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10th January, 2011
EAI Topic of the Week – Niche Opportunities in Indian Cleantech

To most folks, cleantech appears to mean only renewable energy. And renewable energy appears to mean only solar and wind! There's more to renewable energy than solar and wind, and there's more to cleantech than renewable energy. Cleantech market worldwide is worth about $2 trillion, while the renewable energy market is only about 20% of that! What are the various niche opportunities in this vast cleantech industry that can be pursued especially by creative Indian entrepreneurs and businesses? Your thoughts and insights are most welcome.

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Catalyzing Cleantech in Your City

Hi all,

Last time it was my colleague Madhavan who wrote the newsletter and this time it’s back to me.

I’d like to use this opportunity to request the members to share their insights on an interesting topic.

At EAI, we have been working on a concept of city specific events for those interested in renewable energy and clean technology. While we have made a small start through our EAI Club Chennai Meets, we would like to expand the scope. In this regard, it’ll be great to know your thoughts and inputs on what types of networking and other interactive events can be held in cities to catalyze cleantech, renewable energy and sustainability. While some of the events and get-togethers are obvious – seminars, conferences, exhibitions etc. – there is a need for more innovative and inclusive interactions.

Every city has a number of people passionate about cleantech and many do-it-yourself folks. Both these segments can significantly benefit from such interactions. In addition, such events and interactions could also inspire students and youth, especially those with a penchant for science and technology.

I was wondering if you could provide your brief thoughts/answers on the following, for your city:

  1. Are there renewable energy or clean technology groups (formal or informal) present?
  2. Are there significant clean technology and green technology landmarks in your city that you are proud of?
  3. Are there any regular events that happen in your city related to renewable energy and sustainability?
  4. What types of interactions do you feel are critical in order to catalyse cleantech in your city?
  5. Do you know of personalities in your city who are involved in green, cleantech and renewable energy activities? Please tell us something about them and their works.
  6. Specific renewable energy or environmental sustainability projects that you are aware of? These need not be large-scale projects, even if you are aware of projects done by a small group of people or even school children, please do let us know.
  7. Any thoughts you have on how to spread awareness of clean technology and renewable energy in your city, especially among the youth and children? Are there people who are already doing this good work?

Do let me know your thoughts by sending a note to narsi@eai.in

On a different note, some of my colleagues and I will be participating in the International Renewable Energy Expo and Conference – 2011 between January 14 and January 16, 2011 at Chennai Trade Centre. The organizers have invited me to speak on the topic ““JNNSM and the Global Solar Scenario - What's in it for Indian Entrepreneurs?” on January 14th. If you are attending the conference, please do not hesitate to call me.

More details of the conference are available at http://www.teda.gov.in/page/vavova-F/TEDA-VaVoVa.html

As an end note, some of my colleagues had attended the B-school event on Triple Bottom Line at Great Lakes Institute of Management and came back impressed. My colleague Madhavan was also the judge for the business plan competition, with the theme of sustainability, held during the event. Madhavan and the others who attended the event share their insights at:



It will be great to hear your thoughts as well on the concept of Triple Bottom Line.

And many thanks once again for being a valuable member of this newsletter

Narasimhan Santhanam
Co-founder and Director
EAI – Energy Alternatives India @ www.eai.in
Mob: +91-98413-48117
more about me here - http://www.eai.in/ref/team/ns.html

Upcoming Conferences

Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) is organizing a 3 day International Renewable Energy Expo and Conference – 2011 between January 14 and January 16, 2011 at Chennai Trade Centre. The theme of the first day, January 14 is Biomass Energy, the second day focuses on Solar Energy and the sessions on the final day, January 16, is about Wind Energy. More details of the conference is available at http://www.teda.gov.in/page/vavova-F/TEDA-VaVoVa.html.

TheSolarFuture: India conference will take place in New Delhi on 24-25th January 2011. Speakers at the conference include Jigar Shah, CEO of Carbon War Room, Debashish Majumdar, Chairman and MD, IREDA and many other industry veterans. For more details can be found at http://www.thesolarfuture.in/

More events can be found at http://www.eai.in/360/events

India Renewable Energy Updates

The death of microfinance? – Until recently, India’s $7 billion microfinance sector was hailed as the poor man’s answer to banking. Millions of impoverished Indians shunned by mainstream banks were able to obtain small loans, and with them the hope that they would finally be able to bolster their earning potential. But as the events of the past months have shown, that was only half the story. Lenders made swelling profits off increasingly high interest rates. Their aggressive lending-cum-loan recovery tactics are said to have contributed to a spate of 85 recent suicides. I think it is sad that microfinance is undergoing such troubles - the idea such enormous potential to help the poor. At the same time, it is a no-brainer that most times, it is a bad idea to mix profiteering and social service. I am not saying it is impossible to run profitable ideas that can uplift the poor, but profit expectations have to be lower and more aligned to the core activity. What do you think? More - http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/india/110106/microfinance-grameen-micro-loans-andhra-pradesh

India's development triumphs and challenges - The voice of India carries weight. There are development lessons to be learnt and shared as India seeks to meet the aspirations of a billion people, by putting in place better infrastructure and social services. Take food security and food price volatility, a subject of vibrant debate in India. Dairy farmers from Zambia and other African nations have learnt from farmers at the Anand cooperatives about India’s “White Revolution” in milk production. India’s “green revolution” of the 1960s increased food yields through new seed varieties, fertilisers, and irrigation. It is indeed true that we as Indians have pioneered useful concepts, it’s just most people are not aware of these because our media is excited about sensational stuff rather than the fundamental. More - http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-s-triumphs-and-challenges/H1-Article1-648399.aspx

German, Japanese banks to offer $630 million in renewable energy loans to India - The Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) will soon enter agreements with banks in Germany and Japan to access over $630 million to be used for the promotion of renewable energy projects in India. The agency is likely to sign an agreement with the German KfW bank in February to get access to soft loans worth over $260 million. It is also likely to sign a deal with the Japan International Cooperation Agency in March for loans worth over $360 million. That’s good news indeed. I have listened more than once in the past few months to the IREDA chairman at many seminars and I think we have here a team of people who have the ability as well as the passion to take up the much-needed funding activities for renewable energy. Let’s wish them all the best! More - http://cleantechnica.com/2011/01/09/german-japanese-banks-to-offer-630-million-in-renewable-energy-loans-to-india/. In a related development, I read the news item that “India Provided $10 Million for Rural Solar Energy Projects in 2010” - The Indian government recently provided subsidies worth $10 million for projects aimed at promoting the use of solar energy in rural areas. The subsidies went to projects which distributed solar lanterns and installed solar home-lighting systems in villages across the country. More - http://cleantechnica.com/2010/12/30/india-provided-10-million-for-rural-solar-energy-projects-in-2010/

Southern Railways to install windmills – I understand that the Railways’ ambitious project on Jatropha plantations on tens of thousands of hectares has produced mixed results (and that’s a serious understatement), so let’s hope that these folks are more successful in their wind energy plans. Southern Railway plans to install seven windmills near the Western Ghats, at either Kayathar or Aralvaymozhi region. The organization will install the windmills as part of its plan to harness wind energy to satisfy the increasing electricity demand for running trains. More -http://www.azocleantech.com/Details.asp?newsID=13614

Rs 2,300-crore Investment in biodiesel capacity stuck - Even as ethanol blending is gathering steam, the biodiesel blending programme has failed to take off, due to issues like higher raw material prices, marketing and double taxation by state governments. Investment of around Rs 2,300 crore in creating a biodiesel capacity of 1.2 million tonnes is stuck, according to the Biodiesel Association of India. “Companies like Emami and Ruchi came forward to invest in creating capacities while the policy was being formulated at the level of Planning Commission. However, the final policy under the stewardship of Ministry of Non-Renewable Energy (MNRE) said that storage, distribution and marketing of biodiesel could only be done through the oil marketing companies. Consequently, the industry cannot even sell to industrial users. At the same time, nationwide blending with diesel is not possible, given the current situation, where the capacity is small and domestic raw material source is yet to be developed,” said Sandeep Chaturvedi, president of the association. The national biofuel policy, the draft for which was prepared by the MNRE, was cleared by the Union cabinet last December. The policy is aimed at facilitating development of indigenous biomass feedstock for production of biofuels. More - http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/rs-2300-crore-investment-in-biodiesel-capacity-stuck/416090/

EAI - India Solar PV Advisor

The India Solar PV Advisor is the most detailed intelligence report for the Indian solar PV industry. Compiled by a team of consultants and professionals who have been interacting with the solar energy industry, it comprises the collective intelligence of over 50 experts and industry stakeholders.The report is specifically targetted at prospective solar PV developers and investors.

The report has been updated in September 2010 and now comprises the latest data and insights that will be invaluable for those keen on exploring this exciting sector. The report also comes with free additional research support from the EAI team and access to the subsequent three updates at no additional cost.

Last Updated : September, 2010
No. of pages : 200

To know more about the report and to download a free preview, please see here - http://www.eai.in/ref/reports/solar.html, or talk to Narasimhan Santhanam @ +91 - 98413-48117, email: narsi@eai.in

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