EAI Green Corporates

EAI Green Corporates

The industrial sector is a key stakeholder in making India clean and green.

While large scale industrialization is delivering millions of Indians out of poverty, this process is also leading to unsustainable practices, endangering our environment and ecology.

How can we strike a balance? Not by saying No to industrialization, but by making industries become sustainable in their operations.

Easier said than done.

But Indian companies have started trying. And their efforts have started showing results as well.

The aim of the EAI Green Corporate section is to showcase the green and sustainability measures being undertaken in the Indian (and also global) corporate sector. We hope such showcasing and sharing will inspire a lot many more corporates to undertake similar measure as well.

Should you wish to have the sustainability / green efforts of your company to be showcased here, send a note to admin@eai.in

Latest from the blog
Environment Conservation Efforts from Epson

  Name of the Company: Seiko Epson Corporation Founded: 1942 Industry type: Electronics Goods Manufacturer Headquarters:  Suwa, Nagano, Japan Investment:   ...

Sustainable Measures in Mining-Tata Steel

Name of the Company: Tata Steel Limited Founded: 1907 Industry type: Mining and Steel Production Headquarters:  Mumbai, India Revenue: US$ 26.13 billion (FY 2011-12)...

Voluntary Actions for Protection of Environment-Honda

Name of the Company: Honda Motor Company Ltd Founded: 1948 Industry type: Automobile Manufacturer Headquarters:  Minato, Tokyo, Japan Investment:  ¥7.948 trillion (2...

Indian Oil’ Journey Towards Clean Environment

Name of the Company: Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) Founded: 1964 Industry type: Oil and Gas Company Headquarters:  New Delhi, India Investment:  US$ 76.05 b...

Responsible Eco-actions by Shell India

Name of the Company: Shell India Founded: Mid 1950s Industry type: Oil and Gas Company Headquarters:  Gurgoan, Haryana, India Investment:  US$ 1 billion (2012) R...

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