Solar Outlook presented by GreenBrilliance Managing Partner in an exclusive interview with Solar Power World Online

Mr. Sumit Bhatnagar, Managing Partner of GreenBrilliance, a leading turnkey solar EPC solutions provider in Mid Atlantic USA and a leading manufacturer of globally certified photovoltaic solar modules based out of Gujarat-India shared his valuable insights about the solar industry in a recent interview published in Solar Power World online on being ranked 33rd in the top 100 solar contractors.

What’s the thing you enjoy most about being in the solar industry?
The solar industry is unique. The most exciting thing in this line of business is its constant change. It’s like a classic roller-coaster ride. Chasing the moving target with lots of unknowns and high pressure is the thing that keeps me going. The opportunities I get to take solar to homes and business in the United States and to the masses in India and other parts of the world is phenomenal and extremely gratifying.

What’s the most important piece of technical advice would you offer your peers?
Please do what you are best in and be fair to the customers and the solar industry. We are a new industry and a close family in some ways. Let’s keep healthy competition going and promote the industry rather than hurting it by giving in on short-term gains. These gains are not really gains — they will come around and bite us all in the long term.

What’s the most important business lesson you’ve learned since you’ve been in the industry?
1. An educated customer is your best customer, no matter which part of the world.
2. Your prime focus should be quality and service. No matter what, always deliver top quality materials with unparalleled service. Do not compromise on any of these to save money and increase your bottomline. You will be short lived.

Where do you see the solar industry in five years?
I have never been more optimistic. The solar industry is transitioning from its nascency to maturity. We are all riding this wave. The sky is the limit in solar, and there is so much more in store for us all. I see this industry taking over as a center stage in all economies worldwide. The facts of global warming, need to save fossil fuels, push to be efficient and greener are all leading in the right direction, and solar is a huge facilitator and problem solver.

GreenBrilliance, is a vertically integrated, end-to-end solar energy Services Company with its state-of-the-art ISO certified manufacturing facility in Gujarat, India. The company manufactures world class, top quality crystalline solar photovoltaic modules ranging from70 Wp to 300 Wp and certified for Global markets. GreenBrilliance, with offices and presence in more than ten countries is a leading provider of turnkey EPC solutions for residential, commercial, and utility scale (MW size) power plants worldwide.

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