EAI Green Communities

EAI Green Communities

Across India, a number of local communities, led by enterprising and passionate individuals and groups, have started embarking on a variety of clean technology, sustainable and renewable energy efforts.

EAI Green Communities section will showcase renewable energy and sustainability activities undertaken in these communities, which could be urban, semi-urban or rural communities. The objective is to share best practices being adopted elsewhere in India so that these can replicated in other locations.
Should you wish to have the sustainability / green efforts of your community to be showcased here, send a note to admin@eai.in


Stories on Green Communities

Latest Updates on Green Efforts in Communities
Renewable Energy Centre for Rural Electrification @ Kerala, India

Name of the Community: Mithradam Location: Aluva, Kerala Activities: Providing electric ity for rural communities across India, conducts training programs for people belonging to...

Training for Villagers to Make Organic Fertilizers from Waste

More than 500 villages have been benefited by the waste management initiative taken by the department of Mycology and Plant Pathology, Institute of Agricultural Sciences (IAS), Ban...

100% Solar Village – New Keringa Village, Orissa

For many parts of India and Africa solar energy is a social-enterprise, one that not only brings light and electricity but that helps families increase their livelihoods. This is...

Vallam Town Panchayat @ Thanjavur Act as a Model for Solid Waste Management

Highlights: A  green movement called the Clean Thanjavur Movement was launched by the Thanjavur municipality to help various muncipalities, panchayats in and around Thanjavur...

Mysore Zoo’s Eco Friendly Initiative a Model for all other Zoo’s in India

Highlights: Chamarajendra Zoo, more populary known as Mysore Zoo located @ Mysore, Karnataka is the oldest zoo in the world, established in 1892 and spread over 100 hectares....

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