EAI Green Schools

Schools and school students representing the future generation, and it is critical that they start understanding about and taking part in clean technology and renewable energy activities.

The EAI Green Schools section will showcase renewable energy and sustainability activities undertaken in Indian schools. The objective is to share best practices being adopted in schools in India so that these can replicated in other schools.

Should you wish to have the sustainability / green efforts of your school to be showcased here, send a note to admin@eai.in



1.What is the efficiency of ethanol production from various sources?

2. What kind of biomass is best for producing methane gas?

3. What kinds of plants have the most heat energy in a given quantity of biomass?

4. How much energy can be obtained from alcohol fuels?

5. What factors affect biomass growth?

1.What techniques can be used to measure and compare wind direction and speed?

2. How does a wind propeller affect how much electricity it produces?

3. What is the most efficient spacing of wind turbines for “farming” wind in a given unit of space?

1.How does a solar box cooker work?

2. What is the quality, quantity, and distribution of the sun’s energy?

3. What are solar concentrators and how do they work?

4. Photovoltaics





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