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Energy Alternatives India 25th October, 2010

Here's our next edition of EAI Newsletter. For more news items and updates, visit our blog @

Hi all,

Hello once again and welcome.

DIREC is just a couple of days away (27 – 29 Oct, New Delhi - ) and I and my team look forward to meeting those of you who will be present there.

EAI Club ( ) held its Chennai meet yesterday; it was oversubscribed (I’m still in the Coal India mood) and was good. Will be having a detailed blog post on it soon.

Had an excellent day in Mumbai last week listening to 13 innovative cleantech startups ( - OK, not all of them startups) pitching their business plans for the CTI-PFAN awards. Will have a detailed blog post and a presentation made on that soon as well.

I once again invite you to participate in the discussions on the EAI Topic of the Week section -

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And, as usual, you will find below the latest news updates from the Indian renewable energy industry.

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EAI Topic of the Week

The Topic of the Week at EAI presents an interesting renewable energy topic for discussion in order to receive inputs and insights from a diverse set of audience.

Topic for this week - Is the Indian Government Investing Enough into Renewable Energy?

I request you to provide your inputs and insights on this topic here -

Thanks in advance for contribution.

India Renewable Energy Updates

Canadian Water to Be Bottled in India for Middle East - Fact, as they say, is stranger than fiction. Make that much stranger. In a commercial scheme that is said to be an attempt to rectify some of the inequalities inflicted by the beginnings of climate change, water from a lake in Alaska will be sent to a new, yet-to-be-built water hub in Mumbai and then exported to arid cities in the Middle East. More from here -

2nd International Conference on Green Telecom held in New Delhi – A day does not pass when we do not hear about how the mobile towers in the country are going green. So, it was nice to read about the latest international conference that was held in New Delhi recently. The telecom industry's who's who gathered for the 2nd International Conference on Green Telecom in New Delhi recently. The forum presented the telecom industry an opportunity to discuss innovative ways to reduce energy spend and carbon-dioxide emissions through effective resource utilization alongside smart and holistic network design. More -

“Protecting” a Large Hydro Power Project in India - One of the exciting things we do at EAI is to keep watching out for niche opportunities in renewable energy. Everyone cannot be (and I'm sure does not want to be) a power producer or a biofuels producer. More to the point, the opportunities might be far more attractive in niche areas than in areas towards which the big boys are running. One interesting business opportunity I came across was providing intelligent security solutions for hydro power sector. The Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Power Station (NJHPS), India’s largest hydroelectric power project, has installed DVTel’s intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC) to protect sensitive operational areas of the power station. Located in the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, NJHPS is the major source of power to the Northern Grid of India. Considered by many as a technological benchmark for future power projects in India, NJHPS has added 1,500 MW of capacity to the grid since the station’s first unit came online in 2003. The project uses both fixed and PTZ cameras from DVTel’s Altitude line, and they are used to monitor sensitive areas of the plant, such as the inside of the hydroelectric plant’s headrace tunnel, the longest in India, and power generation and distribution areas of the facility. More -

Global Wind's Vertical Axis Turbine Plugs into Indian Market – If you thought there is nothing much that the Big Six in wind energy ( viz., Vestas, Enercon, Gamesa, GE, Siemens and Suzlon) cannot do, think again. A young Winnipeg company that has developed a unique vertical-axis wind turbine has signed a licensing agreement with an Indian company that could see thousands of the units all over India within the next five years. Global Wind Group announced the deal at the close of the Centrallia 2010 conference at the Winnipeg Convention Centre last week. The company has a five-year agreement with a division of Ahmedebad based Electrotherm. The rugged, uniquely designed ZuS modular power system is believed to be an ideal power source for remote locations and a great alternative to diesel-powered generators, while being much less expensive than building a full power grid. More -

India's Bitter Choice: Water for Steel or Food? – India and China are going to face this dilemma time and time again over the next few decades – economic development at what social and environmental costs? Listen to this: “$80 billion in steel projects are stalled as farmers won't cede land Global steel giants”, screamed the BusinessWeek news item, and went on to say, ”ArcelorMittal and Posco are leading $80 billion in planned spending in India, an investment that would vault the country ahead of Japan as the second-biggest steelmaker. There's one hurdle: India's farmers and their water supply. The farmers refuse to move from irrigated land in three states that hold more than half of India's reserves of iron ore, a key material used in the making of steel. That's stymied Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's ambitions to more than triple India's steel capacity, to 232 million metric tons.” And what do the farmers say? "We're not going to allow the government to take the land and water and give them to Posco," says Prasanth Paikare, a spokesman for opposition group Posco Prathirodh Sangram Samiti, which says it represents 25,000 farmers. "The government has promised us land at a new location, but there is no good land available in the state now and there won't be enough water for agriculture," he said in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa state. More - A related news item here on how 2000 MW of hydel projects are getting delayed due to environmental concerns -

Commonwealth Junk Fashionably Recycled – Waste to wealth fascinates many of us, I’m sure. For those of us, here’s something that will bring cheer: After wishing the Commonwealth Games (CWG) goodbye, a few environmentally-conscious entrepreneurs are busy seeking to turn the waste discarded in the mega sporting event into useful things like designer bags, umbrellas and fancy footwear. Australian sustainability professional Liz Franzmann is collaborating with Delhi-based NGO Conserve India to create daily-use handmade items by upcycling the waste produced in the Games. “We are hoping that the Games will help the people to see the environment in a new light and become more environmentally conscious,” said Franzman. Typically, upcycling refers to the practice of taking disposable or discarded things and repurposing them into valuable, useful or aesthetically pleasing items. As opposed to recycling, upcycling does not devalue the price of the finished product. More -

Four Bangalore Startups Show How to Cut Your Carbon Footprint - Not sure how to reduce your carbon footprint? Four Bangalore start-ups that are using technology to create products that are good news for the planet, tell DNA how. One of them helps you build a home powered by renewable energy, another makes it more energy efficient through the use of LED lamps, the third looks at how to recycle waste more efficiently and finally an interesting company that has come up with bicycles made of – Bamboo! More -

Small Green Energy Firms Emerge Hot Buyout Targets – Ok, folks, it’s not exactly dot com time once more, but attractive exits are possible for green firms as well. A news report ET says that private power producing companies are lining up to buy small renewable assets as a widening power supply deficit and growing concerns of pollution prompt firms to acquire clean technology units. According to private equity and advisory firms, investments in small hydro projects have picked up as such projects are built on small rivers and have no issues related to resettlement of villages. Axis PE, which has invested in clean technology firms, says the total private equity transactions in small hydro projects is around Rs 1,000 crore. More -

Mission for Clean Coal Technologies to be Announced Soon – Is "clean coal" an oxymoron? The debate seems to be raging for quite a while and don’t do the mistake of mentioning the term to Sierra Club anyway. In India, we are much less bothered about terminologies, so I was glad to know that the Centre would soon announce a National Mission for Clean Coal (Carbon) Technologies that include development of advanced ultra supercritical technology for thermal power plants, a top official said. "The National Mission for Clean Coal (Carbon) technologies will be soon announced. It will have several sub-missions like development of advanced ultra supercritical boilers for thermal power plants and carbon capture," principal scientific advisor to government of India, R Chidambaram said. More -

EAI - India Solar PV Advisor

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The report has been updated in September 2010 and now comprises the latest data and insights that will be invaluable for those keen on exploring this exciting sector. The report also comes with free additional research support from the EAI team and access to the subsequent three updates at no additional cost.

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