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News and updates

 AAP promises solar water pumps!!? :: Aam Aadmi Party supports solar , do you?


While all political parties in the state promise free electricity to farmers, Aam Aadmi Party’s Andhra Pradesh state election campaign committee on Sunday has offered to harness solar power effectively and shift all agricultural pump sets to solar power in two years.


With the slogan, “Nation’s food security lies in farmer’s income security”, they launched their agricultural plan for the ensuing elections.


Focusing on assuring stable income for farmers, the Aam Aadmi Party has promised to achieve `1 lakh annual income per household through on-farm and agriculture-based enterprises and by establishing a farmers income commission and a commission for agricultural costs and prices. Apart from guaranteeing remunerative minimum support price, crop insurance (not tied to bank loans) and disaster compensation of `10,000 per acre, the party also also promises to set up a state agriculture development board.


Speaking at a press conference, Revella Aruna, AAP state committee member, said, “We want a separate agriculture budget every year with at least 10 per cent of the total budget going towards agriculture and allied sectors on priority basis. We will also recognise over 30 lakh tenant farmers through loan eligibility cards with a `3000-crore counter guarantee fund.”


Further, Aruna promised a special package to districts where farmer suicides are rampant and set up a single window farmer service centre for every cluster of five villages.


Kiran Vissa, another state committee member, added that a comprehensive review into Jalayagnam by a sitting High Court judge was required because even after spending `60,000 crore, very little new ayacut has been created.


The party’s state committee memeber promised land pattas to woman farmers, law restricting diversion of agricultural land to other purposes and a comprehensive law on development and protection of assigned lands. more...



ABB India to penetrate into rural Solar pump market!!? :Solar pumps booming market??

ABB India Limited is aiming to penetrate into rural market with its Solar Pump Drive, which is capable of replacing the conventional water pumps that are run by diesel or electricity.The pump would make irrigation cheaper for the farmers in the dry-land areas. According to company official, so far 200 installations have been made in states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. 


“We have received encouraging response from the users of these pumps. The solar pumps reduce use of costly diesel. Also, such pumps are ideal for the remote off-grid areas, where there is no electricity. We expect our sales to grow by 20-25 per cent over the next couple of years,” Ajay Kawadikar, vice-president, Country Solar ISI Manager, ABB India Ltd told Business Line.The Discrete Automation and Motion division of ABB India Limited, had launched the Solar Pump Drive product about six months back.The solar pump market has big potential in the rural areas. Already multinational majors like Schneider Electric, Toshiba besides some unorganised Chinese companies are also engaged into solar water pumps. more..



DIY Solar water pumps : solution for water problems 

In an age when many of us have unprecedented and almost instant access to technology and resources, and yet others in the developing world are dying daily because of lack of something basic and simple, such as access to clean drinking water, it should be fairly obvious that there's something very wrong with the state of human affairs.And the sad fact is, we already have the technology to begin to alleviate the effects of the water crisis in many areas, even where lack of access to adequate power or fuel keeps water pumps idle, and yet tens of thousands of our fellow humans are still dying every day from water and sanitation related causes. 

With some 800 million people around the world suffering from the lack of safe drinking water every day, and an estimated 6 to 8 million people dying from water and sanitation related diseases, many of them young children, it's high time for a sustainable water pumping solution, such as the one developed by Pumpmakers.Pumpmakers developed their NSP Solar Pump in response to the global water crisis, and this maintenance-free solar pump platform promises to be a game-changer, because it's not only fully solar-powered, but is also said to be inexpensive and can be manufactured locally. 

The NSP Solar Pump system can be used to replace other water pumps which are already installed, whether they're hand-pumps, diesel generator-powered pumps, or conventional windmill pumps, and offers a range of benefits that beat other alternatives hands-down.This solar pumping platform also features another big advantage over traditional pumps, because Pumpmakers wants to give everyone access to their easy-to-use DIY instructions and construction plans, so that anyone from private individuals to NGOs to entrepreneurs can build and install these solar pumps wherever they're needed.

One of the Pumpmakers' NSP Solar Pumps has been in place in a remote village in Mozambique since 2012, and it delivers 5000 liters of water each day from a well depth of 80 meters, which supplies the 800 villagers with a source of clean safe drinking water.There is a catch to this DIY solar pump, however, as Pumpmakers needs some financial backing to fully launch their innovative water pumping platform, and they've turned to crowdfunding to raise that money. The Pumpmakers Indiegogo campaign seeks to raise $300,000 to "bring water & work to wherever it’s needed!", and is working to fully develop an international platform for the DIY plans and support system.

Once the campaign goal is reached, the Pumpmakers Platform will allow just about anyone to be able to build their own NSP Solar Pump by following the DIY construction plans and videos, or to build a business around this solar pump.

According to Austrian well builder Dietmar Stuck, the founder of Pumpmakers, the current system costs about 8,000 to 10,000 euros, depending on the depth of the well, but Stuck expects the cost to drop up to 60% if the Pumpmakers platform can get launched and can begin the serial production of the components.more..


*MNRE to provide 17,500 Solar water pumps 

MNRE names eight participating states including Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. MNRE will review the program in six months.MNRE funds small PV/PV lighting program 

MNRE has also committed to funding a program to subsidize the installation of 68,000 solar photovoltaic lights and small solar photovoltaic (PV) systems through various state-owned and cooperative banks under the nation's National Solar Mission (NSM).The total cost of installing these 68,000 systems is estimated at INR 367 crore (USD 60 million), and MNRE expects to pay out up to INR 150 crore (USD 24 million) in subsidies.The program will provide a 40% subsidiary for PV systems up to 300 watts with batteries, and 30% for PV systems up to 1 kW. The banks will provide loans for the remaining 60% of the cost at normal interest rates.more..

 * MNRE has approved 300 Crore for solar water pump subsidies 

India approved 3 billion rupees ($49 million) in subsidies to help farmers install solar-powered water pumps to boost agricultural yields and reduce expensive diesel fuel use.The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy will provide grants to install 17,500 irrigation pumping systems to 2016 funded by a carbon tax on coal, according to a notice posted today on its website.“Solar photovoltaic pumping systems can easily meet the irrigation requirements for small and marginal farmers,” the notice said. “It will increase the cropping intensity.” 

India has 26 million groundwater pumps on farms that suffer from blackouts and volatile fuel costs. Switching those to run on solar would save about $6 billion a year in power and diesel subsidies and has drawn companies including BlackRock Inc.- backed SunEdison Inc. (SUNE) and Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (JI), Asia’s top irrigation-equipment maker.Farmers travel long distances to procure diesel for their pumps, the notice said. The project will allow them to boost output and reduce diesel consumption, it said. 

The grants will cover as much as 30 percent of project costs. State governments including Rajasthan,Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra that participate in the program will be required to match with a subsidy covering at least 15 percent of the cost. Farmers will cover the remainder. The program’s total cost is estimated at about 10 billion rupees.

 India began taxing coal producers and importers 50 rupees a metric ton in 2010, raising 25 billion rupees in its first year. Courtesy :Bloomberg





 The absence of a viable alternative to diesel to run irrigation pumps has increased the cost of cultivation. The concerned quarters, including farmers, are finding it increasingly difficult to rely either on diesel or grid electricity as a secure and affordable means of providing the much needed water for irrigation, particularly in the dry season. While supply of electricity from the national grid has so far remained largely uncertain and is also out of reach in parts of the country, the price of diesel makes cultivation too costly.know more..


*Review of Subsidy Component on Solar Pumps 

Under the Off-grid and Decentralized Solar Applications Programme of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has been extending a subsidy of 30% of the cost of solar water pumping system limited to 57,000/- per kWp having module capacity upto 5 kWp for irrigation and other purposes. 

The Chief Minister of Punjab has recently written a letter requesting for a review of the programme of solar pumps for agriculture and restoration of subsidy to the pre 2004-05 levels of 80% with a 10 % contribution by the State and balance 10% by the beneficiary. 

This information was given by the Minister of New and Renewable Energy Dr Farooq Abdullah in the Rajya Sabha recently. 


Grundos a leader in the field of water pumps has got into solar pumps.

Check the site below

In 2010, more water – 583 billion cubic metres – than is discharged each year by the mighty Ganges River in India was used to meet the world’s growing energy needs. 

It’s an interesting statistic, but why should that matter? Well, if the world continues on its merry way, power capacity – particularly with water-hungry energy technologies such as coal and nuclear – and water-dependent extractive techniques such as coal, shale gas and tar sands, are going to grow quickly, and, according to the International Energy Agency, the world’s demand for water will grow at twice the pace, putting pressure on increasingly scarce water resources.In countries such as India and China which are already experiencing water stress, power demands will grow 70 per cent over the next 20 years. Most of their water is reserved for agricultural and municipal needs. Both countries, like many others in the developing world, are water stressed, and neither can afford to replicate the US, where nearly half of the water consumption is reserved for energy use – biofuels, coal mining, gas extraction, and generation.

The pressure is so great that the IEA has, for the first time, dedicated a whole chapter of its annual reference work, the World Energy Outlook, to the issue of water scarcity and energy supply.  It says water is going to become an “increasingly serious” issue for unconventional gas development and power generation in parts of China and the US, and for the growing fleet of water-dependent power plants in India, and the oil sands production in Canada.

It seems to serve as a warning to those that wish to invest in energy projects. As a general rule – with the exception of water-hungry nuclear – the more emissions intensive the energy type, the more water it needs. The politics of climate change may mean that no limits on carbon emissions are imposed to restrain the development of these technologies, but nature may impose its own restraint through the access to water. And, as the IEA notes, a surging population, a growing economy and heightening climate change impacts will further impact on energy reliability and costs.It might be the first time that the IEA has addressed the issue of water stress and its impact on the electricity sector, but private analysts have been watching the issue carefully for some time.In September, HSBC Bank issued a report, entitled No water, no power, that looked at the challenges facing China and its electricity demand, highlighting the fact that its most coal-rich and industrialised provinces faced the most critical water shortages, and the ambitious expansion plans for power capacity faced real constraints. “There is a mismatch between water capacity and planned capacity additions,” it noted.The HSBC report said that some 47 per cent of China’s coal reserves are located in provinces where water is scarce (see graph), and HSBC thinks there may not be enough water to extract it. “Coal requires water to extract, transport, process (wash), store and dispose. We think water scarcity is another reason for authorities to reduce reliance on fossil fuels,” they wrote. “Without a vast improvement in the water efficiency of power capacity, some power plants potentially run the risk of becoming stranded assets.”



The Chinese administration is obviously aware of the challenges. “We should launch a revolution in energy production and consumption, impose a ceiling on total energy consumption,” the outgoing leader Hu Jintao told the party congress this week.The IEA picks up on a similar theme. It notes that energy efficiency and wind energy and solar PV are the energy options with the lowest water requirements (see table below), and in its 450 scenario – where the world acts boldly to limit global warming – the deployment of these technologies means that water use grows only marginally over the coming decades.



In its business-as-usual and its “lip service” scenarios – where governments do a little bit on climate but not terribly much – water demands grow exponentially.


However, apart its focus on energy efficiency and renewables such as solar PV and wind, the IEA’s mainstream 450 Scenario also requires technologies – including nuclear power, CCS-fitted power plants and conventional biofuels – whose high water-use requirements must be taken into account. All of these technologies can find ways of using less water, but to do so adds to operating and capital costs, and can make the plants less efficient in some instances. Solar thermal – or concentrated solar power – which uses the sun’s heat (instead of coal) to boil water – is also water hungry.The HSBC report notes that three provinces – Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang – hold 74 per cent of China’s total coal resources, but only 7 per cent of the nation’s water resources. This could limit the scope to build power plants in those areas, forcing more coal to be transported to demand centres, adding to capacity bottlenecks – the infamous 110km traffic jam in China in 2010 was caused by more than 10,000 trucks carrying coal supplies from Inner Mongolia. Water shortages in those areas have already caused the cancellation of dozens of water intensive coal-to-liquids projects. 

In nuclear power, while all of China’s existing plants use seawater for cooling, future plans include the development of inland nuclear power facilities – three are due to start construction during the course of the 12th Five-Year Plan – that will add to competition for scarce water resources where the plants are sited. 

The IEA notes that India is facing similar problems. Summer water shortages in 2010 caused the 2.3GW Chandrapur coal-fired power station in Maharashtra to shut down, leading to power outages across the state. The plant again faced water shortages, due to the delayed monsoon, in mid-2012, and water shortages in northern India have at times reduced hydropower generation, exacerbating power shortages due to insufficient coal supply to power plants. 

In the US, the IEA notes, concerns about water availability and the effect of production on water quality could also significantly slow the development of shale gas production – particularly in water-poor states such as Texas.

“There is no doubt that water is growing in importance as a criterion for assessing the physical, economic and environmental viability of energy projects,” the IEA notes.

The Agency says there are several options to address this: one is a greater reliance on renewable energy technologies that have minimal water requirements, such as solar PV and wind; another is to improve the efficiency of plants, and another is to deploy more advanced cooling systems. (The CSIRO is working on one technology that uses minimal amounts of water for solar thermal plants).




A solar power unit is producing entire electricity needed for pumping water to raise three crops a year in 13 acres in Katrayanapadu village limits in Musunuru Mandal of Krishna District for the past three years. The 51 solar panels of the unit with a photovoltaic system rating of 10 kilowatts produce enough power to run a 12.5 horse power (HP) motor all through the day.

Schneider Electric vice-president Vikas Jaivanth and his team members being explained about the solar power unit by Sunbright Energy CEO P. Ramesh at Katrayanapadu village in Krishna district. photo: Raju. V


Schneider Electric vice-president Vikas Jaivanth and his team members being explained about the solar power unit by Sunbright Energy CEO P. Ramesh at Katrayanapadu village in Krishna district. photo: Raju. V


A successful pilot project launched here has come to fruition and the Schneider Electric proposes to go commercial with its solar variable-frequency drive (VFD) which can run a 3-phase AC motor directly with the power generated by the panels. When sky is overcast the motor works at lesser frequency, but still draws water.

Earlier, DC (direct current) motors had to be used for solar power units because the photovoltaic (PV) cells produce DC current. Since the power produced by the PV cells fluctuates with the intensity of the sunshine, it had to be used to charge batteries first and then the batteries used to run the DC motors. This VFD devise allows use of the solar power for running the existing AC electric motors on fields. Sunbright Energy Solutions Private Limited came up with the idea of using a VFD to use solar power. Company CEO Parvataneni Ramesh toldThe Hindu that the unit has been working so well that representatives of Schneider Electric that custom built the VFD for them came here to assess the performance.

The success of the unit at this village encouraged them to install yet another unit at a 22-acre sweet lime garden in Chatrai mandal. Company vice-president Vikas Jaivanth said that solar energy was clean power that is gaining tremendous importance in the fast emerging global warming scenario.

He said the Central government was giving 30 per cent subsidy on such products, but producing the necessary documentation was currently highly cumbersome. Schneider Electric managing marketing (Motion and Drives) Prabhu S. Nagavi said that the company had put the VFDs on trial in different climatic conditions and would launch it commercial on their completion. source 12/9/12




* Solar water pumps, India

Solar radiation over India is 5000 trillion KWH/year; it has 300 sunny days in a year. India must definitely make use of this. Cost effective solar power can be the answer for all our energy needs. Solar powered water pumps are the answer to the Indian farmer.

A solar powered pump can be more environmentally friendly and economical in its operation compared to pumps powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE) or nuclear power. For irrigation and drinking water solar PV water pumping systems are used in India.

This solar water pumps blog is of interest.To the water hungry farmer reeling under the high cost of diesel on one hand and frequent power outage on the other.

To the manufacturers of solar powered water pumps, To the suppliers of solar water pumps, To all nodal agencies working for the benefit of farmers of India

The blog tells the farmer where to buy his solar pump, the costs of different suppliers and the kinds of solar powered pumps available in the market. The makers of water pumps powered by the sun can study the competitive market, steps taken by concerned state governments in handling farmers� grievances. Businessmen from India can see a huge market opening in India. Areva the French energy company is to invest $3 billion in solar power sector. Obama has  promised $300 million in clean energy Investment fund.

How a solar water pumping system works:

Solar water pumping system works on power generated using solar photovoltaic system. The solar energy is converted in to electricity by using a photo voltaic array. This electricity is used for running the motor pump set. The pumping system can draw water from bore well, open well, pond, stream etc.

Usually 200 watt � 3000 watt motors are used in water pumps and these motors are powered with 1,800Wp PV array which can bear about 140,000 litres of water/day from a total head of 10 meters.

There are basically 2 types of solar water pumps, which are positive displacement and centrifugal solar pumps. These are again classified in to submersible pumps, surface pumps and circulating pumps.

Requirements for solar water pumps:

Solar pumps require no fuel and little or no maintenance. This system needs a shadow � free area for installing the solar panel.


A system having PV array capacity of 1800 watt and 2HP pump can discharge about 1.4 lakh litres of water per day from a depth of 6-7 meters. This amount water can be used for irrigation of about 5 -8 acres of land holding for several crops.

Approximate cost:

Total cost for installation and commissioning of SPV water pump system varies from 1, 90,000 to 2,90,000. Government of India provides subsidy to solar water pumps through MNRE (1, 80, 000). The overall cost (upfront, operating, maintenance, replacement) of a diesel pump is 2 to 4 times greater than a solar pump.

Advantages of solar water pumps:

  • Clean and efficient
  • Electricity is not required
  • No fuel cost
  • Low labor and maintenance cost
  • Highly reliable
  • Durable
  • Eco � friendly
  • Long operating life ( Usually 20 to 40 years)
  • Easy to remove, transport and store
  • Non polluting
  • No need of complicated wiring
  • Simple to install

Benefits of Solar water pumps:

Solar water pumps are used for irrigation of crops, water livestock and provide portable drinking water. Solar water pump uses peak solar array output which frequently coincides with high water demand during long, dry summer days. In the event of cloudy weather solar water pump systems often use storage tanks to store excess water. Solar water pumps do not require fuel or constant maintenance. Solar water pumps can also be designed for portability to be moved as water demand or change of season requires. Their operating cost is less compared to diesel pumps.

Due to large range of power of the pumps and the availability of water when it is needed, diesel water pumping is more attractive. It can pump water for varying daily demands through longer operating periods (assuming sufficient borehole strength), thus allowing for the flexibility required in some applications. The technology is well understood and service for diesel engines is readily available. Recent fuel price increases and generally intensive maintenance schedules however can make diesel pumps expensive.

Improved solar water pumps:

Solar water pumps have come a long way in 25 years and today there are solar pumps on the market which have improved on previous technology.

Features of improved solar water pumps:

         Good quality and reliability

         Pumps are able to pump large amount of water

         Submersible pumps can pump up to 200m heads

         Pumps can pump larger volumes of water

         Low maintenance requirements

         Good performance which means fewer solar panels to pump same amount of water

         Some of the pump models can be backed-up by a genset to pump additional water with the same pump during the night or during overcast days

How solar powered pumps score over diesel pumps:

         Simple to install

         Solar pumps are �good� for bore holes as they pump over the whole day

         Weak boreholes can be used effectively with a low volume pump due to pumping 8 to 10 hours a day

         Require minimal attention since they are self starting

         To increase daily water pumping rates, tracking arrays can be used

         Environment friendly

         Solar pumps offer clean solutions with no danger of borehole contamination


Solar Water pumps have come to the rescue of Punjab farmers. Punjab is a land of 5 rivers and there is no dearth of water, but lack of adequate power to pump out the water was a great hindrance for the farmers.

Tata BP Solar water pumps:

Tata BP solar stepped in at the request of Punjab Energy Development Agency and provided the farmers with 2HP DC surface pumps powered by the sun. The Punjab Energy Development Agency, offered the pumping system to farmers at an end � user contribution of just Rs.35000/-. The solar water pumps were a runaway success from day one.

CTRADE solar water pumps:

CTRADE is another player in water pumps powered by the sun. Rural Karnataka has benefitted from these solar water pumps. The advantage of this solar powered water pump is that it will pump water at the rate of about 2 gallons per minute for about 8 hours during the day when the sun is shining on the solar panels and pump water into an above ground water storage tank. These pumps can be installed below the water level in a pond, river or cistern, or installed by hand into a ground water well. They can be used to fill an open tank or in pressurized water delivery systems. Simplicity is the key feature of these pumps. They are easy to install, require very little maintenance and are repairable.


Village Solar Well Water Pumps 

CTRADE will install small Solar Well Water Pumps which are highly efficient, low voltage, DC powered, diaphragm type positive displacement pumps designed specifically for water delivery in remote locations. They operate on 30 volts using 80 Watt solar panels. The system will pump on average about 700 gallons per day at 100 feet of TDH. CTRADE designed system is especially suitable for rural applications in India, where the cost of electricity is very high and not reliable. These pump systems are reliable for at least 5 years of operation. Imagine replacing all electric driven rural pumps in India, requiring no more electric power for water.   The advantage of this solar powered water pump is that it will pump water at the rate of about 2 gallons per minute for about 8 hours during the day when the sun is shining on the solar panels and pump water into an above ground water storage tank. These pumps can be installed below the water level in a pond, river or cistern, or installed by hand into a ground water well. They can be used to fill an open tank or in  pressurized water delivery systems. Simplicity is the key feature of these pumps. They are easy to install, require very little maintenance and are repairable. 

C TRADE will install the systems, in villages in India with the collaboration of the Karnataka Renewable Energy Development. The cost of the complete system is about $2,000 (Rs.80,000) each. C TRADE in partnership with Secon will assemble and later manufacture the solar water pumps at its facilities in Bangalore, India.  Complete Solar Panels, Pump Kit and Water Pump Contact Information 

Dr. Prabhu Dayal, President

C TRADE, 5860 N. Calle Grandeza 

Tucson, Arizona 85718, USA. 

Dhyan Appachu, SECON Pvt. Ltd.

C TRADE India  

Plot 147, Export Promotion Industrial Park 

Phase II, 7B Road, Whitefield,  

Bangalore - 560 066. India  

Tel: 1-520-615-3535 

Fax: 1-602-296-0199


Phone : (91) (80) 41197778 

Fax : (91) (80) 41194277

NEDA solar water pump:

UP farmers were suffering from drought and frequent power cuts left the bore well inaccessible. Nonconventional Energy Development Agency provided them with solar based water pumps which were power cut proof.

One of the unique feature of these environment-friendly pumps is that they are more powerful than the diesel ones and can pump out water from as deep as 200 feet and up to 12 hours at a stretch. NEDA has successfully installed two such pumps in rocky terrain of Sonebhadra district.

Costing about Rs 3 lakh, these portable solar water pumps can be taken anywhere and its solar panels are maintenance � free for about 20 years. The centre has already sanctioned Rs 12 crore for the scheme. At the moment, the state is charging about Rs 70,000 from the beneficiaries. Selection process to choose applicants for SPV pumps based on land holding, and water table. By 30 September 2006, a total of 7,068 solar PV water pumping systems have been installed.

 We can take these steps to promote SPV pumps:

         Create awareness of the product and benefits

         Build strong distribution and service network

         Reduce subsidy offered for conventional energy

New initiatives by MNRE:

Committee formed to draw a road map on SPV in 2005

Bulk procurement of silicon wafers

Increased manufacturing centres of wafers

R&D in to reduced usage of silicon wafers


What�s next?

         Incentivise solar power usage

         Technology upgradation and large scale volume production for silicon/wafers through foreign direct investment

         Permit multiple use of system

         Facilitate micro-financing through rural banks/NGOs financial intermediaries

         Facilitate focus on quality and standardized training � institution accredition / networking

         Locate low cost finance. Working capital at low interest.

         Tax holiday for solar industry

         Explore support through CDM revenue

According to KPMG report,

Solar-powered agriculture pumpsets potential = Potential from new demand in agriculture category from 2017-18 (driven by government policies and availability of viable financing options) potential from existing agriculture demand from 2019-20 (driven by cost economics of solar power and the availability of viable financing options)

 Pattern of Central Financial Assistance for Solar water pumps:

CFA for General Category States

Rs. 30/Wp, subject to a maximum of Rs. 50,000/- per system

CFA for Special Category States

Rs. 30/Wp, subject to a maximum of Rs. 50,000/- per system

Administrative Charges





Solar Water Pump by VRG Energy-Gujarat,



Apex International


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Our product range includes solar pump. We are leading manufacturer of solar pumps from India.

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Manufacturers of solar pumps, solar water pumps, solar submersible pumps, solar surface pumps, pump systems, surface pump systems, booster pump systems, water pump systems, solar pump systems and submersible pump systems etc.

Send EnquiryAddress: Sai Paradise, 302, G.G Road, Vishnu Nagar, Dombivli, Maharashtra - 421 202, India

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Easy Photovoltech Private Limited




Supplying and manufacturing solar pumps, solar water pumps, solar submersible pumps, solar submersible water pumps, solar irrigation water pumps and solar drinking water pumps. Also offering solar lighting systems.

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P & N Engineering & Marketing




A company of up to 50 employees, we are a manufacturer of submersible solar pump & commercial ro plant.

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Jadhav Powertech




Supplier and manufacturer of solar pumps which include industrial solar pumps, agriculture used solar pumps, solar powered pumps. Also offering aqua water heating systems, solar street light, solar garden light.

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Surat Exim Private Limited




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India Solar Solutions (A Unit Of Color Design)

New Delhi



We are a leading manufacturer & supplier of solar powered water pumping systems. Also deals in solar pumps from India.

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Hot Line Switchgear & Controls




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Adithya Solar Energy Systems



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WAB Engineers



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Sedop, Pune



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New Delhi

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Pon Solar Energy System



Manufacturer of 9m solar water pumps, 30m solar dc water pump system, 36m solar water pumps and 40m solar dc water pump system.

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Navi Mumbai


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Navi Mumbai


We are a leading manufacturer of solar water pump ac as well as dc. We also deal in solar module, solar panels and solar power pack.

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Network Communications



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Q Power


Supplying and manufacturing solar pumps which includes surface solar pumps, irrigation surface solar pumps, drinking water supplying surface solar pumps, low head surface solar pumps and high head surface solar pumps.

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Green Energy Labs



Manufactures and supplies solar pump such as industrial solar pumps, solar surface pumps, solar power pack and solar submersible pumps. Also offering solar power plants, power packs, multi lanterns, home lighting systems, solar street lights.

Send EnquiryAddress: S - 27/28, 1st Floor, Opposite Chambal Power House, Hawa Sadak, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302 006, India

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Tanmay Energy



Exporting and manufacturing solar pump like solar pumping system, electrical solar pumps, power solar pumps and industrial solar pumps. Also offering solar garden lights, solar street lights, solar home lighting system and solar lantern.

Send EnquiryAddress: B - 20, 1st Floor, Computer Market, Near Old Bus Stand, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh - 201001, India

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Claro Energy Private Limited

New Delhi


Offering 1 HP solar pump, 1 HP solar pump (AC submersible), 5 HP solar pump (AC submersible) and 2 HP solar pump (AC submersible). We are leading service provider of solar pumps from India.

Send EnquiryAddress: F- 213/ D, Old Mehrauli Badarpur Road, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi - 110 030, India

Phone:   (91)-(11)-40571616 / 3219988

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Solar - A. P. P. S. Energy Private Limited



Our product range includes solar water pump. We are leading manufacturer of solar pumps from India.

Send EnquiryAddress: No. 1208, A - Wing, Mittal Tower, No. 6, M. G. Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560 001, India

Phone:   (91)-(80)-40921189

Mobile / Cell Phone:   (91)-9483511047

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THE BASICS:The utility model discloses a solar water pump, which consists of a solar low-voltage power supply system and a low-voltage direct current water pump, wherein according to the low-voltage direct current water pump, a water pump vane is arranged on a shaft of a direct current motor, and then the direct current motor with the water pump vane is arranged into a water pump shell.more...


A solar-powered water pump includes a solar panel , a positive diode, a storage battery , a single chip processor , a dry-reed tube , a first switch element and a water pump more..



The utility model provides a heating device of a solar water heater. The technical scheme is as follows: the existing water heater and indoor radiating fins are connected with a water return pipe by a water supply pipe which is provided with a water pump



INTRESTING:The utility model relates to a backwater device of a solar water heater, a backwater pipe is arranged between a water inlet pipe and a water outlet pipe of a water tank of the water heater, a temperature-controlled electric water pump is arranged on the backwater pipe, and the temperature-controlled electric water pump consists of a thermistor, an electromagnetic relay and an electric water pump.










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  • shankar
    shankar -

    Nice blog Aathmika !
    I am interested in knowing 
    a. market size in India in the urban and rural dividesb. any new models that are being used in developed countriesc. any big brands in the market 
    Ofcourse, I am not asking you Aathmika.You have already done a lot of work.
    If there is someone in the field of solar water pumps and wouldnt mind sharing info, they are welcome. Like

  • sahaastitva
    sahaastitva -

    Hi Aathmika!

    We have been trying to source both DC surface and submersible pumps for the past year.  The account you give is great.  Please can you give further information regarding sourcing the pumps. We have considered various companies in India, Belgium (Grundfos) Germany (Lorentz) and US (Surflo); but the solution you talk about sounds the best so far.  We have 6 x 220 W solar panels and urgently need a pump.  Thank you for any suggestions.

  • shreya
    shreya -

    Concerned about prolonged power cuts in urban areas, the state drinking water and sanitation department (DWSD) has decided to use solar energy to run its pumps during power cuts.

    The solar panel will be installed at the site where pumps are installed; the problem of disturbance in transmission will also be tackled. Once the pilot project is successful, the department plans to install solar power-operated pumps in all the anganwadi Kendras. There are around 38,400 anganwadis in the state. Chief engineer S Narayan said, "The department has invited companies with expertise of manufacturing and operating solar energy-driven pumps to run pilot projects at select locations for a month." Narayan added that if the cost is competitive, then the department will switch over to the new technology.


  • solar1234
    solar1234 -

    Solar Water pumping is promoted in some countries. For example in India Solar Water pumping is given heavy subsidy.There are SPV Pumps 7,495 nos up to 30-9-2010 (Source:MNRE).


    But generally the Solar Pumps are useful to pump water from less than 10m depth effectively. Assuming that dry lands require water, solar pumps are useless. Moreover in India in many states Power for agriculture is almost free. In Andhra Pradesh those owning less than 2 and half acres wet land or 5 acres dry land need to pay Rs 30 per month (0.75US$).


    The Solar pumps are not at all useful as a reliable source of power for water supply as sunshine is intermittent. In areas where water table is high, then solar pumps may find use as can be seen from dismal picture of solar pumps in India. There are an estimated 12 million Electric Pump sets and 6 million diesel pump sets in India.


    Because of heavy subsidy only even 7,495 solar pumps are installed otherwise not so.


    This only shows Subsidies alone won't drive a Renewable Energy power but utility and reliability is.


    Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore (AP), India

    Wind Energy Expert



  • solar1234
    solar1234 -

    I have First hand information of SOLAR PUMP from the installation one one Solar Pump in our Institute.

    Some of your statements are not true:

    The overall cost (upfront, operating, maintenance, replacement) of a diesel pump is 2 to 4 times greater than a solar pump.

    It is not at all the case. Diesel pumpsets deliver water on a sustained basis so long as  water is there. Solar pumps peak water pumping capacity a few hours of sunshine in a day.

    One of the unique feature of these environment-friendly pumps is that they are more powerful than the diesel ones and can pump out water from as deep as 200 feet and up to 12 hours at a stretch.

    This is a sweeping statement. People will be misled by it.200 feet and up to 12 hours a stretch? You can count sunshine to pump reasonable water between 10 am to 3 pm(about 5 hours) that too loose water from tanks or atmost 30 to 40ft depth borewells.

    When Power for agriculture of small holdings is almost free,who will invest Rs 3lakhRupees(Whether Government Subsidy or beneficiary's share). Often the promoters of this type of systems only quote the beneficiary's share saying that too can be financed by Banks. Does it mean Subsidy amount comes from air? Subsidies are also People's Public money which should be judiciously used.

    A system having PV array capacity of 1800 watt and 2HP pump can discharge about 1.4 lakh litres of water per day from a depth of 6-7 meters. This amount water can be used for irrigation of about 5 -8 acres of land holding for several crops.

      5-8 acres of land holding for several crops - Impossible.Meaning less statement.

    Usually 200 watt 3000 watt motors are used in water pumps and these motors are powered with 1,800Wp PV array which can bear about 140,000 litres of water/day from a total head of 10 meters.

    140,000 litres of water/day !! Impossible. Per day means 24 hours of sunshine? In our field of 1.5 acres of Wetland from 10 meters depth two  0 3 HP electric motors take 14 hours for watering.

    While writing on Renewables that too affecting Farmers as end users not only technology but also social and cultural aspects have to be taken into account. What is published has to be authenhtic but not simply reproduced from  other sources. Many a times some people publish articles with selfish interest.

    I am a Wind Energy Expert involved in Wind,Solar Thermal,PV and almost all areas since three decades.

    Let us promote Renewables that work to the benefit of the people.

    Dr.A.Jagadeesh  Nellore(AP),India
    Wind Energy Expert


  • sreddy10
    sreddy10 -

    Not so fast and furious, Dr Jagadeesh.  We have solar water pumps available today that can pump water from bore wells as deep as 500 feet.  And in Nellore it self, the daily solar energy available is one of the highest in India and even the world.  These data are available from US renewable energy resources (if you do some search on the Web).

    Besides, the issue is not limited to wetland irrigation and not limited to Nellore only.  If you are using two 3 HP motors and pumping 14 hours a day to irrigate only 1.5 acres, then there are too many holes in the whole set up.  Maybe too much water is wasted, maybe the pumps are extremely inefficient, and so on.

    Water in the bore wells as well as open wells is recharged slowly which means water could be (should be) pumped slower and over a longer period of time which means a smaller pump (lower hp) and lesser capacity (power) system will suffice.  Additionally, construction of a surface water storage tank will help considerably.

    Even though the government promised to supply electricity to the farmer, in practice it is not able to.  There are severe cuts imposed on the number of hours (a day) electricity is made available.  Free electricity doesn't help when there is no supply (or severe shortages).  What good is free when it is not even available?

    Just because the government promised to supply electricity free to small farmers, it doesn't mean that there is no cost to it.  It only means that the government is bearing the cost of that free electricity which amounts to several thousand crores a year.  Who is bearing that burden?  Worse is that the farmer is unable to irrigate his crops because he cannot get electrical power when needed and that means the crops suffer and the yields go down.  The farmer is losing his income considerably. 

    Since the electricity supplied is "dirty" - wide fluctuations in voltage from 170 to 260 Volts, the pumps burn out and the farmer incurs a regular cost of repairing them running into several thousand a year (averaged), not to mention the down time.  Who bears that cost?

    Since Solar panels produce direct current (DC) at lower voltage and supply power at stable voltage (regulators used) this burn-out problem doesn't arise saving considerable amount of money to the farmer.

    Also, DC pumps need to be half the capacity of diesel pumps (in hp) for the purpose.  That means, you only need 1.5 hp DC pump in the place of a 3 hp diesel pump which again saves money.

    Additionally, the government is subsidizing heavily the cost of power plants and the fuel (coal, natural gas) needed to generate electricity.  Again, this runs into thousands of crores.  Not to mention the cost of transporting fuel.  The cost of running electric power lines to very farm is high and can be avoided when solar power is used.

    Also, the solar power generated at the farm can be used for harvesting, cleaning farm produce, etc when water doesn't need to be pumped.

    Yes, I can see the use of the highly efficient wind mills along side solar power to help the situation. 

    Subhash C. Reddy, Ph.D. Like

  • upinsona
    upinsona -

    very usefull information .since from long time i m searching a source with service for dc pump. recently at intersolar india in mumbai seen kirloskar dc pump and grundfoss pump and now collecting more info on the same.thanks to Aathmika and sreddy10. Like

  • Saira
    Saira -

    Dear Friend,  anybody can install dual solar Based  pump system in village & earn Rs.91000/- as Its total expenditure is not more than Rs.1.60 lacs .   Dear Friend, just we have installed 10 No. of  dual solar pump system in villages. Its working is very much satisfactory. As the pump is running from 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. with a discharge rate of minimum 1000 liter per hour to 2500 liter per hour in this summer or on 5th June. As the women in rural area now did not get efforts for extracting water from bore well / well , also they can save efforts & time. So they are now tension free from water requirements. Also they are getting time for other activities. As the cost of all nodal agencies for this type of pump is Rs.2.51 lac anybody can earn up to Rs.91000/- from single installation. 
    Total expenditure of Rs.1.60 lac as fallows:
    1. Groundfos Pump- SQFlex 2.5-2 - RS.90000/-
    2. Solar panels 675 wp-- RS.40500/-
    3. Seasonal Tracking System- Rs.9000/-
    4. HDPE Pipe- 200 feet- Rs.5000/-
    5. Misc.--- Rs.10000/-
    6. Labour & Transportation --- Rs.10000/-

    For more information please write to me on  :   or . Also you can contact me on cell 09822725907. Like

  • Romila
    Romila -

    Addition To Dual Solar Pump Scheme. 

    Now in all over India this scheme is executed through Village Panchyat with same solar panel capacity of 675 Wp , with this we can took required water within 3 to 4 hours. After this system is idle so in that period we could charge batteries and generate 3 to 4 KWHr ( Units) of electricity on which Panchayat office or school fans & school computers can run for the required period. So its more useful to society  which is at grassroots. Also  due to this the students from villages can compete to urban students.
    So any body could suggest to GSDA or ZP  of their district or heads of dept. or to the ministry of concern. So please take initiative & support nation .Its my appeal to every Indian who can understand this.
    Or suggest me addresses to write to concern dept. so that I could do it.


  • pmasineni
    pmasineni -


    I am very much intrested in knowing ore about solar energy and i want to use it for my agriculture and home in my village. we are having nearly 40 acrs of land and if you know any good manufactures can you pls let me know. how much it will be costing for each solar pump of 10 HP and how many hours it will run. details will be very helpfull for me to establish the same at my village.


    thanks in advance


  • barani
    barani -

    Hello Pmasineni

    10hp is 7460 watts = 7.46KW

    Solar panel of 1ft x 1ft can produce up to 14 watts.

    Thus, to produce 7.46 kwatts you need 7460/14 = 532 sqft area of solar panels. With additional access space, you will need a total of about 1000 sqft or more area to install the panels.

    1KW of solar panels would cost about Rs.2 lakhs.
    7.46KW of solar panels will cost about Rs.15 lakhs.
    The accessories like inverter etc may cost a couple of lakhs.
    (or you use a DC motor directly powered by Solar panels). All in all, you are looking at some Rs.20 lakh budget.

    Solar panel system works well for about 5 hours a day (10 am to 3 pm).   It is advisable to construct a sizeable water tank to store the water that is pumped up and then distribute it when needed.  Of course, it is also not a good idea to run a water pump for 5 hours nonstop in full drive. So, you need energy storage devices like heavy duty batteries.

    If you ask me personally, I am not entirely in favour of a solar panel system for pumping water for agriculture, because you need water only for some days of the season. What will you do with the power on other days when harvesting time is around? If you can come out with plans to use the energy on other days, then I say, try Solar. You may also explore the good old cheaper way of a small wind mill that pumps water slowly all through the day, if you have some wind in that area. (And it is a classic and pleasing sight to watch a wind mill slowly pumping water!)


  • jeevansaini
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    I am working on solar and bio gas hybrid power plant and i have complete plan for execution as i found u are investor as well as researcher i need a chat session with u..or plz me appointment i need some help regarding my project Like

  • pmasineni
    pmasineni -

    Dear Mr Barani,

    First of all sorry for delay in replying and like to thank you for your valuable feedback and as per your above info , the cost is very high and i will sure look for other alternatives and your advise would be very much appreciated on Solar home lighting system like roof top off grid ( 1 KvA or 2 ) so that there will be a lighting for a minimum of 10 hours ( TV, f ridge and other appliances)

    thanks in advance.

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    I like to install Solar Water Pump. Any body suggest the best company / brand ?

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    Dear Venkateshgopalan,

    We are Greencurrent Solar Energy Systems based out of Coimbatore.We undertake Solar Powered Pumping Solutions. Kindly visit us @ for more details about us and details about projects we have undertaken. Best regards, Saravana Kumar 9566600477 Like

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