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REaction RElearn – Learn about Renewable Energy Opportunities @ Coimbatore

RElearn – FREE renewable energy knowledge seminars

REaction RElearn is the first seminar conducted on business and career opportunities in all sectors of renewable energy – solar, wind, biomass, biofuels, waste to energy and more.
The RElearn series of seminars is FREE and everyone is invited to attend.
The REaction RElearn seminar at Coimbatore will take place on Jul 8, 2012.


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About REaction 2012

EAI is India’s leading renewable energy research and consulting firm.

EAI is organizing India’s largest renewable energy networking event, REaction 2012, Jul 26/27 at the Chennai Trade Centre –

RElearn Series

As a run up to the event, the REaction 2012 team at EAI will organize awareness sessions in Coimbatore. Named the RElearn series, these seminar will provide inputs on renewable energy opportunities.

The sessions will be held on July 8th, 2012 in Coimbatore.

These sessions, which will comprise a one-hour presentation by an EAI expert and followed by a half hour Q&A session, will provide the audience with insightful intelligence on the status of the various renewable energy sectors in India and attractive business opportunities in each.

Theme of the seminar

The theme is: Emerging business opportunities in renewable energy and how can you benefit from these?

Inputs will be provided on

  • Prominent renewable energy sectors and their profiles
  • Status and highlights of each of these sectors in India
  • Leading companies and case studies of business success stories in these sectors
  • Attractive opportunities for small and large businesses in these sectors. There will be an emphasis on the emerging and future opportunities

All participants will be provided a complimentary report “Renewable Energy Opportunities in India”.

Who will be the Presenter?

A senior renewable energy expert from EAI will be the presenter. Questions will be answered by him and the core EAI research team.

REaction RElearn Date & Session Timings

Date:  8th July 2012

  • First Session 10 AM – 12 PM
  • Second Session 1 PM – 3PM

You will need to register for only one of these sessions.


Satyanarayana Hall,
W Power House Rd,
Gandhipuram, Coimbatore,

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How to Register

The REaction RElearn sessions are free, but registrations will be on a First Come First Served basis

If you are interested to register for the REaction RElearn event on July 8th, talk to Muthukrishnan, 9952910083

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Snapshots  of  RElearn Chennai, 24th June, 2012



RElearn – A Unique Seminar on Renewable Energy Opportunities

Conducted by EAI, as a run up to REaction 2012

Energy Alternatives India’s (EAI), India’s leading renewable energy research, consulting and business support firm,  conducted RElearn, a seminar focused on the emerging business opportunities opening up in the renewable energy sector across technologies. The event was conducted in Chennai on Jun 24th.

RElearn was conducted as a run up to REaction 2012, India’s largest renewable energy networking event, to be held at Chennai, Jul 26 & 27, 2012 –

With the Indian renewable energy market expanding at a breakneck speed, Mr. Narasimhan Santhanam (NS), Director of EAI explained, a whole new gamut of opportunities presented themselves to entrepreneurs and businessmen. Starting with the usual suspects such as solar, wind and biomass, he went on to touch up on emerging areas such as geothermal, wave energies and fuel cells. Entrepreneurs, according to him, look for small gaps that need to be filled in an existing or growing sector and expand vertically while businessmen could even enter a crowded market with the aim of consolidating it.

Even fairly well established sectors such as wind, solar etc., he said, provided a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs in the form of lateral requirements, for example, wind variability projection software. While mainstream areas such as power generation are fairly crowded in these technologies, he stressed that new gaps like, for instance, biomass briquetting, sourcing, collection and plantation firms, would open up. He opined that a good start for an entrepreneur would be to look at the entire value chain and identify market deficiencies to get an idea of the space they would like to explore. An example of this opportunity would be to look at the market for renewable energy jobs that would be created as a result of this massive expansion.


With 17,000 MW of installations, India stands fifth in the list of countries with the largest installed wind capacities. With estimated potential being revised to over 2500 GW, he expects consolidation to happen in this industry with annual capacity additions of over 2 GW over the next few years. He opined that, to a large extent, the wind energy market was mature but with the enormity of additions expected over the next few years, opportunities for business are galore. He added that entrepreneurs might find it harder to find gaps in this area as compared to other renewable energy technologies.


Solar, on the other hand, is a fast growing market with close to 1000 MW being added in the last year alone up from a mere 100 MW a couple of years back. With the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) aiming to add 20 GW of installation by 2022, massive annual capacity additions are expected in Solar. Concentrated solar power for base load supply and solar thermal technologies for industrial uses, the other two solar applications, are fairly nascent areas which are fast gaining traction in India.  While solar water heaters (thermal side) are already popular, large scale adoption is yet to be seen. With the government encouraging these applications and targeting capacity additions as a part of the JNNSM, significant additions are expected in this area too. While large-scale power generation is already an established market in India, NS felt that the real potential for entrepreneurs and innovators lay at the decentralized (not connected to the central grid) levels. Although major deterrents in the form of payback periods and capital costs exist, there are various business model innovations that are waiting to happen at this level.  For example, energy service company model takes the burden of capital costs off the customer and onto the renewable energy company.

Biomass & Waste to Energy

Biomass & Waste to Energy were the next areas that were touched upon. While biomass, NS explained, is already being tapped for heat to a large extent, power production is yet to take off on a big level. He mentioned that biomass can also be used to produce ethanol and other liquid fuels. While these applications are fairly mature, technology and cost wise, the potential remains largely unfulfilled. Power generation aside, biomass and waste offer enormous potential in the form of liquid and gaseous fuels that can be applied in a host of industrial processes. Aspiring entrepreneurs, in his opinion, would do good to look at these products.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an area that would expand rapidly in the following few years considering that it is one of the cheapest ways to save energy with low payback periods. Although, with the advent of LEDs and other small energy efficiency products, the market has got off to a small start, the biggest chunk of the market viz. industrial motors and their applications, are yet to take off. He expects this market to be massive in the following years with a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs presenting themselves. He went on to say that close to 24% of all electricity consumed in India is by these industrial motors.

NS stressed the importance of entrepreneurs making sure that the space they were going after was not too futuristic or unviable such as bio-fuels (with the exception of bio-fuels), geothermal, wave, off-shore wind and tidal technologies. While expressing no doubts about these being exciting, new areas, he was of the opinion that they were best avoided at this moment. He, however, mentioned that certain other technologies such as fuel cells which are still largely uneconomical in the traditional sense have found applications in niche areas such as telecom towers where diesel is predominantly used for backup energy. These are the kind of spaces, he opined, that entrepreneurs should look for.

The “RElearn” session proved to be a valuable learning experience for the over 80+ participants involved. Aside from being provided with key insights on the clean technology sector, aspiring entrepreneurs would have definitely benefitted by learning how to look at the alternative energy market for opportunities to exploit. Even for a few participants who were not exactly new to the field of renewable energy, there was a lot of value and perspective that was added.

EAI’s renewable energy networking event REaction 2012, which will be along similar lines, promises a learning experience on a much higher scale for the renewable energy domain.