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22nd December, 2010
EAI Topic of the Week –Are We Indians Great Planners but Poor Implementers?

Hardly a day goes by when we do not hear how fast the Chinese infrastructure is improving and how ridiculously slow the Indian infrastructure growth is, in comparison. This appears to be repeating in the field of cleantech and renewable energy as well. China is ahead (make that WAY ahead) of India in practically every conceivable cleantech domain. Recently, China overtook India in wind as well. India gets good marks worldwide (in fact better marks than China) for its intelligence and smart planning. But is implementation our weak point? What do you think?

Tell the world your thoughts at EAI Topic of the Week – http://www.eai.in/topic/archives/5

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Hi all,

Welcome to the next edition of the EAI Newsletter.

As the world winds down to relax during the holiday period and reflect over the year gone by, we at EAI also are doing a reflection of sorts – on how things went in the Indian renewable energy and cleantech scenario in the past 12 months.

Many good things, some disappointments, and definitely a few question marks – but overall, it had been a reasonably good year for the Indian cleantech industry. I am hoping to write a detailed blog post on this done by end of this week or early next week, so ready yourself for a volley of numbers and facts.

I have put in a detailed post on the seminar I attended last week “Financing of Power Projects” in Mumbai last week, organized by UBM. I was a moderator for a panel discussion on “Attracting PE investments to the Indian Energy Sector”. I have also added some insights I could glean from other experts at the seminar. See the post here for more -http://eai.in/blog/2010/12/financing-power-projects-mumbai-by-theenergybusiness-conferences.html

In the meantime, I was also invited by the CII to be part of a panel discussion at the TN Solar Convention held on 21 Dec at Chennai ( here’s a detailed post on the same - http://panchabuta.wordpress.com/2010/12/21/cii-organized-first-tamil-nadu-solar-convention-2010-at-chennai-india/ ). The panel discussion’s theme was “Financing and Market Development for Solar in India”. The panel discussion was moderated by Pashupathi Gopalan, CEO of SunEdison India and the other panelists were from HSBC (Manav Futnani from the Project Finance section ) and E&Y (Sanjay Chakrabarti, Partner).

Manav spoke on the criteria his bank (HSBC) would use to project finance projects, risk assessment methodologies and his perspectives on financing renewable energy projects in India. Sanjay dwelt on the trends in renewable energy investing in India and finished on a confident note that India could be one of the star destinations for renewable energy investments during the 2011-20 decade. I spoke on creating a demand for solar. I stressed on the need for innovating on the four Ps (Product, Place, Positioning and Price). My talk was pretty much a summary of what I had done at the Solar 2010 a couple of months back (http://www.eai.in/ref/eve/solar_2010_conference_exhibition.html and http://eai.in/blog/2010/09/solar-2010-conference-at-delhi-by-renewable-energy-india-forum.html ).

During the brief couple of hours I spent there I could sense the enthusiasm for small entrepreneurs to get into renewable energy. I was hearing so many ideas discussed around me in the half hour I was hanging around after my panel discussion that I am convinced that what we need is a catalyst who can somehow take the good ideas out of these to the market quickly and cost effectively (more so because most of the blokes having those ideas are small entrepreneurs).

I am hoping EAI can do its bit in this much needed catalysis. That was the main motivation for starting the EAI Club both online (www.eai.in/club ) and offline (where we have regular meetings at the EAI office for the renewable energy enthusiasts from Chennai). While I was at the meet yesterday, quite a few people asked me about the EAI Club Meet and were wondering whether such meets could be held in their cities as well. I guess we would like to stabilize the Chennai chapter a bit more before trying to replicate it elsewhere in the country.

In this context, I would invite you to let me know your thoughts on how you feel there could a grass roots level catalysis for the cleantech movement in India. In fact, I had also put it up as a discussion topic at EAI - http://www.eai.in/topic/archives/3 - so you can air your views there as well.

Look forward to keeping in touch with you all, and many thanks once again for being a member of this list.

Narasimhan Santhanam
EAI – Energy Alternatives India @ www.eai.in
Mob: +91-98413-48117
more about me here - http://www.eai.in/ref/team/ns.html

EAI Presentations at Seminars and Conferences

The EAI team is fortunate to have been invited to a number of prestigious seminars and conferences on renewable energy and clean technology. Quite a few folks had asked us to provide details of these seminars for their use; hence, we created a section that contains details of all the seminars and conferences in which EAI participated as a contributor. See the list of events and details about each from here - http://www.eai.in/ref/eve/events.html http://www.eai.in/ref/eve/events.html

Downloads of the presentations done by the EAI team are also available at this section.

EAI - India Solar PV Advisor

The India Solar PV Advisor is the most detailed intelligence report for the Indian solar PV industry. Compiled by a team of consultants and professionals who have been interacting with the solar energy industry, it comprises the collective intelligence of over 50 experts and industry stakeholders.The report is specifically targetted at prospective solar PV developers and investors.

The report has been updated in September 2010 and now comprises the latest data and insights that will be invaluable for those keen on exploring this exciting sector. The report also comes with free additional research support from the EAI team and access to the subsequent three updates at no additional cost.

Last Updated : September, 2010
No. of pages : 200

To know more about the report and to download a free preview, please see here - http://www.eai.in/ref/reports/solar.html, or talk to Narasimhan Santhanam @ +91 - 98413-48117, email: narsi@eai.in

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