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Responsible Eco-actions by Shell India

Name of the Company: Shell India

Founded: Mid 1950s

Industry type: Oil and Gas Company

Headquarters:  Gurgoan, Haryana, India

Investment:  US$ 1 billion (2012)

Royal Dutch Shell plc (Popularly Shell) is an Anglo–Dutch multinational oil and gas company, headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands. In India, Shell is a major supplier of crude oil and petro chemicals to public & private sector oil companies.

Contributing to sustainable development is an integral way for business operations of Shell in India. It aims to aim to share benefits with local communities and reduce impacts of its operations notably greenhouse gas emissions in environment.

Shell India’ Environment CSR activities include:

  • Promotion of Eco-friendly Cook Stoves for Rural Women
  • Modern Renewable Energy Services to Poor Villagers
  • Aid for Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy Technology
  • Work with EMBARQ for Sustainable Transport Solutions
  • Focus on Energy Debate in Mass Media
  • Mangrove Cultivation for Coastal Ecosystem Restoration
  • Promotion of Eco-friendly Cook Stoves for Rural Women

In 2008, Shell Foundation launched a pilot scale project in Karnataka to raise awareness on hazards of smoke from kitchen. Under the program called ‘My Kitchen, My Pride’, it reached to 112 villages in the state and organized interactive activities like display of wall posters,  wall paintings, mobile van campaigns, flipchart stories and street plays about air pollution and health hazards from kitchen smoke.

Shell Foundation and Envirofit have created a viable clean cook stove business in India and established distribution centers to reach rural homes.

Demonstration on clean cook stoves to rural mass

Clean cook stoves in rural homes

  • Modern Renewable Energy Services to Poor Villagers

Shell Foundation has created “The Excelerate Programme” to provide modern energy services for the poor at a nominal cost. Under this initiative, the foundation supports a lighting and power company, D.light Design to distribute solar lanterns at cheap cost to villagers in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra states.  The program aims to bridge the gap between modern energy services and the supply of appropriate technologies to meet that demand.

  • Aid for Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy Technology

Shell Foundation supports a rural electrification company, Husk Power Systems to generate and supply power for rural people in Bihar state at affordable costs. The electric company employs a renewable energy technology, biomass gasification to produce power with rice husk wastes as feed material. The fund provided by Shell Foundation has helped increase electrification rates from about 2% to around 95% in the villages of Bihar.

Husk Power’ Biomass Gasification Plant, Bihar

  • Work with EMBARQ for Sustainable Transport Solutions

Shell Foundation works with the World Resources Institute’s Centre for Sustainable Transport, EMBARQ as a strategic partner to implement transport solutions including Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) systems, bus retrofits, cycling & pedestrian infrastructure, improved public spaces and transport-oriented urban planning measures in India.

EMBARQ India BRT operating on Shell’ CNG

  • Focus on Energy Debate in Mass Media

Shell in India runs a unique program with a media partner NDTV for debate of energy and related issues to the country. The program aims to increase the country’s coherent focus on energy as a global economic player with responsibilities.

Few topics included in the program are:

  • Urja ki Jung – “Energy Saving is the war cry”
  • Paani ki Pareshaani – “Water – the real crisis of global warming”
  • Vikas ki Keemat – “Enviroment is the price we pay for Economic Development”
  • Education
  • Mangrove Cultivation for Coastal Ecosystem Restoration

Shell Foundation works in collaboration with Hazira LNG, port companies and other state bodies in four villages around the Hazira peninsula to develop mangrove trees in the “Coastal Area Eco-restoration Project”. The partnership has resulted in completion of successful mangrove plantation on over 1100 ha including more than 50,00,000 mangrove trees to conserve integrity in the coastal ecosystem. Besides it, 35,000 saplings (non mangrove trees) have been planted at the wada land, temples, cremation areas, pond boundaries and on village commons along the coast.


  • Shell Foundation has conducted an extensive mass awareness campaign in villages of Karnataka on hazards of smoke from kitchen.
  • The Foundation aims to provide modern renewable energy services for the poor through distribution of solar lanterns at affordable costs.
  • Shell Foundation funds an electric company for rural electrification projects in Bihar by biomass gasification technology.
  • Shell co-operates with EMBARQ to implement sustainable transport solutions like use of CNG fuel in city transport systems.
  • The corporate joins a television channel to run programs related to energy debates and economy of India.
  • The corporate has partnered in a joint mangrove cultivation project at the Hazira peninsula, Gujarat to restore coastal ecosystems.


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