/S supreme solar  systems which  resently started  at delhi, But the Dealers here ask for the MNRE certificate which we dont have. when earlier  propritor visited MNRE it was told that it will get update in net and it was done.. but for HAREDA we have to issue the certificate   so what shold we tell to the dealer. plz guide me. MNRE maintains lists of manufacturers manufacturing FPC   and ETC based solar water heaters. It is available on its website. All the nodal agencies are aware of that. Even if any nodal agency asks about the same, it can be issued by the Ministry.
16 Mr. Neeraj Khandelwal, 22/1 Moti lal nehru rd AGRA Sir, in case i import solar geysers from china..can i get MNRE approval...what i have to do as to get this approval. Most of the manufacturers who are registered with the ministry as a manufacturer of evacuated tubular collector based solar water heaters, import evacuated tubes from China. For getting registration  with  the  ministry,  you  have  to  manufacture  one systems of 100 lpd and submit the same at Solar Energy Centre, Gurgaon or any other MNRE approved test centres. After the recommendation of the test centre based on its performance, you have   to   submit   an   application   to   this   ministry   with   some information on the manufacturing facility created by you. Based on the information and performance of your systems, you may be given approval.
17 Mr. Ravi, Bannerghata, b, Bangalore We   have   come-up   with   New   Vehicle   design,    on   self recharge equipment facility (Energy Renewable) with 100 km range, that means Not require to recharge every day (once  in week,  if  require). So we are  looking for the financial support to initiate and develop the project, under MNRE available Scheme/Category. Please let us know the procedure & formalities to be followed to get Subsidy on our                                    proposed                                    project. Thank you very much for your time, support & cooperation on                                                                                                     us. We are waiting for your valuable suggestions. The   details   of   sceme   has   already   been   given on   the   site i.e.  (New          Technology          Administrative Approval).   However,    Battery   Operated   Vehicles(BOV)    must have a        certification        from        the        ARAI,        Pune        or VRDE,Ahmad  Nagar,or I CAT,Maneser,Haryana. For 4 wheeler BOV car subsidy is being provided @ Rs.1,00,000/-or 20% of ex-works cost whichever is less against each vehicle. For 4 wheeler public transport vehicle which is having carrying capacity  of  at  least  10  passenger  or  above subsidy  is  being considered @ Rs.4,00,000/- or 20% ex-works cost whichever is less against each vehicle. For 2wheeler BOV subsidy is being considered @ Rs.5,000/-(High speed)   and Rs.4,000/-   (Low   speed)   or   20%    ex-works   cost whichever is less against each vehicle.   The proposal must be routed through the State Nodal Agencies for claiming the subsidy from   the   MNRE.    If   you   need   any   further   information   or clarification may please contact 011-24368906.
19       Mr. R N Mehta, Daman (UT) We wish to install SWH, from a reputed supplier, capacity maximum  500lit/day.  Please  recommend  few  suppliers with address. Please   visit   Ministry’s   website   –   Manufacturers/   Industries/ Architects.
20       Mr. Abishek, satrunasgatan 8, Room 196, Gutenberg - 41520 Please improve the web page, as this represent the world about India's care free approach to the world.  I am  a Indian doing my Master degree on     renewable energy. This is the worst web page I ever visited, please don’t put my country to shame in front of the world/ Global arena. I would give the following suggestion. There is too much of data, and  most of them  are not aligned properly. Distribute the data under proper title: .     Please use standard font size. .     Though the Green buildings page is well done, there are no contact details. .     There is no information for students and citizens view .     Connect to the world  use face  book to share users views. .     Please        have        a        look        at        this        page.            Advantage:    It   is easier to gather data, makes it more appealing to work with. We are aware of these issues. The website of the Ministry is being   revamped.   In  fact   the  Officer  concerned  from  NIC  is already working on it in consultation with a Team of officers in this Ministry.
21 Omar Guillen Solis, Blvd. Manuel à  vila Camacho 88, Piso 2, Lomas de Chapultepec, 11000 México,DF And looking forward for a better site. Kindly   requesting   information   about   Achievements   of MNRE up to Dec-31-2010, we are preparing a presentation REs,    and    it    is    better    to    show    recent    numbers. Ahead of time thanks a lot. Response sent on 10.02.2011 The updated data upto 31.12.2010 has been uploaded at the website of MNRE.
22 Mr. Jitendra Deshmukh, Patil Niwas Tulinj Rd. Nallasopara Vasai, Thane We manufacture Solar LED Street Lights 14W , 28w , 42W 1)     Is it possible for us to get our street lights approved by MNRE? 2)     Our Street Light is microcontroller based with dimmer so can the street light tested with our specifications? 3)    We have installed 150 nos LED Solar Street Lights  42W is there any possiblity for Any financial subsidy for already installed street lights and future installation ? 4)    We are unable to find list of Solar Panel Manufacturers Approved by MNRE on the MNRE Website, we would be grateful if you could update the same. Reply to your queries is as follows: 1)    Yes. You can get your systems tested and obtain a certificate from Solar Energy Centr, Gwal Pahari, Gurgaon or any other test centre having facility for testing LED based systems. 2)     Yes 3)     No.   Under  the  Scheme  issued  on  8.7.2010,  there  is  no provision of extending subsidy for already installed systems. 4)    Ministry is not maintaining any list of SPV manufactures.
23 N.Vijaya Bhaskar, H.No.1-5-820,New Maruthi Nagar, Kothapet, Hyderabad, I have much more interest in this but have not getting information   so   please   send   information   for   investing methods and other useful information. I lestion in radios in that  they   told  information   in  the  website  but   in   this website information not avilable. Add some information in the website. 14.2.2011 The information sought is not clear. Please tell us your exact requirements in so that correct information could be provided.
24 Mahendra Mahadik, B 606 M1 Omkar CHS, Sion Mumbai I      would      like      to      know      exactly      how      many certificates/permits      are    essential    for      marketing    / selling  the a solar water heater and solar powered electric equipment. if any May I know where I will able to get this certificates. Kindly guide exact procedure & Fees required to be given for the same. For marketing a solar water heater one requires to submit a system of 100 litres manufactured by him to Solar Energy Centre or any other testing centre approved by the Ministry. For making a system with flat plate collectors, the testing report provided by these centres is to be submitted to BIS for their certification.   In case of ETC based system, the report is to be submitted to the Ministry with some specified enclosures for the approval. In case of  solar powered electrical equipment BIS certification  is not there but different systems are required to be manufactured with some  specified  standards  and  get  tested  from  these  testing centres.
25 Ajoy Chakraborty, 20E, Lake East 6th Road, Kolkata 75 E-mail: I need to know list of Independent Verification Agencies approved by MNRE who can provide Biomass availability Report You   may   get   information   of   biomass   availability   from   the following           site           related           to           biomass           atlas:        far        as       independent verification   agency   is   concerned,   Ministry   nominate   suitable experts to have verifications of gasifier systems after installation.
26 Rashid Ayappally Ayappally House, Cherushola (Post) I would like to fix a Solar plant for my home power needs, What is the steps i have to care?   Which are the local bodies         to         approach         for         the         subsidies? The cost of 1kWp solar power plant comes around Rs. 3 lacs out of which MNRE provide subsidy of Rs 90,000 and the rest of the cost is to bear by the beneficiary. You can contact Director,
  Randathani, 676510, Malappuram, Kerala m How much will be the expenses and Subsidies? Could you please explain me all these queries Agency   for   Non-Conventional   Energy   and   Rural   Technology (PATTOM P.O. PB  No.1094, Kesavadasampuram Thiruvananthapuram-695004 Telefax:0471- 2440121;   2440122, 2440124).   For   more   information  and   you   can   also   visit our website organisations for more details of other State nodal agencies.
27 Dr. Sanjay Ramakant Sadawarte, Plot No. 35, Kamod Nagar, Agra Road, Nasik. drsadawarte@gmail.c om I  am unable  to get  the custom duty, additional  duty, special additional duty, educational cess if any applicable to the solar water heaters, solar photovoltaic panels, solar air                                                                                  conditioners, Please intimate if there is any concession in importing these  products.  I  will  be  obliged  if    all  duties  will  be intimated to me. You may refer to the following notifications for the items that are covered for reduced custom duty: Notification no.21/2002 Item No.86 -               Chapter No.85 Item No.8541.40.11 -               Chapter No.94 Item No.9405.50.40 -        Chapter No.85 Item No.8543.70.92 Notification no.25/99, List A, Item Nos.7,18 and 38 Excise Duty Notification No.6/2002 Item No.237 List 9 Notification No.6/2002 Item No.51 Direct Taxes : Section 32
28 K.P.Dhawad, 16,Dharampeth Layout,Deendayal Nagar, Nagpur Suggestion is   to involve Polytechnic Students from Rural Institutes to take up training in installation, management and service aspects of Solar energy equipments so that they would be ready to take up jobs as soon as they finish their diploma. This will help the rural students to live in villages and earn their livelihood and burden  on cities would   be   reduced.   Few   regional   polytechnics   can   be assigned the job of training these students by going to their institutes regularly .This programme can be made compulsory part of their curriculum for at least electrical and electronics branches. Your suggestion has been noted. Renewable energy has already been incorporated in the syllabus of two-year ITI course of seven trades. At diploma level also it has already been taught in as part of syllabus at least in UP and Uttarakhand. Ministry is in contact with AICTE for making it more effective.
29 Ajoy Chakraborty, 20E, Lake East 6th Road, Kolkata 75 E-mail: I need to know list of Independent Verification Agencies approved by MNRE who can provide Biomass availability Report The capital cost for installation of biomass power project varies from 4.5  to  5.0  crore  /MW  depending upon  boiler  pressure, capacity,   site   etc.    The   types   of   biomass   used   for   power generation are agro-industrial residues and crop residues such as rice   husk,   rice-straw,   bagasse,   sugarcane   trash,   groundnut shells, cotton stalks, mustard stalk etc. waste from plantations such as prosopis  julieflora etc. You may get information of biomass availability from the following           site           related           to           biomass           atlas: The concerned state nodal agencies in biomass potential states may be contacted for details of biomass power plants installed and the various clearances required for setting up of the project in the state. All major manufacturers of boiler and turbines and electrical     equipments     may     be     contacted     for     detailed
      specifications. The tariff fixed by Commission for biomass power project varies from Rs.3.93 to Rs.5.05/unit. However, the concerned State Electricity Regulatory Commission site may be seen for details of tariff for biomass power project.
30 S Srinivasa Rao 12-3(1)-1g, official colony, srikakulam A.P. 532001 srinivas_sanapala@ya I am confused over setting up a small (1 to 3 MW) solar pv   power   plant.    Is   it   is   possible   for   setting   up   the same? Because it is given as 5MW +/- 5%. There were two separate schemes announced by the Ministry in June/july 2010. One allowed setting up of solar power plants of 100 kWp to 2 MWp and connected to grid below 33 KV. The other scheme allowed plants of 5 MWp fixed capacity connected to 33 KV and above grid. In this scheme the capacity could be with in +-5% of 5 MW. However, applications for the first scheme closed in July, 2010 and the second scheme closed in September, 2010.
31 Sanatana Kumar Rauta, Pattanik colony, PO: Chatrapur, Dist: Ganjam, Orissa-761020 As per the global warming concern, we took forward the step for the Renewable energy. But, there is no motivation in some states for individual domestic use of renewable energy.    Therefore,    I     have    added    some    valuable suggestions to motivate the people. 1.      There should not be any minimum monthly charge, which will result people can install the SPV panel/small wind mill/Bio-gas at their home. 2.    Consumers should have the facility to consume the grid power whenever they need. 3.    The tariff should be increased to avoid the unnecessary use of energy & also people will go for renewable energy. 4.    The Solar panels/small wind mill/Bio-gas equipments should   be   available   in   state   govt.   Block   offices   with effective subsidy as the consumer can easily adopt it. 5.    It should be implemented in every state wise. Thanks for valuable suggestions have been communicated to Mr. Mr. Sanatana Kumar Rauta. These suggestions have been forwarded to the Adv (ARS), Dir (DN), Dir (BB) and Dir (AR) for consideration.
32 Ms SESHU KUMARI .M Plot No. 31 & 32, F103 Sneha Residency Moti Nagar, Hyderabad m I want to go for 40MWp solar PV module plant and How to get loans and to I need to approch for this project. I am having  land and  I  qualified  person.  Since  Government encouraging to use Solar energy, I would like to go for this. I would grateful if you could give proper guide-lines in this regard- Iam from Andhra Pradesh. Under the National Solar Mission, all the projects concerning solar PV technology are limited  to a maximum of 5 MW or lower capacity. In case of solar thermal technology there are projects, which are 10 MW or above. Kindly visit for more details of the scheme. The scheme has been implemented through NVVN for first phase of JNNSM up to 2013Please contact NVVN/   NEDCAP   for   further   information   NTPC   Vidyut   Vyapar Nigam Limited, Scope Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi 110003. Non Conventional Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd. Regd. Office: 5-8-207/2, Pisgah Complex, Nampally, Hyderabad - 500 001. Tel.: +91-40-2320 2391
33 Dr. Raj Kumar Pandey Vill. - Bhalua, P.O. - Budhouli Dist. - Nawadah (Bihar) National Project Manager gspsnawadah456@ya Please inform us regarding venue and time of workshop to develop suitable project proposal to support undec access to clean energy project. Mail is not clear. Dr.Pandey has been requested to send some more details about the work shop and the project mentioned in the mail.
34 K.P.Dhawad 16,Dharampeth Society,Deendayal Nagar Nagpur-440022 instru_sys@hotmail.c om There are no incentives for individual urban user of solar photovoltaic energy. I think if some incentive is provided to individuals, lots of positive thinking people may install and it may step up exploitation of solar energy almost at the same rate as Govt of India has planned. At least 25 % subsidy on urban home lighting of min. 40 watts rating should be announced so that people will get attracted and Govt need not spend so much effort to utilize more and more solar power. Ministry has been implementing    off grid solar PV programme through      NABARD   to   facilitate      promotion   of   solar   lighting systems in urban and rural areas with a capital subsidy of 30% and/or loan at 5% through Regional Rural Banks and commercial Banks.  Kindly  visit  for  more  details  of  the scheme. Please contact MEDA for further information.
35 A.KRISHAN ATTUPURAM, NITHYA GARDENS, EROOR TRPUNITHURA -KERALA 682306 krishnanattupuram@g I have installed a Solar Water Heater of 100 lit, availing a loan from Canara Bank on 18/01/2010. On my enquiry regarding the subsidy on interest, they are keeping silent, and are not ready to do anything. Could you please do help me and also mail me a copy of the circular on the Subsidy of Interest, and the instructions issued, or copy of the RBI directive. Please write in detail about the loan sanctioned by the branch of Canara Bank and also a copy of your correspondence with the bank  so  that  the  matter  could  be  discussed  with  the  bank effectively.
36 S.K.Mukherjee FE-273, salt lake , kolkata west bengal sk_mukherjee@hotm I want to know the process of registration for vendors at MNRE? To empanel as manufacturer of solar lighting systems by the Ministry  you  have  to respond to  expression  of  interest  (EOI) called by the Ministry from time to time. Ministry had called EOI twice in the year 2010(July 2010 & December 2010). To empanel as manufacturer you should have three years experience with average turnover of Rs.3 Crores, not blacklisted by any Govt. Organisation   and   proper   manufacturing   facilities   for   lighting systems. If you fulfil the above conditions you may respond   to the next EOI  which is expected    during second half of 2011.
37 Varun Kumar Delhi m Is it possible to have a list of companies whose solar power projects have been approved with capacity of 10 MW and above? We don't need Tata or Jindal kind big companies...need the names of medium sized companies. Under the National Solar Mission, all the projects concerning solar PV technology are limited  to a maximum of 5 MW or lower capacity. In case of solar thermal technology there are projects, which are 10 MW or above. A list of these projects is available on the website
38 Dipankar Golder Berhampore, Murshidabad West Bengal dipankar.golder99@g We are the reputed NOG (Asha Aar Usha Welfare Society) of Kolkata. We are very much interested about renewable energy. We try to implement that in a Village of District â   Murshidabad, Stat â   “West Bengal. Now please inform us what are the procedures that we should follow. Who will be district person help us or guide us. This is request to you please help us. Please    contact    Director,    West    Bengal    Renewable    Energy Development  Agency  (WBREDA)  Bikalpa  Shakti  Bhawan,  Plot No.J-1/10EP &GP Block, Salt Lake Electronics Complex, Sector-5 ,Kolkata-700091, Phone          : 2357 5038, 5348 (PBX) 2357 5347, 5037(Direct) Telefax No : (033) 2357 5347, 5037
39 Rajesh Gupta 92, Green Park Jalandhar-144001 Punjab I have installed three panel Solar Geyser at my residence. I came to know that your department gives some subsidy on this. Kindly send me the relevant forms to be filled and where          should          i          send          my          application. Kindly guide and oblige please. The Ministry provides financial assistance on the installation of solar water heating systems.     The assistance can be availed through State nodal agencies in case of Punjab, Punjab Energy Dev. Agency is the nodal agency for this purpose.    You may contact      Shri      Balour      Singh,      Director      at      his      Mobile No.09876693975.
40 Mr. Dinesh Kumar Sharma 151, Pratap Nagar Vistar, I am pursuing in energy engineering, and I want to know about growth rate of family size biogas plants from last 10 years in Rajasthan/India. I will be grateful to you. The enclosure attached herewith shows the year-wise numbers of family type biogas plants installed in Rajasthan during the last 10 years from 2001-02 to 2010-11 (upto end of February, 2011). Hope this would serve your purpose.
  Murlipura scheme, Jaipur-13. dinesh_nitu2007@yah   Enclosure – I
Numbers of biogas plants installed in Rajasthan during last 10 years (2001-02 to 2010-11)  
Sl No.  Year  Nos. of Biogas Plants set­up (1) (2) (3)
1.  2001-02  526
2.  2002-03  183
3.  2003-04  192
4.  2004-05  01
5.  2005-06  16
6.  2006-07  46
7.  2007-08  90
8.  2008-09  92
9.  2009-10  176
10.  2010-11  139
* upto February, 2011
41 Dr. Rakesh Kankaria Kankaria Building, Sardarpur, Jodhpur – 342003 uttamrakesh@gmail.c om We are in the field of Solar Energy Work & installing solar systems   all   over   India.   MNRE   &   JNNSM   is   providing Subsidy on Solar Energy Systems. We need information -How to get subsidy in different state, the Procedures & formalities, the contact details of concerning officers etc. for our kind action. Pl. provide us details MNRE is implementing a scheme to promote off grid applications of solar energy such as solar lanterns, home lights, other small capacity photovoltaic systems and solar water heating systems with a capital  subsidy of  30%  through  State nodal agencies (RRECL). Kindly visit for more details of the scheme. You may also like to get yourself registered as system Integrator after getting accredited by a Rating Agency. Please contact Chairman cum Managing Director, Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited (RRECL), E-166, Yudhishthir Marg, C-Scheme,             Jaipur-302005,             Phone             Nos:             91-1412225859/2228198/2229341/2221650/2229055/2223556/222 2941 for further information.
42 Mr. Parvez Khan Shastri Nagar Solanki Talkies Road near modern school, Bhilwara, Rajasthan we are planning to set up a new unit of waste tyre/ plastic convert in to fuel oil , can we capable your subsidy scheme This ministry has no scheme for providing support for projects based on hazardous wastes such as plastics and tyres.
43 Mr. Ramneet 1379, Sector 40-B Chandigarh ramneet_bedi@hotma I want to generate my own solar power of 10KWH for my home. I would like to know what subsidy GOI offers for solar power generation. I have to import solar panels from U.S. or Australia. Under the jawaharlal nehru national solar mission, the ministry could provide financial support upto 30% of the benchmark cost (Rs.270 per watt peak) for installation of spv power system of upto 1 kWp capacity at places where the elctric grid is either not available or is very erratic. the ministry does not provide any support for installation of a 10 kW system by any individual.
44 Goutam We are developed solar base AC pump up to 25 HP, and As discussed over phone you may approach our Solar Energy
  Bhattacharya, Xomssa Renewable Energy, Pune, India. 09822749906 other solar base products. For supplying this item to any govt         dept,         we         need         your         registration. As we didn't get registration from or relevant detail at your         web         site.         Hence         I         mail         this. Waiting for your reply. Center, Gurgaon (Details available on MNRE website) to get your product tested for inclusion of your company's name in MNRE list. However, as the matter is related to solar photovoltaic pump, I also requested you to contact my colleague Dr. Raza, Director dealing  with  the  programme at Phone:  011-24361798  to  get more details.
45 V.C. Rakholia O/O Executive Engineer, Junagad, Gujarat 362001 pidjnd.ee50@yahoo.i n No details available for solar air conditioner & no details for cost & subsidy. Under off-grid scheme on solar energy systems of MNRE, subsidy to the extent of 30% subject to some benchmarks (different for different systems depending on type of solar collectors used) is available  for  solar  systems  including  for  air  conditioning .  A couple of manufacturers of solar steam generating systems are involved  in  installing  solar air-conditioning  systems  based  on Vapour Absorption Machines running on solar steam/pressurized hot   water.   The   details   of   the   scheme   and   list   of   these manufacturers are available at MNRE website. You may contact the   manufacturers   and   get   details   of   systems.   List   is   also enclosed for your reference.
46 Vinay Kumar Floor 3 Building G, 1188 Wanrong Road, Shanghai Postal code 200436 China vinaykumar@suntrix. com We are a CPV (concentrating photovoltaic) manufacturing firm based in Shanghai, China. I would like to know if CPV technology modules are approved to install in India and what certifications it requires, subsidies etc. I would be really thankful to you. Please see the guidelines for off-grid and small grid systems announed by MNRE and available on the website of the Ministry. CPV systems can be used subject to qualification to the relevnt IEC standard specified in the guidelines.
47 Janesh Sharma A-1, Sahkar Path, Behind Nehru Sahkar Bhawan, Jaipur – 302001 design_desk@hotmail .com We are undertaking various Solar Water Heater Projects in Rajasthan   and   require   the   list   of   MNRE   empanelled agencies/ manufacturers for issue of tenders- in both flat plate and ETC technologies The   lists   of   Manufacturers/   industries   are   available   at   the Ministry's website.
48 Pritam Jain 66, Narayan Industrial Estate, Saraspur, AHMEDABAD-380018jain_pritam@h We are manufacturer of tubular plate lead acid batteries and we want mnre approval for our batteries so that we can supply them to solar street lights, home-lighting and power projects and small power plants. Please guide us exact   procedure   for   obtaining   mnre   approval   for   our tubular battery You have to test these batteries as per BIS standards (which is mandatory as per scheme) at solar energy centre or any other authorized centers. Based on test reports you may approach manufacturers to supply these batteries.
49 Mr.  Balamurgan,  7A, Kothanda Ramar Koil Street,           Thuthipet Village & Post, Vellore 632011 I wish to provide SPV units to illuminate my home as well as reduce electricity bill. Please tell me where i can buy the SPV units as well as is any subsidy will be available. As per our guidelines each individual is allowed to install 1kWp SPV system at their house which cost roughly Rs.2.7lakhs. Govt. of India provide Rs.81,000/- as CFA(30%). Remaining is user share. For details of manufacturers in Tamilnadu you may contact Tamilnadu   Energy   Development   Agency   (TEDA)   Chennai   at following telephone nos. 044-28224832, 040-28222973
50 Mr. VARDHAMAN NILAKHE 1775, MAIN ROAD, ISLAMPUR DIST SANGLI I have taken land at village and would like to implant solar home lighting system. I would like to have information and financial assistance as loan. The webite is very informative and   I   have   got   the   informatio,   but   at   my   place   in Maharashtra Sangli district where iss your office to get the required information. Please    contact    Director,    Maharashtra    Energy    Development Agency (MEDA) MHADA     Commercial Complex, II floor, Opp: Tridal                                          Nagar,                                          Yerwada PUNE   -   411   006   (Maharashtra),   INDIA.   PHONE   -   91-020-26614393 / 26614403 FAX - 91-020-26615031
51 Devendra K Modak 41 Indralok Colony , Kesharbag Road Indore M.P. I Retired from Indian Air Force, being Electronic engineer i am running my own business of Computer sales & service. I will be happy to know from you  if any solar power system with self storage (Without external batteries with low   cost)   can   supply   uninterrupted   power   supply   for Computers/monitors/printers/scanners   this   will   help   in setting computer network in rural areas. As per our guidelines each individual is allowed to install 1kWp SPV system at their house which cost roughly Rs.2.7lakhs with battery backup and Rs. 1.9 lakhs without battery backup. Govt. of India provide Rs.57,000/- as CFA (30%) for without battery systems. Remaining is user share. You could contact MPUVN for further information.
52 Mr. Chandra This site does not provide any useful information about how a caoom citizen like me can install Solar cells and water heating equipment in my house. Who to contact? Where are these units sold. A comprehensive illustration about typical household power consumption and how this can  be  achieved  through  renewable  energy  sources  is missing. In the  website of  the Ministry, there are  state wise  lists  of manufacturers of systems/devices based on solar photovoltaic and solar thermal.    In addition, there is a list of state nodal agencies   also.   These   nodal   agencies   are   engaged   in   the implementation of this Ministry’s programme in different states. You can take their help also. In the mean time, you can also write to us with your full address so that the requisite information could be sent to you.
53 Prof. L. Venkateswar Rao,   Chairman, Department of Microbiology, OU, Hyderabad.   We  have  submitted  a  research  project  on  bio  ethanol production   with   Saccarum   spontaneum   using   thermo tolerant S.cerevisae vs3 and P.stipitis in the month of June,2010. But so far we have not received any response. Kindly inform us the status of this project. The proposal is under examination and you will hear about the result at the earliest. For your information, i am the new Director (Biofuels) in the Ministry. Anil Dhussa
54 Mr. JAYANTH.R WHEELS INDIA LTD, CHENNAI 600050 jayanth@wheelsindia. com Please let us know if subsidies are available for domestic dish type solar cookers for use in backward areas. The subsidy is available on dish type solar cookers for its use to all users residing in any part of the country. The subsidy depends upon the collector area of the dish. It is Rs. 2100 per sq.m of cooker’s area or 30% of its cost whichever is less. The subsidy can be availed through State Nodal Agency of the concerned state.
55 Mr. Athreya, 14, Rams Apartments, Ist Floor, 4/15, North Boag Road, T.Nagar, CHENNAI athreyameena@yaho Please detail on the exact amount of central subsidy and incentives  for  setting  up  of  bio-gas  bottling  (enriched methane)  plant  with  20%  promoter’s  contribution  and balance thru bank. The project is primarily accepted by NBARD for joint financing along with dairy sector.   Your early and clear reply is much solicited. The MNRE support of 50% may be made available for taking up such  Technology  Demonstration  Project  upto  the  capacity  of 1000m3 biogas generation per day under RDD & D policy of MNRE. The proposals are proposed to be evaluated by experts on technical   &   financial   aspects   and   considered   by   ‘Research, Design,    Development    and    Demonstration    Project    Appraisal Committee (RDPAC)’ of the Ministry. The recommended projects are to be taken up on Built, Own and Operate (BOO) basis by promoters/ entrepreneurs. The MNRE share will be released after installation & successful commissioning of the plant (s).
56 Mr. Siddharth Das, 13, Chitrakoot Altamount Road, Mumbai 400026 siddharthdas78@gmai Hydrogen   (a   completely   clean   fuel)   can   be   extracted through   electrolysis   of   water   molecules   using   wind-generated electricity. Since the most logical solution is to produce   and   store   the   gas.   Tests   have   been   started involving the placement of wind power turbines on the islands or safe places where hydrogen is extracted and then compressed or cooled and stored until needed. So far, nine EU countries have started using hydrogen fuel on a                                             trial                                             basis. Such a plant has been established in the city of UTSIRA, NORWAY.  It  is available  on  internet  (try India should also do research or look for research agencies that will share knowledge in relation to this type of clean energy. I would request you to discuss the possibility of such a project with your scientific advisory team. Thank you for your e-mail and sharing information relating to hydrogen    production    through    electrolysis    of    water    using electricity generated by wind turbines and using stored hydrogen for subsequent use. This is to inform you that the Ministry has already supported an R&D project entitled "Prototype demonstration of wind hydrogen based stand-alone electrical generation" for implementation by Electrical Research and Development Association (ERDA), ERDA Road, Makarpura Industrial Estate, Vadodara-390010. You may like to get in touch with Dr. V. Shrinet, e-mail: Tele:  09427603865  (M)  to  get  more  details  of  the  systems installed by ERDA, Vadodara. Under    the project small    Wind    electric    generator    system is being coupled to an electrolyser to produce hydrogen, which is being stored in a pressure vessel to operate a modified petrol/ kerosene driven engine generator on hydrogen.
57 Mr.    Sanjeet    Kumar C/O    RAJ    NARAYAN SINGH,                  VILL: SHYAMPUR,       POST: ISHUAPUR,         DIST: CHHAPRA, BIHAR-841411. sanjeet.vasco@gmail. com 1.       My electric requirement is 3 tubes light and 2 fan. Suggest me appropriate appliance with cost including battery. Also give detail information about other solar appliance in hard copy in writing for further reference and 2 motivate other people. 2.       Pls give detail of solar appliance available with cost including   battery.      Also   tell   shop   from   where   2 purchase and what is its procedure. Do u give any concession   2   defence   employee.   Pls   response   by email as well as in writing 2 educate people in my village. Pls give info about other app also. You may contact Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency (BREDA) IIIrd Floor, Sone Bhawan, Virchand Patel Marg Patna-800001. Ph No. 0612-2507734. 2.    The cost of system (with Battery) is roughly Rs.300/- watt module capacity. MNRE subsidy will be 30%. 3.    There is no special concession for ex servicemen 4.    Alternatively you may contact Regional Rural banks in your area.  MNRE  is  implementing  the  scheme  through  RRBs  also where you will get 30% capital subsidy and 5% interest loan. You may contact Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank  in this regard.
58 Mr.              SARWARUL HAQUE Address             :   JNU, NEW                    DELHI, E-mail: Tele: 09911717532 I WANT TO PURCHASE FEW SOLAR LAMPS AND SOLAR PLATES THAT CAN PROVIDE POWER TO THREE FANS AND THREE CFLs. IN MY VILLAGE THERE IS NO ELECTRICITY AT ALL. KINDLY GUIDE ME FROM WHERE I CAN BUY IT AND HOW MUCH IT WILL COST TO ME. U MAY GIVE ME THE AUTHORIZED DEALERS CONTACT NUMBER PLZ. The Address of Mr. Sarwarul Haque is not clear. He may like to contact a manufacturer of SPV systems in his State. He could also contact the State Nodal Agency in his State. He an get their addresses from the website. He could contact Shri Amit Kumar of TATA BP at 0991018286 or 09810127459.
59 Mr.Sankardoss.V Address:                Asst. Professor,                 VIT University, Vellore, 5A/1,East crossroad, Gandhinnagar, katpadi E-mail: Mobile                      No.: 09443330802 Office                       No.: 04162202364 Sub: Requisition for funded projects and sponsoring to organize the faculty development training programme -reg. As I am working as an Assistant Professor in School of Electrical     Engineering     at     VIT     University,     Vellore, Tamilnadu.  Since  January  2007  onwards.  I  have  been completed  8  years  experience  in  teaching.  I  am  very interesting    to    do    my    research    area    on    the    title for     MODELING    AND    CONTROL    OF    WIND    ENERGY CONVERSION    SYSTEM    USING    PERMANENT    MAGNET SYNCHRONUS GENERATOR. I have reached a stage in my investigation whereby may need   to   submit   a   research   proposal   to   you   financial support. I shall be grateful if you could send me the relevant   literature,   terms   and   conditions.   So   I   kindly request to send me the necessary forms to be filled at my Email                                                                                               ID. Moreover, I would like to organize a Faculty Development Training Programme on the WIND ENERGY GENERATION. Financial assistance in this regard may also be required. Please send me  the write-up  on  the formalities  to  be completed before assessment for consideration. I shall feel obliged. This has reference to your query on MNRE website on above mentioned subject. A Center for Wind Energy Technology has been established at Chennai at address given below under the administrative control of this Ministry. The center is the technical focal point for wind power development in the country. They are also taking up R&D projects in the sector. You are requested to contact them for further action in the matter. The Executive Director Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET), Velachery-Tambaram High Road, Pallikaranai, Chennai- 601 302 Fax.No.: 044-22463980 Tel : 044-22463982, 22463983
60 Mr.   Narender   Kumar Eekta    colony,   ward no. 13, julana, E-mail: nkumar616@rediffmai l.comTele: 99927378 87 I want to know about solar system for light for my house. I  want   to   know  that  may  i  purchase  this   system  in Haryana also, b\'coz i live in Haryana, i also want to know the price of this system, let me inform me through sms on 9992737887,I will be thankful to you. Sir, You   may   contact   Haryana   Renewable   Energy   Development Agency   (HAREDA)   Chandigarh   Ph   No.0172-2781917.   Contact Person Mr PK Yadav. Alternately you may contact Su Solar Tech whose manufacturer is based at Chandigarh : G Prasad
61 Mr.   Nachiappan. N.N Address:      1/71,Agra haaram, Periya andan koil,        Kar,        1/71, Agraharam, Periyandankoil, 639002 Sir, I am a teacher in a high school. I have always felt from my childhood and now as well that the ministry is doing nothing or very little to encourage children with child centred projects at the school level. I wish to say that renewable energy is such a fantastic thing that can bring enormous joy of success in a child\'s mind to create an impression of accomplishments. If   so   you   have   any   child   centred   project   for   school children. Kindly let me know as soon as possible. I will carry on the endeavour with my children who are not only   enthusiastic   but   also   has   entrepreneurship   and enterprising.   We in the Ministry do not have any such child centred project for school children. However, there are some projects for children’s interest at our Solar Energy Centre at Gwal Pahari, Gurgaon. Children from many schools are visiting the Centre regularly. For allowing visit to Centre, you may get in touch with Dr. A.K. Tripathy, Director at: or Dr. J.P. Singh, Director (0124-2579213).
62 Mr.Vijaya,          A-201, Shiv Om Apartments, Powai, Mumbai E-mail: v.koteeswaran@rediff 1)    Improve your website please. Flashy icons and badly designed    pages    don’t    make    visitors    confident    or comfortable using the site. 2)    The need of the hour is to introduce lots of incentives to switch over to renewable energy. Please give loads of incentives to individuals and households to have a grass roots effect. 3)    Please bring about a law that all buildings with over 4 stories (especially in Mumbai) need to install solar panels (equipment to be supplied by the govt) to generate power and this power will be fed back into the grid. This will help reduce   acute   shortages   faced   by   the   government   of Maharashtra. 4)     Please allocate funding for educating/advertising for saving   power   (though   this   is   not   renewable   energy). Power saved is power generated. Point No.: The NIC team is already working on revamping and redesigning of the website. We hope to see soon a well organised and dynamic website with enriched contents. Govt.  is  providing   30%  of   capital  subsidy  upto  1kWp   solar lighting system for individuals. However individuals should have enough space and capacity to mobile 70%of system cost. The Ministry had given advisory to State Govts. to install hot water systems on high rise buildings to save power. In a federal structure, it is not possible to make the use of SPV system mandatory. G Prasad
63 Mr. Shubhojit Ganguli 8 a & 8b, Kabi Bharat Chandra                 Road Kolkata – 700028 E-mail: I just read about Evans Wadongo of SDFA, Kenya who received   the   Gorbachev   award.   Why   don\'t   we   do something similar to help the Indian rural people. God be with you. Thanks for your mail. The suggestion is indeed very valuable and will be considered at appropriate level.
64 Mr.  Sunil,  Teri,  New Delhi E-mail: sunil_reddy666@yaho The website is not organised properly, in facts it’s awful. It’s very difficult to find information on the website. The information  is  also  not organized  properly.  Request to change the website as soon as possible. Thanks  for  your  mail.  The  NIC  team  is  already  working  on revamping and redesigning of the website. You will soon see a well organised and dynamic website with enriched contents.
65 Mr.           Prabir     Das, At Pathuria, PO-Belda Dist-Balasore, Orissa-756035 E-mail: m I want to know if there is any scheme by Government of India for installing solar street lights at my village. This is very important for our village as there is no road inside village,  so  after  evening  it  is  difficult  to  go  out  after evening due to snakes and muddy roads. I am software professional and I want to do something for my village. I would appreciate your quick reply. The    Ministry    has    been    implementing    the    Remote    Village Electrification  Programme  (RVEP) for providing  lighting/ basic electricity to un-electrified villages located in remote and difficult areas. In every State, there is a State notified implementing Agency to provide Solar Home Light Systems and Street Light Systems under this programme. In Orissa, it is Orissa Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA). You may contact OREDA in this regard.
66 Mr. Ram Gopal Gupta, opp   hp   bunk   ,eluru road,       h       no       2-44,Hanuman Junction, Andhra            Pradesh 521105 E-mail: ramgopalgupta007@g Sir we would like to install solar system to our home (200W).sir weather government is providing any subsidy for that equipment. plz send the appropriate information and proceedings to my mail. I hope u will definitely helps me Sir, Govt will provide subsidy @Rs.81/-watt or 30% of project cost which   ever   is   less.   For   obtaining   subsidy   you  may   contact NEDCAP Hyderabad Ph No. 040-23202391 or its district office at Eluru.    You    may    visit    our    website    for    more information – Dr. g Prasad
67 Mr.   Venkata   Krishna Rao, Sri     Vasavi    General stores ; Eluru Road , Hanuman        Junction 521105      -      E-mail: venkatakrishnaraop@ TeleL 9923108256 I am resident of Appanavedu Village. I would like to use solar power .Please help me how can I purchase? and how can Govt can help us. Sir, Govt. is providing Rs.81/- watt or 30% of project cost up to 1kW Solar  lighting  systems.  You  may  contact  NEDCAP  Hyderabad Contact   No   040-23202391.   You   may   also   visit   our   website G Prasad
68 Mr.         Vikas         Jain 32    Super   bingalows opp                     science city, Ahmedabad E-mail: jainvikasahd@gmail.c om Was       wondering       that       do       we       have vendors or eligible providers for solar home projects and where in i can get cost for the same. Sir, You may contact   Vimal Electronics Gandhinagar or Sun Energy Systems Anand to get solar lighting systems. G Prasad
69 Ms.Shailja, Haryana E-mail: m Please try and make the content on your website better organized and more informative. I was hoping to find a lot of information regarding different aspects of renewable energy on this website, but was rather disappointed. And yes, I am writing only after having explored every single button and link on this website. Thanks  for  your  mail.  The  NIC  team  is  already  working  on revamping and redesigning of the website. You will soon see a well organised and dynamic website with enriched contents. In the meantime you may please let us know the information that you are looking for. We may be able to help you in your search for the same.
70 Mr.    Sankha    Subhra Basak BC-232,    Samarpally, Krishnapur,      Kolkata West Bengal E-mail: sankha.1984basak@g Searched your site for many days but it seems that your site does not include the list of power plants of individual renewable   energies   along   with   the   capacity   for   the respective states. I am doing a project on biomass power plants of West Bengal but unable to find out any such information. It will be very helpful if your site contains such information. Thanks for your mail.   We have noted your valuable suggestion. The NIC team is already working on redesigning of the website. In the meantime you may please let me know the specific state-wise  information that  you are looking for on biomass power plants. (J.R. MESHRAM).
71 Mr. Mohd Safdar Khanda          Srinagar, Kashmir, j & k  192121 E-mail: hayatsecurities@gmai Respected  higher authorities of  NEW AND  RENEWABLE ENERGY   govt   of   India.   We   r   having   much   electricity problem in our area.    plz enlight us with solar energy system Sir, MNRE had sanctioned 20,000 solar home lighting systems for installation in all blocks of J & K. For more information in this project   please   contact  JKEDA  CEO  Mr   Fida  Hussain  Contact No.9419176242 - G Prasad
72 Mr.                      Anurag Choudhury Rashmi   Metaliks   ltd, Premlata      Bld,      39, Shakespeare     sarani, kolkata-17        E-mail: anurag@rashmigroup. com I wanted to know the subsidies available for setting up Solar Power Equipment Manufacturing Plant (Poto Voltic Cell) & Polisilicon manufacturing. Currently,  there  are  no  subsidies  available  for  setting  up  a manufacturing plant for solar PV or poly silicon. Dr. B. Bhargava
73 Mr. DINESH       PAPRUNIA OMEX  AGRO  FERTILI SERSPVT                LTD, MARKET              YARD, LATUR,413512          E­mail: omexagro123@yahoo We want to establish a unit to recycle WASTE TYRE by \"PYROLYSIS\'    system.    Is    there    any govt    financial assistance. Pls guide us. We regret to inform you that no scheme is being implemented by this Ministry for providing any financial support for projects based on any non-renewable of hazardous wastes such as "Tyres".
74 Mr.     Rakeshbhai     M Patel,   RH   16,   BLUE BELLS, SAI DARSHAN VILLA, PLOT                        63A, PRADHIKARAN, BHOSARI PUNE 39 E-mail: .in Till   FY   10-11,   our   Corporation   i.e   Pimpri   Chinchwad Municipal  Corporation  was  providing  rebate  in  General Property Tax for Non Conventional Energy equipments like Solar Heaters, etc. under Eco Housing Scheme. However in the FY 11-12, there is no circular related to Eco Housing on                                         their                                         website. Kindly look into the matter as on one hand Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is focussing on the use of Solar Energy by way of soft loans, rebate in property tax, the Local Agency is doing away with this incentive. Thank you very much for the information. Govt. of Maharashtra is taking lot of interest in promoting new and renewable energy sources in housing sector.    The installation of solar water heating system is mandatory in the state. The Ministry will certainly look into the matter and will have a discussion with Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation in this regard and inform you accordingly.
75 Mr.           Rajashekhar, 25,        BE        College Complex,    Navanagar Road,              vidyagiri, Bagalkot,     Karnataka State E-mail: raj_akki2007@yahoo. I was working as a solar informer temporary based under KREDL since 2006-2009 Febraury in Bagalkot extension counter of Solar Inform Center and the centre is closed after 2009 February.   i am one of the dealer of DISOL make Divya Industries, B\'lore and working in Bagalkot District my firm name Shidrameshwar Solar Solutions, & SE&SP.   But, now concerned bankers not supporting to customers and  dealers.    pl.,  i  requesting to  concerned officials as per your direction give the subsidy amount to directly customers or dealers as per qtn or bill. Sir, The banks will not directly give loans to you as you are not a dealer  of  manufacturers  empanelled  for  the  programme.  For getting loans for rural banks you have to be dealer of MNRE empanelled manufacturers. The list will be available on MNRE or NABARD website G Prasad
76 Mr. Nitin Gupta, RAJARAM          MAIZE PRODUCTS,   KAILASH NAGAR,    RAJNANDGA ON C.G. 491441 E-mail: Tele: 09826165555 i want the latest and the best design of a gobar gas plant. Initially i want a pilot scale plant for 100 kg per day gobar feeding capacity. it should be the most efficient design reducing the COD to max possible extent producing max gas. kindly provide me the details of the persons dealing in it so that i can contact them directly. want complete technical   help   in  the   matter.   have  20   tons  of  gobar everyday. want to go in for the best technology for power generation. The best design amongst the approved models of biogas plants under family type category is Deenbandhu fixed dome model plant. At 100 kg per day availability of feed material, you can go for a 4 Cubic Meter capacity of biogas plants for domestic use of the gas, generated. For 20 tons per day availability of gobar you care opt for KVIC design of biogas plants for large size upto 800 m3 capacity of plant. In    both the cases you are advised to contact   Director   Chattisgarh   Renewable   Energy   Development Agency (CREDA) Raipur for seeking complete details. E-mail ID: Telephone No. 0771-4268389, 09425205897
77 Mr.              PROSENJIT GHOS, ALIPUR,NAYANAGOR, HOOGHLY,WB,712301 We make solar home light, fan, street light in west Bengal. We are belongs from middle class, we have no financial support to increase this production. We try to reach the MNRE aim. But financial problem make the problem. We Sir, MNRE cannot help  in any form in this case. If you want to promote solar lighting, you have to become dealer of any of the empanelled  under  NABARD programme.  For  more  information
  AMARPUR,SUGHANDH YAHOOGHLY,WB,7121 02 Tele: 8420034286 info@swasticinfotech. com need the financial help, please help us. you may visit NABARD website. G Prasad
78 79 Mr. GVIRAJ, S.B. road,Pune,411016 Near chatushringi, S.B. road, Pune 16 E-mail: m Mr.            Y            JAYA VISWESWAR     38-30-115,               Sainagar, Marripalem, Visakhapatnam-530018 E-mail: If a dealer is executing order for biomass power project that  is  supposed  to  sign  certificate  for  availing  excise exemption    as    per    MNRE/    whether    manufacturer    of equipment or dealer through which equipment is supplied? What is the exact wording of certificate? To whom it is to be addressed? I suggest that the solar energy should be tapped every where possible. Make it compulsory in each and every region. That way we can save a lot of energy. I hope you will do more than \"look into the matter\". When we tried we had money, but now we don\'t. So don\'t make my family the first ones to implement. Take it as a suggestion to the nation from its citizen. The ministry provides Excise Duty Exemption Certificates as per Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, Excise Notification no. 33/2005-C.E. dated 8.9.2005. The certificate states that “the equipment, machineries supplied/ manufactured by M/s. (Name of   the   manufacturer/supplier)   as   mentioned   in  the  attached annexures and proforma invoice are required for initial setting up of  a  project  for  generation  of  power  using  non-conventional materials    namely    agro-industrial    waste/residues    and    this certificate is being issued in terms of the Government of India, Ministry  of  Finance,  Department  of  Revenue  Notification   No. 33/2005-CE    dated    08.09.2005    and    No.38/2005-CE    dated 30.12.2005. The Certificate is addressed to The Deputy/Asstt. Commissioner of Excise, Concerned range. Thanks for the mail. We have noted your valuable suggestions and    forwarded    the    same    to    the    concerned    Division    for consideration.
80 Mr.      Raju      Kulkarni B-2/87,Gajanan Nagar          ,Garkheda, Aurangab,  N-4  ,C-36 CIDCO , Aurangabad E-mail: kulkarnirc@rediffmail. com In JNSM, there is subsidy on Evacuated Tube Solar water heater. There are technical specifications laid down by MNRE, in which inner tank should be S.S.-304 or S.S.-316 Only. Instead of that some manufacturers are giving Mild Steel (M.S.) tanks, which is not the specification. Will    MNRE    give    them    approval    and    subsidy    also? This question is to Mr. Santram / Technical Experts in MNRE. Yes, initially, hot water storage tanks of Stainless Steel were proposed to be provided with solar water heaters. This Stainless Steel  has  a   problem  with  water  with  chlorine  contents  and corrodes within 4-6 months. In most of the places where bore well water is used, this problem is there. For such places, tanks with MS etc. with more thickness and anti-corrosive paints with proper process are recommended. Many of the manufacturers in India are supplying such tanks and MNRE will provide subsidy on them. It is to be noted here that in most of the countries, only such tanks with anti-corrosive paints are used/provided.
81 Mr.     Bhuvan     Mehra Industrial           estate, Andheri East, Mumbai E-mail: contact@cleantechadv I  could  not  locate  on  your  website  the  procedure  for availing   capital   subsidy   available   for   biomass   based power/    co-gen    projects.    Kindly    share    the    detailed procedure for the same. The procedure for availing capital subsidy and application formats is available at the ministry website i.e. -   Under   the   sub-head   Programme   Provision/   Administrative Approval    (Power    Generation)         “Implementation    of    Grid Interactive Biomass Power and Bagasse Cogeneration Scheme during 2010-11 and remaining period of 11th Five Year Plan.”
82 Mr.                     NITEENCHATURVEDI CBD                   Belapur Navi Mumbai E-mail: Sir, we are representing Hi-Energy of Korea, we have wind power in compact size & very effective. If you provide us opportunity to give you small presentation. Sir, we can also mail you soft copy of presentation. I think it will be perfect for our nation. You may, at first instance send a copy of your presentation to the undersigned and Mr Rajesh Katyal ( ) of the Center for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET), Chennai. We may then discuss and decide further action in the matter.   Mr Katyal can also be contacted at following details. The Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET), Velachery-Tambaram High Road, Pallikaranai, Chennai- 601 302 Fax.No.: 044-22463980 Tel : 044-22463982, 22463983
83     Mr.   Shrishail   Kanagi 21A/9 samrat chowk, solapur,   36   jodbhavi peth, solapur E-mail: shrishail_k@hotmail.c om If i would like to setup a solar power renewable energy what would support i get from government. Information regarding the minimum cost of the project & cost per kw which government could bye. Waiting for your positive response from your side. sir, Your question is not clear. I want to know whether you want to set up MW or KW size plant. Then only we can respond – Dr. G Prasad
84    Mr.           Rajashekhar, MIG-105,          K.P.H.B colony,   A.P;   E-mail: m I would like to know if there are any Courses being offered to enrol for Solar Energy. There are many  higher  educational  instutions  in  the country offering energy related courses in the country. Some pf them are, MANIT, Bhopal, DAVV Indore, JNTU Hyderabad, IP University, Delhi  (Engineering  Physics),  Amity  University,Noida,  Lucknow University, TERI UNiversity etc. Please refer to HRD Policy in MNRE website   for indicative list of institutions  of RE courses
85   Mr.    Ankit    Sheoran, Saket, New Delhi E-mail: Please inform whether an individual can install a 25 kw solar system on his rooftop for personal use. I had read in Annexure that upto 250 kw is allowed for non commercial application. Does that include private use as well? I would be highly obliged. Individuals   are   eligible   for   1kWp   SPV   power   plant   at   their residence. The programme for 250kW is for power plants under rural mini grid to supply power on commercial basis. Dr. G Prasad
86 Mr. R. P. Patel, PRO. Colony  H.No.14  near Devi Mandir, Damoh. mob.09300694736 E-mail: Sir, I want to know latest solar energy policy of MNRE and MP   govt   for   private   solar   retailer,   manufacturer   and consumer - as subsidy, loans, tax and carbon credit etc. The latest policy of the Ministry is available on the website of the Ministry   (   The   details   can   be   seen   under JNNSM   mainly   off-grid   solar   applications   and related   link   of NABARD. The state specific policy to encourage retailers can be obtained at the State level from MP URJA Vikas Nigam, Bhopal. Dr. B. Bhargava
87 Mr.        T.        Ananth, Nuetech                 Solar Systems             Private Limited,        Bangalore 560091 Please  provide  the  copies  of  official  documents  giving 1.            Efficiency          of          Flat          Plate          Collector 2.      System   Efficiencies   of   both   FPC   and   ETC   SWHs 3.            Solar Map of India, and no. of days of effective usage of SWHs in different parts of India. Collector and systems testing is carried out by different RTCs of the Ministry. You are requested to collect the same from them. If you feel any problem from any RTC, please let the Ministry know. Solar Map will be made available to your representative in Delhi.
88    Dr      Brijesh      Kumar Tiwari, 212/10    Phool    Bagh We Require to develop rural electrification at narayanpur Manzha  ,  colonel  ganj  Gonda.  Kindly  give  us  suitable suggestion. Please refer your e- mail to install rural electrification project in Gonda. Under Jawahar Lal Nehru Solar Mission there is provision to establish such plants in rural areas up to 250kW to meet
  Coloney, Lane No.10, Meerut E-mail:br_brijesh@rediffmailcom   unmet of demand of power in villages. MNRE will provide subsidy up   to   Rs.150/-   watt.   The   balance   is   to   be   met   by   the entrepreneur for such plants to be run on commercial basis to sustain in long term. For more information you may see MNRE website
89 Mr. Sumitesh Anand, F    -    603,    Wembley Estate, Gurgaon E-mail: Mob: 09953128170 I want to start manufacturing Solar Photovoltaic Cells. I want to understand the way to enter this Solar Industry in India. What are the challenges in commercializing  any business opportunity in the Renewable energy Space. Solar PV industry in India still has room for new entrants. Present capacity in the country is about 1 GW per year. Consequent to announcement of National Solar Mission, considerable interest is shown in this sector due to increasing business opportunities. There are several technology options to start manufacturing units in PV. You could engage a consultant for this work to prepare a feasibility report on this aspect. However, MNRE does not provide any assistance in this regard. No list of consultants is maintained as   this   is   not   any   standard   activity   where   registration   of consultants can be done. Dr. B. Bhargava
90 Profina  Advisors  Pvt. Ltd.,                       2-GF, Samarpan,               26-Haribhakti        Colony, Race                  Course, Baroda – 390007 E-mail: We want to know about the process of MNRE approval for Engineering,  Procurement  and  Construction  (EPC).    We want to register one of our Client Companies for the EPC. Kindly guide. Since the query was not clear, more clarification was sought by PG Cell. Further clarifications: We have a client having Private Limited company at Surat -   Gujarat.    They   want   to   become   an   approved   EPC provider for Solar PV  projects.    They want to approve themselves   by   MNRE,   as   a   company.    Whether   such approval   is   granted   by   MNRE?    If   yes,   what   is   the procedure for getting the approval is to be followed? At present  there  is  no provision  for  any  registration  of EPC vendors with MNRE. However, any company desirous of doing EPC work must full fill the technical requirements outlined in the guidelines for grid solar systems. With regard to off-grid solar PV systems, accreditation through rating agency as per separate set of guidelines are available on the website of the Ministry can be done.
91 Mr.Keshav, Bangalore E-mail: Sir, Subsidy available for home lighting system, how to apply please give me details MNRE is providing subsidy to home lighting systems@Rs.81/-watt or 30% of balance cost which ever is lower.But i suggest to approach regional rural banks to get subsidy for home lighting systems. Through RRB you can get capital and intetrest subsidy. G Prasad
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