Latest Updates on Green Efforts in Corporates

Initiatives for Sustainable Ecosphere-Pfizer

Name of the Company: Pfizer Inc

Founded: 1849

Industry type: Pharmaceutical

Headquarters:  New York City, New York, United States of America

Revenue:  US$ 67.42 billion (2011)

Pfizer Inc is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in New York City and is the world’s largest pharmaceutical company by revenues.

Pfizer takes an entrepreneurial approach to sustainability practices that produce measurable value for our business and society. The sectors towards which the corporate works include

  1. Energy and Climate Change
  2. Greener Processes
  3. Cleaner Water

Pfizer’ Environment CSR activities include

  • Pfizer’ Italian Units Equipped with Solar Power
  • Solar Hot Water Showers at Irish Division
  • Solar Hot water Project for Pfizer’ Pharmaceutical Facility in Mexico
  • Adoption of Comprehensive Green Manufacturing Activities at Pfizer’ German Division 
  • Energy Conservation Initiatives at Pfizer’ Unit in Belgium
  • Biomass Energy to Mitigate Carbon Footprint at Pfizer, USA
  • Pfizer Employee’ Orientation towards Green Journey
  • Recognition of Environmental Efforts at Pfizer’ R&D Centre
  • Environmental Remediation at Ownership Sites in USA
  • Effluent Water Recycling to Irrigate Landscape at Pfizer, India
  • Pfizer’ Italian Units Equipped with Solar Power

Pfizer has led PGS Italian Regional Network to installation of solar panels for energy demands at three of its operational units namely, Aprilia, Ascoli and Catania in Italy. Projections estimate that these solar projects cumulatively could save US$1.44 million and 1340 tons of CO2 respectively.

GHG significance of individual solar projects at Pfizer, Italy

  1. Aprilia – solar panel system installed on car shelters in the parking area to annually reduce 300 tons of CO2
  2. Ascoli – open roof system to annually reduce of 400 tons of CO2
  3. Catania – system installed in an open field adjacent to the plant to annually reduce of 630 tons of CO2

Pfizer’ Open Solar Farm at Catania, Italy

  • Solar Hot Water Showers at Irish Division

In Little Island, Ireland, Pfizer has installed 14 solar flat plate collectors to tap sun’s heat for areas of canteen and bathroom.  Using this solar thermal technology, Pfizer could meet 60% of its annual hot water requirements and replace 17,000 kWh of fossil fuel usage.

  • Solar Hot water Project for Pfizer’ Pharmaceutical Facility in Mexico

In Toluca, Mexico, Pfizer has installed solar thermal system to generate 2190 litres of hot water for its 60 showers in the Pharmaceutical Production Building. The solar heat accounts for 73% of total hot water demand and eliminates 30 tons of GHG emissions on annual basis.

  • Adoption of Comprehensive Green Manufacturing Activities at Pfizer’ German Division 

Pfizer Global Supply (PGS) facility in Freiburg, Germany has formulated a “Master Energy Plan” to conserve energy resources in manufacturing. As a result, more than 250 energy saving plans are implemented and nearly 90% of plant’s consumption has been generated through renewable energy systems. Most notable installations include

  1. Wood pellet biomass combustion system to generate steam and reduce the carbon footprint from the plant by over 5000 tons per annum.
  2. Geothermal systems that cool offices in summer and heat them in winter
  3. Solar screens and optimum thermal insulation that conserve several million kilowatt-hours of energy every year.

Owing to its extensive green manufacturing activities, Freiburg plant has been awarded the Facility of the Year 2011 in the Sustainability category by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE).

  • Energy Conservation Initiatives at Pfizer’ Unit in Belgium

Pfizer Global Supply (PGS) has installed a 45 story-tall wind turbine at its facility in Puurs, Belgium to capitalize an alternative energy source to reduce fossil fuel consumption, lower GHG emissions and save the company $1.4 million cost annually.

Pfizer’ Belgian plant aerial view with a giant wind turbine 

In 2011, the facility also installed a combined heat and power generation unit which provides 40 percent of the site’s yearly electricity consumption.

  • Biomass Energy to Mitigate Carbon Footprint at Pfizer, USA

Pfizer Global Supply’s site in Sanford, N.C, USA aims to install a biomass boiler to reduce its carbon print by 9,979 metric tons per annum using locally produced wood chips and wood waste from logging to generate steam and power. The silo, biomass reservoir constructed for this boiler will have supply for three days.

  • Pfizer Employee’ Orientation towards Green Environment

Mike Stamper, a senior pharmaceutical business representative for Pfizer Canada is spreading her corporate’s green journey message in Canada. She has done it thorough

  1. In December 2010, Implementation of a 10kW grid connected solar roof-top system to draw power with revenue 81 cents Canadian per KW and being paid a better tariff for power sales.
  2. In November 2011, Purchase of an electric car for her family to avoid fuel consumption
  3. Green Initiatives at home
  4. Converting all light switches to dimmer style to draw less energy.
  • Recognition of Environmental Efforts at Pfizer’ R&D Centre

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF), USA recently has recognized Pfizer’s Richmond Sherwood Consumer Healthcare Research and Development site for its contributions to DGIF’s Corporate Habitat Program.

It has features like butterfly pollinating garden and rain garden to support biodiversity.  Colleagues at the facility spend their time during lunch, after hours and on the weekends to maintain wildlife habitat site certification.

Certification for Pfizer’ Richmond Sherwood Site

  • Environmental Remediation at Ownership Sites in USA

The Environmental Engineering, Remediation & Transactions (ERT) team of Pfizer Global Engineering has planned to undertake an environment remediation activity at its ownership site, The North Haven, Connecticut USA, covering an area of 78 acres land. On execution of cleanup plans with extensive community inputs, nearly 80% of the land would be established as an ecological preserve with tidal marshes, inland wetlands and upland meadows.

  • Effluent Water Recycling to Irrigate Landscape at Pfizer, India

The Global Operations team at the Pfizer Limited, Thane, India has commissioned an effluent treatment facility to treat waste water and use the recycled water for irrigating their landscape. The process enables the firm to avoid 45 cubic meters of fresh water application for gardening on daily basis and has saved $17,000 per year.


  • Pfizer’ solid commitment to energy conservation has made it to install large solar power projects across its facilities in Italy.
  • The firm has erected a giant wind turbine and co-generation technology to address energy demands of Puurs facility in Belgium.
  • Through the corporate’ green journey, a lead employee from Pfizer Canada spreads sustainable messages to the community.
  • Pfizer’ R&D facility at Richmond Sherwood has been certified by Virginia’ DGIF as Wildlife Habitat Site.
  • The corporate’ environment engineering team has undertaken an eco remediation plan at its ownership sites in Connecticut, USA.
  • Pfizer India has installed an effluent treatment facility to use recycled water for irrigating the green landscape instead of relying on freshwater.





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