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Energy Alternatives India 12th October, 2010

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EAI - India Solar PV Advisor

The India Solar PV Advisor is the most detailed intelligence report for the Indian solar PV industry. Compiled by a team of consultants and professionals who have been interacting with the solar energy industry, it comprises the collective intelligence of over 50 experts and industry stakeholders.The report is specifically targetted at prospective solar PV developers and investors.

The report has been updated in September 2010 and now comprises the latest data and insights that will be invaluable for those keen on exploring this exciting sector. The report also comes with free additional research support from the EAI team and access to the subsequent three updates at no additional cost.

Last Updated : September, 2010
No. of pages : 200

To know more about the report and to download a free preview, please see here -, or talk to Narasimhan Santhanam @ +91 - 98413-48117, email:

Hi all,

A good week to you, and hope you are all doing well.

EAI Club Chennai Meet

After a long gap, EAI Club Chennai Meet will be held on Sun 24th of October. It will be held at the EAI Office – A5C, Anugraha, 41, Nungambakkam High Road, Next to Taj Coromandel Hotel. Those interested, please let me know by sending an email ( or giving me a call (98413-48117). Timings: 10 AM-12 Noon.

Last week was hectic for me. I was zipping around the country, meeting – in four distant cities - over 15 different folks related to renewable energy, mostly solar. While a couple of meetings were for recruitment purposes (we are recruiting @ EAI for a variety of positions – industry research, consulting, biotech, renewable energy finance…), most of them were for understanding specific industries such as the solar PV module industry, or the ingot/wafer manufacturing sector, or to understand the status of biofuel research in India.

It was really tiring, but it was fun. I also took some time off to put down a few blogs based on the learnings that I had during the trip.

Here are those:

Solar PV Ingots and Wafers – Opportunity for India? – There are some companies looking at setting up manufacturing plants for solar PV ingots and wafers. What indeed is the scene here? More -

Solar PV Modules in India – Trends and Future – Solar PV modules might be the most easy way for a company to get a foot in the solar industry, but what indeed are the trends and future prospects for this sector. Read more from here -

Campaign for an energy revolution in Bihar - Greenpeace India along with a coalition of civil society groups Saturday launched a campaign to demand an energy revolution in Bihar. The campaign 'Urja Kranti Yatra' launched under the banner of the Bihar Renewable Energy Development Support Network started from the Gandhi Ashram at Bhitiharwa, West Champaran. It will traverse 10 districts of Bihar constituencies, before culminating in Patna Oct 27. More -

Biofuel Research in India – Trends in Biofuels Innovation Efforts – Biofuel is one of those areas within renewable energy that deserves critical attention in India but has been relatively less emphasized. Does it mean that there is no research happening in India in this field? Know more from here -

Renewable Energy and Cleantech Careers – Perspectives from Indian Engineers and Management Professionals – How do the youth of India, especially those who are just in the beginning stages of their professional careers, look at the opportunities unfolding in the cleantech sector. My perspectives, based on the interactions I had with over half a dozen prospects.

Also last week, we had some maintenance issues with the EAI site, so some of you might have had problems accessing specific parts of the site. Now, most parts of the site are up and running. And by the way, the EAI Club has been growing and growing, with almost 800 members, so if you are not yet a part of it, I invite you to do so now –

And, as I had mentioned in the beginning, those from Chennai who are interested in attending the EAI Chennai Meet on 24 Oct, please let me know.

Have a nice week.

Interested in Working for EAI?

EAI is looking for research analysts, consultants, finance and marketing professionals who are passionate about renewable energy to join its team. If you are interested, please send a note to

A5C Anugraha, NH Road, Chennai - 34, Tamil Nadu, India
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