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Indian Oil’ Journey Towards Clean Environment

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Name of the Company: Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)

Founded: 1964

Industry type: Oil and Gas Company

Headquarters:  New DelhiIndia

Investment:  US$ 76.05 billion (2012)

Indian Oil Corporation Limited or IndianOil is an Indian state-owned oil and gas corporation with its headquarters in New Delhi and is the largest public corporation in India by revenue.

Being an active partner of the Global Compact Programme of the United Nations, IndianOil is fully focused on “sustainable development.” The Corporation recognizes protection of environment as a core commitment of its business.

IOCL’ Environment CSR activities include

  • Commitment to Clean Energy
  • Nationwide Promotion for Cultivation of Jatropha
  • Setting Solar PV Systems at Retail Outlets
  • Conversion of Wastes to Valuables, IOCL
  • Distribution of Solar Lanterns for Poor People at Nominal Cost
  • Commitment to Clean Energy

IOCL is committed to environmental quality and thus has set up a 21 MW wind power project in Gujarat, has been in operation since January 2009. This has been registered as a CDM project in May 2011.

IOCL utilizing wind energy, Gujarat

  • Nationwide Promotion for Cultivation of Jatropha

Indian oil has promoted cultivation of Jatropha, an energy crop for production of biodiesel throughout India by joint ventures with state energy agencies and private companies.

  1. Indian Oil and Chhattisgarh Renewable Energy Development Authority (CREDA) have formed a JV called the Indian Oil-CREDA Biofuels Ltd, undertaken nearly 6000 ha plantations of Jatropha curcas in different districts of Chhattisgarh.
  2. IOCL has established “The IndianOil-Ruchi Biofuels LLP” with Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd to set up biodiesel value chain for Jatropha plantation in Uttar Pradesh. The LLP has completed about 1700 Ha of plantation in five districts of UP, supported by MNREGS funding.

Jatropha plantation with IOCL collaboration

  • Setting Solar PV Systems at Retail Outlets

Solar PV systems have been installed at IOCL’ retail outlets to minimize the use of diesel generators for dispensing units and lighting loads, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Solar PV Panels in IOCL’ retail outlet & green lighting applications

  • Conversion of Wastes to Valuables, IOCL

IOCL has adopted environment friendly organic waste converters at its locations in India to transform kitchen/horticultural organic wastes into value added products like compost for soil application.

Waste converter systems at IOCL 

  • Distribution of Solar Lanterns for Poor People at Nominal Cost

To enlighten the lives of people, devoid of electricity access, IOCL has distributed solar lanterns through its extensive retail network and Kisan Sewa Kendras across the country. Over 30,000 solar lanterns have been sold during 2010-11.

Solar lanterns from IOCL


  • IOCL’ focus on environment quality is seen through installation of wind turbines at its location in Gujarat.
  • By joint ventures with public and private organizations, IOCL has involved in large scale cultivation of Jatropha for biodiesel production.
  • The oil company has utilized solar PV system for lighting demands at its retail outlets across India.
  • IOCL effectively transforms organic kitchen wastes from its locations to valuable products using waste converter systems.
  • To non-electrified rural people, IOCL distributed solar lanterns at cheap costs throughout India.



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    Vennar Organic Branches are in Chennai, Bangalore. We will arrange to take up the operation and will interact with the residents for source segregation and the segregated waste will be transferred to OWC room by the housekeeping staff.





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