What is the India EV Summit all about?

  • The Indian Electric Vehicle Industry could cumulatively add about $300 billion by 2030 (Rs 20,00,000 crores), according to NITI Aayog.
  • This is a massive opportunity for a wide range of Indian businesses – both large and small, and in all main value chain sectors – manufacturing, trading and services.
  • Add to this business potential a significant thrust on electric mobility by the Indian government and market. We can now see how important this industry is becoming.
  • It is thus critical to move the Indian electric vehicle industry to the next level through the collective experience and wisdom of all the key stakeholders.
  • India EV Summit aims to bring all the key EV sector stakeholders to take the electric vehicles market in India to the next orbit

Why is this summit different from other EV Summit?

  • The largest dedicated summit and networking event in India for electric vehicles
  • The summit happens at a time when significant policy decisions are being made both by the central and state governments regarding adoption of electric vehicles
  • The summit will have customized sessions and systems to maximize networking between experts and delegates
  • Summit provides a platform to enable international technology & innovation collaborations
  • Dedicated 3 Hour Session for Innovative Startups

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Mr. Venkateshwarlu Manne

Manager R&D Amara Raja Batteries

Mr. Ayush Lohia

Lohia Auto

Mr. Awadesh Kumar Jha

Vice President,

Hemalatha Annamalai

Chairman Founder & CEO
Ampere Vehicles Pvt Ltd

P Bala

Co-Founder & CTO
Ampere Vehicles Pvt Ltd

All Top EV Companies will be present
@ India's Largest EV Summit

Everyone and Everything from the world of EV will be Here

What About You?

500+ Industry Professional

100+ EV EXperts

All the important Ev Stake Holders

All India Tyre Manufacturers association Honeywell Marubeni India
Amara Raja Batteries Horiba India Mercedes Benz
Apollo Tyres Hyundai Motor Co Rane Group
Ashok Leyland IIM Bangalore SK Engineering Pvt Ltd
Axiom India IISC Bengaluru Sun Mobility
Bharat Motors Ltd IIT Madras Tata Motors
Daimler IIT Mumbai Titan Engineering & Automation
Eveready India Indian Energy Storage Alliance TUV Rheinland
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ION Energy TVS Logistics
Fortum L&T Usui Susira International Pvt Ltd
General Electric Lithion Power Wasan Brothers
Hero Electric Lohia Auto Industries Wheels India
Hindustan Motors Mahindra Electric See More

Delegates from Diverse Industries


Day 1 August 17th - EV TODAY

09:15 AM – 10:00 AM

  • Mecca Rafeeque Ahmed–Presidentof SICCI & Chairman of Farida Group
  • Bhoovarahavan Thirumalai – SICCI Energy Committee
  • C Narasimhan - Chairman of Raasi Group of Companies
  • Guruprasad Mudlapur- Head of Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles*
  • Dr S Mohan – Chief Scientist, CSIR-CECRI
  • Narasimhan Santhanam – Director, Energy Alternatives India
Session and Speakers Key Insights

10:00 AM– 12.00 AM Presentation

  • Energy Alternatives India - Narasimhan Santhanam, Director
  • Fortum India - Ankit Maheshwari, Vice President
  • Electrotherm India- Anurag Bhandari, Chief Operating Officer
  • Auroville Consulting -Toine van Megan, Co-Founder

EV TODAY - Overview of Status, Trends & Challenges

A review of the opportunities and uncertainties presented by the Indian EV sector and insights on the challenges faced by the following stakeholder sectors in architecting an EV strategy:

  • EV OEMs – Indian and International
  • EV component makers – Indian and International
  • Auto OEMs
  • Auto ancillary makers
  • Power and energy firms
  • Transportation services providers
  • Municipalities and Government

  • The Policy Challenge: Government Policies, Regulations & Incentives.
  • The Cost Challenge: Economics of EV and expected trends in economics.
  • The Technology Challenge: Technology Maturity for Electric Vehicle and EV charging.
  • Practical Challenges: Difficulties faced in promoting the adoption of Electric Vehicles

12:00 PM – 01:15 PM Panel Discussion & Interaction

    • Ashok Leyland- Suyash Kumar, Business Manager-E-Mobility(Service)
    • Ampere Vehicles- P Bala, Co-Founder & CTO
    • Fortum India - Awadesh Kumar Jha, Vice President
    • Lohia Auto Industries - Ayush Lohia, CEO
    • Toine van Megan – Auroville Consulting, Co-Founder

Where is the Indian EV market today? 

Topics Presented are
  • Overcoming the Cost Challenge: When will electric vehicle costs come down significantly enough for the Indian market to buy them in large volumes?
  • A Practical EV Charging Roadmap: What is the practical roadmap for setting up a widespread EV charging infrastructure in India?
  • Focus on the Non-Car Market: Opportunities in Electric 2 & 3 Wheelers
  • The Business Case for Electric Buses: How will the mass road transport in India adopt EVs?
  • Hybrid vs. Fully Electric Cars: Which of the two indeed is the right solution for the transitional market?
01:15 PM – 02:15 PM- LUNCH

02:15 PM – 03:45 PM Presentation Session

  • Amara Raja Batteries-Venkateshwarlu Manne, Manager R&D
  • CSIR-CECRI -Dr A. S. Prakash , Senior Scientist
  • Lithium Balance A/S -Lars Barkler, CEO
  • Grinntech Motors & Services -Puneet Jain, Co-Founder & CEO
  • India Energy Storage Alliance -Debi Prasad Dash, Director

Batteries & Charging Infrastructure 

Topics Presented are
  • Status of Li-ion Batteries against Lead Acid Batteries
  • How Li-ion can be crucial at short and medium term?
  • Li-ion Batteries – Present Status and Future Trends in Technology, Performance and Costs
  • Taking Batteries and Battery Performance to the Next Level
  • EV Battery Technology trends in India and Manufacturing Opportunities

03:45 PM- 05:00 PM Panel Discussion

    • Ashok Leyland - Suyash Kumar, Business Manager E-Mobility
    • Himadri Speciality Chemical- Manohar Bethapudi, AGM Strategy
    • India Energy Storage Alliance - Debi Prasad Dash, Director
    • Axiom Energy - M.J Purohit, Chairman
    • The Hindu Business Line Newspaper- M Ramesh, Senior Deputy Editor
    • Mahindra Rise - C Kavitha , Lead Engineer, Functional Safety*
    • Pi Beam Labs - Jacob Thekkekara, Chief Technical Officer
    • Integrated Transport Service of Auroville - Minhaj Ameen, Co-Founder

Growing the EV Market in Short Term  

Topics for Discussion are
  • Current Status & Challenges
  • Short Term Growth Strategies
  • E-mobility Perspective
05:45 PM – 06:30 PM – NETWORKING & DEMO

Day 2 August 18th – THE FUTURE OF EV

08:00 AM – 09:00 AM - Networking & Demo

  • Networking - Business-to-Business networking
  • Demo - Demonstration & Discussion of Electric Vehicles displayed at the venue.
Session and Speakers Key Insights

09:30 AM– 10:30 AM Presentation Session

  • CSIR-CECRI -Dr K Ramesha, Principal Scientist
  • ARCI -Dr R Gopalan, Associate Director
  • Lithium Balance A/S -Lars Barkler, CEO
  • Centre for Battery Engineering & EV, IIT M Research Park -Prabhjot Kaur, CEO

Innovations in Battery Ecosystem  

Session focuses on:
  • Current Innovations happening with Li-ion Batteries
  • Analysis on improving the Li-ion Battery materials and Technology
  • Study of Innovations in BMS to increase the overall efficiency, performance and lifetime of batteries.
  • Portable Battery Ecosystem for Drivers and Users and Charging Infrastructure for public transport

10:45 AM – 12:15 PM Presentation & Demo Session

    • Earth Energy EV
    • Lithion Power
    • Pi Beam Labs
    • SINA Mobility
    • Spero Mobility & Energy Solutions
    • Dravak Technologies
    • Tronx Motors
    • Voltaredox

Other Innovations in EV  

Video Demos & Presentations

Companies with Differentiated Solutions share their perspectives on

  • IOT based software for Electric Vehicles
  • Electric Urban Cruiser
  • Battery as a service operator
  • Eco-friendly Tricycles
  • Enclosed Super Bike
  • Electric Bikes
  • Electric Crossover Bike
  • Battery Refurbishment

12:15 PM – 01:15 PM Panel Discussion & Interaction

  • GE Power Conversion - Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, CEO
  • ARCI -Dr R Gopalan, Associate Director
  • Esmito Solutions - Prabhjot Kaur, Co-Founder & CEO
  • IIT Madras E-Cell - Sathyanarayanan S
  • Lithion Power -Chandrashekhar Bhide, Chief Product Officer

Leveraging Innovation for Short & Long term Impact  

Topics for Discussion are
  • Innovation in Sustainable Mobility
  • Innovations for India
  • Disruptive Tech
  • International Collaboration Opportunities for Innovation
  • Recommendations on Innovations
01:15 PM – 02:15 PM- LUNCH

02:15 PM – 03:30 PM Presentation Session

  • Energy Alternatives India -Manohar Namashivayam, Director
  • Bosch India - Manikandan P, Head of Engineering
  • UM Lohia Two Wheelers -Rajeev Mishra, CEO
  • Himadri Speciality Chemical -Manohar Bethapudi, AGM Strategy
  • Hinduja Renewables-Kapil Maheshwari, CEO
  • Sun Mobility - Yuvraj Sarda, Manager Strategy

Emerging Business Opportunities in EVs 

Topics Presented are
  • Various Business Opportunities available across Electric Vehicles
  • Driving EV- Future Opportunities across the EV Product Spectrum
  • Opportunities for different Emerging product niches in EV
  • Opportunities available for component manufacturers in India
  • Combination of Renewable Energy (especially solar) & Electric Mobility for Ultra Low Carbon Transportation
  • Battery Swapping Stations instead of Battery Charging Stations

03:30 PM- 05:00 PM Panel Discussion

  • EAI- Narasimhan Santhanam, Director
  • Lithium Balance A/S - Lars Barkler, CEO
  • UM Lohia Two Wheelers - Rajeev Mishra, CEO
  • Sun Mobility - Yuvraj Sarda, Manager Strategy
  • Lithion Power- Piyush Gupta, CEO
  • Aspiration Cleantech Ventures- Madhavan Namboothiri, Managing Partner

Designing Optimal EV Growth Strategy for India  

Theme 1 - How are different stakeholders strategizing for the future of EV?

Theme 2 – What should be the perspectives and frameworks based on which a powerful strategy can be put down?

05:45 PM – 06:30 PM – NETWORKING & DEMO

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We organised EVREX - India's Largest Electric Vehicles Summit @ Hyderabad on Jan 6th, 7th 2018

More than 200 Industry delegates participated and benefited from EVREX





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